Choose Your Own Adventure Book Series Statistics

Choose Your Own Adventure Book Series Statistics

  • As of 2023, 270 million copies of the Choose Your Own Adventure book Series have been sold.
  • This makes it the 3rd highest-selling children’s book series of all time.
  • 254 million copies were sold prior to the series’ 2005 relaunch.
  • 16 million copies have been sold since.
  • Initially, the interactive gamebook series reported average sales numbers.
  • To improve upon this, Bantam (the series’ early publisher), decided to pack book fairs with copies and also fill US libraries with 100,000 copies.
  • By 1981, there were 4 million copies of Bantam’s editions available in print.
  • During the same year, recognized journalist Aljean Harmetz also wrote a significant and enthusiastic review of Choose Your Own Adventure following her daughter’s love for the series.
  • Choose Your Own Adventure’s increased copies in circulation, greater availability, and new-found exposure combined to boost its overall popularity with consumers significantly.
  • Many professionals from the education sector have lauded the series as an effective manner to encourage new readers, due to the engagement it gives to readers.

Choose Your Own Adventure books in order

  • As of 2023, there are 184 titles in the original series of Choose Your Own Adventure. 
  • All books in the original series were published between 1979 and 1998.
  • This amounts to 9.2 publications per year on average during the original series’ active years.
  • The first book in the series, The Cave of Time, was written by Edward Packard.
  • His inspiration for the series came from bedtime stories he told his daughters. 
  • In addition to the original series, there have been 17 associated series 
  • Choose Your Own Adventure’s associated titles were released between 1981 and 2023.
  • There have been at least 230 associated titles released.
  • Multiple authors have contributed to the various Choose Your Own Adventure series.

