Franz Kafka Statistics

  • A handwritten manuscript of Franz Kafka’s novel The Trial sold at auction for $1.98 million in 1988.
  • Kafka was never able to fully finish any of his three full-length novels (The Trial, The Castle and Amerika).
  • It is estimated that Kafka burned around 90% of his work due to struggles with self-doubt, with much of the remaining 10% either lost or unpublished.
  • During his short career he worked as an unpaid law clerk, before moving to an insurance agency and eventually taking a role at the Worker’s Accident Insurance Institute, giving him more time to write.
  • Prior to his death, Kafka instructed Max Brod (a close friend and literary executor) to destroy his unpublished work including his novels.
  • However, Brod ignored the request of Kafka and later published much of his work.
  • At the time of his death in 1924 he was relatively unknown to readers but his reputation continued to grow, with his works greatly influencing German literature.
  • In his native city of Prague he is particularly celebrated and the city presents an annual Franz Kafka prize, awarding each winner with $10,000, a diploma and a bronze statuette.
  • His works became forbidden in the city under different regimes after his death (due to being “decadent” or “despairing”) but the ban on his works was eventually lifted in 1989.
  • The adjective Kafkaesque is now commonly used to describe unusual or strange incidents that are similar in nature to the narratives within his works.

Franz Kafka books in order

  • As of 2023, at least 94 Franz Kafka titles have been published.
  • This includes:
    • 76 short-stories
    • 5 essays
    • 5 books of letters
    • 3 novels
    • 2 short-story collections (selected)
    • 1 diary
    • 1 notebook
    • 1 book of aphorisms
  • Kafka also produced a number of work-related writings which have not been included.
  • The majority of Kafka’s titles were first published posthumously.
  • Additional short-story collections from Kafka also exist containing duplicates of existing titles within the given list, and as such have not been included.
#Publication year*TitleTypePage count
11909Review of HyperionEssayN/A
1909The Aeroplanes At BresciaEssay10
21912ContemplationShort-story collection33
1912Description of a StruggleShort-story58
31913The JudgmentShort-story137
1913The StokerShort-story70
41915The MetamorphosisShort-story45
51919A Country DoctorShort-story collection99
61922A Hunger ArtistShort-story28
1922First SorrowShort-story6
71924A Little WomanShort-story5
1924Josephine the Singer,or The Mouse FolkShort-story140
81925The TrialNovel166
91926The CastleNovel352
111930The Great Wall of ChinaShort-story27
121931A Common ConfusionShort-storyN/A
1931A CrossbreedShort-story2
1931A Little FableShort-story1
1931Investigations of a DogShort-story31
1931My NeighborShort-storyN/A
1931On ParablesShort-story1
1931Reflections on Sin, Suffering, Hope, and the True WayAphorisms160
1931The BridgeShort-story20
1931The Bucket RiderShort-story20
1931The BurrowShort-story240
1931The City Coat of ArmsShort-storyN/A
1931The Hunter GracchusShort-story7
1931The Knock at the Manor GateShort-story4
1931The Problem of Our LawsShort-storyN/A
1931The Silence of the SirensShort-storyN/A
1931The Truth about Sancho PanzaShort-storyN/A
1931The Village Schoolmaster (The Giant Mole)Short-storyN/A
131933The Married CoupleShort-story4
1936At NightShort-storyN/A
1936Blumfeld, an Elderly BachelorShort-story88
1936Give It Up!Short-storyN/A
1936The Conscription of TroopsShort-storyN/A
1936The DepartureShort-storyN/A
1936The HelmsmanShort-storyN/A
1936The TestShort-storyN/A
1936The TopShort-story5
1936The VultureShort-storyN/A
1936The Warden of the TombShort-story14
151941In the Penal ColonyShort-story80
161948On Kleist’s “Anecdotes”EssayN/A
1948Review of A Novel about YouthEssayN/A
1948The First Long Train JourneyEssayN/A
171948-49Diaries 1910–1923Diary521
181952Letters to MilenaLetter298
191953The Blue Octavo NotebooksNotebook107
201954Wedding Preparations in the CountryShort-story446
211958Shamefaced Lanky and Impure in HeartShort-storyN/A
1958The RefusalShort-storyN/A
221959Letters to Friends, Family, and EditorsLetter527
231961A Chinese PuzzleShort-storyN/A
1961Alexander the GreatShort-storyN/A
1961In the CaravansaryShort-storyN/A
1961Leopards in the TempleShort-storyN/A
1961Mount SinaiShort-storyN/A
1961My DestinationShort-storyN/A
1961Peking and the EmperorShort-storyN/A
1961Robinson CrusoeShort-storyN/A
1961The Animal in the SynagogueShort-storyN/A
1961The Building of a CityShort-storyN/A
1961The Building of the TempleShort-storyN/A
1961The CellShort-storyN/A
1961The Coming of the MessiahShort-storyN/A
1961The EmperorShort-storyN/A
1961The Great Wall and the Tower of BabelShort-storyN/A
1961The Green DragonShort-storyN/A
1961The Hunger StrikeShort-storyN/A
1961The Imperial ColonelShort-storyN/A
1961The Invention of the DevilShort-storyN/A
1961The News of the Building of the WallShort-storyN/A
1961The Pit of BabelShort-storyN/A
1961The SavagesShort-storyN/A
1961The SirensShort-storyN/A
1961The SpringShort-storyN/A
1961The TigerShort-storyN/A
1961The Tower of BabelShort-storyN/A
1961The WatchmanShort-storyN/A
241966Letter to His FatherLetter48
251967Letters to FeliceLetter624
261974Letters to Ottla & The FamilyLetter130

(*Publication years may differ)

Franz Kafka short-story collections

  • Franz Kafka has had two main short-story collections published.
  • The first was Contemplation, published in 1912.
  • Contemplation includes the following 18 short-stories:
    • Children on a Country Road
    • The Trees
    • Clothes
    • Excursion into the Mountains
    • Rejection
    • The Street Window
    • The Tradesman
    • Absent-minded Window-gazing
    • The Way Home
    • Passers-by
    • On the Tram
    • Reflections for Gentlemen-Jockeys
    • The Wish to be a Red Indian
    • Unhappiness
    • Bachelor’s Ill Luck
    • Unmasking a Confidence Trickster
    • The Sudden Walk
    • Resolutions
  • The second was A Country Doctor published in 1919.
  • A Country Doctor includes the following 14 short-stories:
    • The New Advocate
    • A Country Doctor
    • Up in the Gallery
    • An Old Manuscript
    • Before the Law
    • Jackals and Arabs
    • A Visit to a Mine
    • The Next Village
    • A Message from the Emperor
    • The Cares of a Family Man
    • Eleven Sons
    • A Fratricide
    • A Dream
    • A Report to an Academy

Franz Kafka FAQ

Who was Franz Kafka?

  • Franz Kafka was an early 20th century German-speaking writer.
  • His writings often explored the themes of isolation, bureaucracy and the nature of humanity.
  • He has had a significant impact on modern literature and culture through his most famous works which include The Metamorphosis, The Trial and The Castle.

How did Franz Kafka die?

  • Franz Kafka had been suffering from lung tuberculosis from 1917 until he passed away in 1924.
  • He was forced to retire from his role at the Worker’s Accident Insurance Institute in 1922 due to the severity of his disease.
  • This ended up becoming his cause of death as he passed away at the age of 40.

What is The Metamorphosis about?

  • The Metamorphosis, published in 1915, is a short-story about a traveling salesman who wakes up to find himself transformed into an insect.
  • The character, Gregor Samsa, struggles with his new identity and its effect on his relationships.

What genre is The Metamorphosis?

  • The Metamorphosis explores the themes of exclusion, interpersonal relationships and the human condition.
  • It combines elements from absurdist, fantasy and modernist fiction.