Original series

#Year publishedTitleAuthorPage count
11979The Cave of TimeEdward Packard115
21979Journey Under the SeaR. A. Montgomery144
31979By Balloon to the Sahara (reissued as Danger in the Desert)Douglas Terman117
41980Space and BeyondR. A. Montgomery144
51980The Mystery of Chimney Rock(reissued as The Curse of the Haunted Mansion)Edward Packard121
61980Your Code Name Is Jonah (reissued as Spy Trap)Edward Packard114
71980The Third Planet from Altair(reissued as Message from Space; also released as Exploration Infinity)Edward Packard117
81980Deadwood CityEdward Packard113
91981Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey?Edward Packard122
101981The Lost Jewels of Nabooti (reissued as The Lost Jewels)R. A. Montgomery144
111981Mystery of the MayaR. A. Montgomery144
121982Inside UFO 54-40Edward Packard118
131982The Abominable SnowmanR. A. Montgomery144
141982The Forbidden CastleEdward Packard118
151982House of DangerR. A. Montgomery144
161982Survival at Sea (co-stars “Dr. Nera Vivaldi”)Edward Packard128
171983The Race ForeverR. A. Montgomery144
181983Underground Kingdom (co-stars “Dr. Nera Vivaldi”)Edward Packard128
191983Secret of the PyramidsRichard Brightfield128
201983Escape (tie-in with TRIO)R. A. Montgomery144
211983Hyperspace (co-stars “Dr. Nera Vivaldi”)Edward Packard128
221983Space PatrolJulius Goodman128
231983The Lost TribeLouise Munro Foley128
241983Lost in the AmazonR. A. Montgomery144
251983Prisoner of the Ant PeopleR. A. Montgomery144
261983The Phantom SubmarineRichard Brightfield128
271983The Horror of High Ridge (sequel to “House of Danger”)Julius Goodman116
281984Mountain SurvivalEdward Packard110
291984Trouble on Planet EarthR. A. Montgomery144
301984The Curse of Batterslea HallRichard Brightfield128
311984Vampire ExpressTony Koltz118
321984Treasure DiverJulius Goodman116
331984The Dragons’ DenRichard Brightfield128
341984The Mystery of the Highland CrestLouise Munro Foley128
351984Journey to StonehengeFred Graver111
361984The Secret Treasure of TibetRichard Brightfield128
371984War With The Evil Power Master (sequel to “Prisoner of the Ant People”)R. A. Montgomery144
381984SabotageJay Leibold144
391984SupercomputerEdward Packard128
401985The Throne of ZeusDeborah Lerme Goodman144
411985Search for the Mountain GorillasJim Wallace144
421985The Mystery of Echo LodgeLouise Munro Foley118
431985Grand Canyon OdysseyJay Leibold128
441985The Mystery of Ura Senke (reissued as Cup of Death)Shannon Gilligan128
451985You Are a SharkEdward Packard114
461985The Deadly ShadowRichard Brightfield118
471985Outlaws of Sherwood ForestEllen Kushner128
481985Spy for George WashingtonJay Leibold128
491985Danger at Anchor MineLouise Munro Foley128
501985Return to the Cave of TimeEdward Packard115
511985The Magic of the UnicornDeborah Lerme Goodman128
521986Ghost HunterEdward Packard128
531986The Case of the Silk KingShannon Gilligan144
541986Forest of FearLouise Munro Foley128
551986The Trumpet of TerrorDeborah Lerme Goodman144
561986The Enchanted KingdomEllen Kushner128
571986The Antimatter FormulaJay Leibold128
581986Statue of Liberty AdventureEllen Kushner128
591986Terror IslandTony Koltz128
601986Vanished!Deborah Lerme Goodman128
611986Beyond Escape! (tie-in with TRIO)R. A. Montgomery144
621986Sugarcane IslandEdward Packard118
631986Mystery of the Secret RoomEllen Kushner128
641987Volcano!Meryl Siegman129
651987The Mardi Gras MysteryLouise Munro Foley160
661987Secret of the Ninja (Book 1 of the “Ninja Chronicles”)Jay Leibold144
671987Seaside MysteryAnn Hodgman115
681987Secret of the Sun GodAndrea Packard129
691987Rock and Roll MysteryJim Wallace128
701987Invaders of the Planet EarthRichard Brightfield128
711987Space VampireEdward Packard128
721987The Brilliant Dr. WoganR. A. Montgomery144
731987Beyond the Great WallJay Leibold129
741987Longhorn TerritoryMarc Newman113
751988Planet of the DragonsRichard Brightfield117
761988The Mona Lisa is Missing!Ramsey Montgomery118
771988The First OlympicsBen M. Baglio116
781988Return to Atlantis (sequel to “Journey Under the Sea”)R. A. Montgomery144
791988Mystery of the Sacred StonesLouise Munro Foley116
801988The Perfect PlanetEdward Packard128
811988Terror in AustraliaShannon Gilligan128
821988Hurricane!Richard Brightfield128
831988Track of the BearR. A. Montgomery128
841988You Are a MonsterEdward Packard128
851988Inca GoldJim Becket144
861988Knights of the Round TableEllen Kushner114
871989Exiled to EarthR. A. Montgomery112
881989Master of Kung FuRichard Brightfield116
891989South Pole SabotageSeddon Johnson128
901989Mutiny in SpaceR. A. Montgomery116
911989You Are a SuperstarEdward Packard128
921989Return of the Ninja (Book 2 of the “Ninja Chronicles”)Jay Leibold128
931989Captive!Bill Hampton116
941989Blood on the HandleR. A. Montgomery144
951989You Are a GeniusEdward Packard128
961989Stock Car ChampionR. A. Montgomery128
971990Through the Black HoleEdward Packard116
981990You Are a MillionaireJay Leibold118
991990Revenge of the Russian GhostJay Leibold128
1001990The Worst Day of Your LifeEdward Packard116
1011990Alien, Go Home!Seddon Johnson113
1021990Master of Tae Kwon DoRichard Brightfield119
1031990Grave RobbersRamsey Montgomery113
1041990The Cobra ConnectionLouise Munro Foley118
1051990Treasure of the Onyx Dragon (reissued as Pirate Treasure of the Onyx Dragon)Alison Gilligan116
1061990Hijacked!Richard Brightfield128
1071990Fight for FreedomJay Leibold115
1081990Master of KarateRichard Brightfield113
1091991Chinese DragonsR. A. Montgomery144
1101991Invaders from WithinEdward Packard114
1111991Smoke JumperR. A. Montgomery144
1121991Skateboard ChampionEdward Packard112
1131991The Lost Ninja (Book 3 of the “Ninja Chronicles”)Jay Leibold128
1141991Daredevil ParkSara & Spencer Compton112
1151991The Island of TimeR. A. Montgomery113
1161991Kidnapped!Edward Packard129
1171991The Search for Aladdin’s LampJay Leibold128
1181991Vampire InvadersEdward Packard129
1191991The Terrorist TrapShannon Gilligan129
1201991Ghost TrainLouise Munro Foley116
1211992Behind the WheelR. A. Montgomery128
1221992Magic MasterEdward Packard116
1231992Silver WingsR. A. Montgomery144
1241992SuperbikeEdward Packard128
1251992Outlaw GulchRamsey Montgomery116
1261992Master of Martial ArtsRichard Brightfield128
1271992ShowdownShannon Gilligan128
1281992Viking RaidersEdward Packard128
1291992Earthquake!Alison Gilligan129
1301992You Are MicroscopicEdward Packard128
1311993Surf MonkeysJay Leibold118
1321993The Luckiest Day of Your LifeEdward Packard128
1331993The Forgotten PlanetDoug Wilhelm128
1341993Secret of the DolphinsEdward Packard117
1351993Playoff ChampionFelix von Moschzisker128
1361993Roller StarEdward Packard128
1371993Scene of the CrimeDoug Wilhelm114
1381993Dinosaur IslandEdward Packard128
1391993Motocross ManiaR. A. Montgomery
1401993Horror HouseEdward Packard128
1411993The Secret of Mystery HillDoug Wilhelm116
1421993The Reality MachineEdward Packard128
1431994Project UFOR. A. Montgomery128
1441994Comet CrashEdward Packard119
1451994Everest AdventureA. C. Montgomery128
1461994Soccer StarEdward Packard128
1471994The Antimatter UniverseKate Mueller118
1481994Master of JudoRichard Brightfield113
1491994Search the Amazon!Doug Wilhelm128
1501994Who Are You?Edward Packard129
1511994Gunfire at GettysburgDoug Wilhelm128
1521994War with the Mutant Spider AntsEdward Packard128
1531994Last RunR. A. Montgomery117
1541994Cyberspace WarriorEdward Packard128
1551995Ninja CyborgJay Leibold117
1561995You Are an AlienEdward Packard119
1571995U.N. AdventureRamsey Montgomery110
1581995Sky-Jam!Edward Packard116
1591995Tattoo of DeathR. A. Montgomery116
1601995The Computer TakeoverEdward Packard119
1611995Possessed!R. A. Montgomery115
1621995Typhoon!Edward Packard113
1631995Shadow of the Swastika (reissued as Shadow of Evil)Doug Wilhelm115
1641995Fright NightEdward Packard128
1651995Snowboard RacerAnson Montgomery128
1661995Master of AikidoRichard Brightfield113
1671996Moon QuestAnson Montgomery144
1681996Hostage!Edward Packard128
1691996Terror on the TitanicJim Wallace144
1701996Greed, Guns, and GoldEdward Packard128
1711996Death in the Dorm (reissued as The Corpse in the Dorm)R. A. Montgomery128
1721996Mountain BikerEdward Packard128
1731996The Gold Medal SecretDoug Wilhelm119
1741996The Power DomeEdward Packard118
1751996The Underground RailroadDoug Wilhelm128
1761997Master of KendoRichard Brightfield112
1771997Killer VirusR. A. Montgomery101
1781997River of No ReturnVince Lahey112
1791997Ninja AvengerJay Leibold112
1801997Stampede!Laban Carrick Hill112
1811998Fire On IceEdward Packard103
1821998FugitiveEdward Packard112
1831998CyberHackerAnson Montgomery112
1841998Mayday!Edward and Andrea Packard112

Additional titles

Years publishedSeries titleNumber of titles
1981 – 1992Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers52
1984 – 1987Choose Your Own First Adventure12
1985 – 1987Choose Your Own Adventure: Walt Disney Series12
1987 – 1987Choose Your Own Super Adventure2
1991 – 1992Choose Your Own Adventure – Space Hawks6
1992 – 1992Choose Your Own Adventure: Passport6
1992 – 1993Choose Your Own Adventure, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles8
1995 – 1997Choose Your Own Nightmare18
1998 – 1998Choose Your Own Star Wars Adventure3
2005 – 2023Choose Your Own Adventure: Chooseco Series54
2008 – 2008Choose Your Own Adventure: The Golden Path2
2006 – 2015Dragonlarks14
2011 – 2013Choose Your Own Adventure Graded Readers30
2014 – 2016Choose Your Own Adventure Nightmare3
2019 – 2023Choose Your Own Adventure: Spies7
2021 – 2021Choose Your Own Adventure: The Citadel of Whispers1

Choose Your Own Adventure FAQ

How many Choose Your Own Adventure books are there?

  • As of 2023, Choose Your Own Adventure is made up of:
    • 184 original series titles.
    • At least 230 associated series titles.

What are Choose Your Own Adventure books?

  • Choose Your Own Adventure books are fiction books where the reader is able to influence the storyline by making choices at designated points within the book.
  • A reader can use their instincts to decide the best course of action at various key moments, which can then lead them to encounter different adventures.
  • Although some storylines may lead to success, other paths can lead to unexpected or undesired events.
  • Due to this, Choose Your Own Adventure books can be read multiple times, giving the reader the opportunity to revisit the story and affect it in different ways.