Harlan Coben Statistics

  • Over 80 million books written by Harlan Coben are available in print worldwide.
  • Coben has averaged 2.42 million book sales each year during his writing career.
  • His initial books were released through a small press and had a print run in the low thousands.
  • He received a $5,000 advance for the first three Myron Bolitar series books, before receiving $6,000 for the fourth.
  • In 2010, Coben’s tenth Myron Bolitar title, Live Wire, won the RBA Prize for Crime Writing which was worth €125,000 (around $166,250).
  • Harlan Coben was approached by Netflix in 2018 to sign a deal allowing the platform to adapt 14 of his book titles for series/film.
  • After the contract was agreed, Coben earned a significant undisclosed multi-million dollar deal.
  • By 2022, the Netflix deal was extended by four years whilst Amazon announced plans to produce a series adaptation of Shelter (2011).
  • In 2023, Netflix announced that Fool Me Once (2016) will be an upcoming adaptation.
  • At college Coben joined Psi Upsilon, where he and fellow writer Dan Brown got introduced to each other as frat brothers.

Harlan Coben books in order

  • As of 2023, Harlan Coben has released 36 book titles.
  • This includes:
    • 18 standalone novels
    • 11 titles within the Myron Bolitar series
    • 3 titles within the Mickey Bolitar series (Myron Bolitar spin-off #1)
    • 2 titles within the Wilde series
    • 1 title within the Windsor Horne Lockwood III series (Myron Bolitar spin-off #2)
    • 1 children’s novel
  • The first Harlan Coben publication was Play Dead (1990).
  • The most recent Harlan Coben publication was I Will Find You (2023).
  • Myron Bolitar series titles represent 30.56% of Harlan Coben’s books.
  • Including its spin-offs Mickey Bolitar and Windsor Horne Lockwood III, this jumps to 41.67%.
  • Harlan Coben has released a book every 0.92 years throughout his writing career.
#Date publishedTitleTypePage countAudiobook length
1June 1, 1990Play DeadStandalone Novel45217h17m
2September 1, 1991Miracle CureStandalone Novel39113h27m
3May 1, 1995Deal BreakerMyron Bolitar3398h42m
4February 5, 1996Drop ShotMyron Bolitar3417h58m
5December 11, 1996Fade AwayMyron Bolitar3688h46m
6January 1, 1997Back SpinMyron Bolitar3588h31m
7January 1, 1998One False MoveMyron Bolitar3838h12m
8January 1, 1999The Final DetailMyron Bolitar3849h2m
9June 13, 2000Darkest FearMyron Bolitar3397h40m
10June 19, 2001Tell No OneStandalone Novel37010h36m
11January 1, 2002Gone for GoodStandalone Novel43211h23m
12March 31, 2003No Second ChanceStandalone Novel45214h39m
13January 1, 2004Just One LookStandalone Novel39012h34m
14April 26, 2005The InnocentStandalone Novel50313h28m
15January 1, 2006Promise MeMyron Bolitar50411h30m
16January 1, 2007The WoodsStandalone Novel40412h31m
17April 15, 2008Hold TightStandalone Novel41612h0m
18March 29, 2009Long LostMyron Bolitar3748h30m
19February 25, 2010CaughtStandalone Novel38810h50m
20January 1, 2011Live WireMyron Bolitar3719h43m
21September 15, 2011ShelterMickey Bolitar2887h13m
22March 20, 2012Stay CloseStandalone Novel38711h8m
23September 18, 2012Seconds AwayMickey Bolitar3387h41m
24March 19, 2013Six YearsStandalone Novel35110h34m
25March 18, 2014Missing YouStandalone Novel39911h46m
26September 9, 2014FoundMickey Bolitar3266h49m
27March 24, 2015The StrangerStandalone Novel3865h27m
28February 16, 2016The Magical Fantastical FridgeStandalone Novel (Children’s)48N/A
29March 22, 2016Fool Me OnceStandalone Novel38710h5m
30August 1, 2016HomeMyron Bolitar3879h7m
31September 26, 2017Don’t Let GoStandalone Novel3518h42m
32April 2, 2019Run AwayStandalone Novel38410h20m
33March 17, 2020The Boy from the WoodsWilde37110h8m
34March 16, 2021WinWindsor Horne Lockwood III37510h35m
35March 15, 2022The MatchWilde35210h4m
36March 14, 2023I Will Find YouStandalone Novel32910h16m

Harlan Coben FAQ

What are the most popular Harlan Coben books?

  • Harlan Coben’s most popular books include:
    • Tell No One
    • The Woods
    • Fool Me Once
    • The Boy From The Woods
    • The Stranger

What genre is Harlan Coben?

  • Harlan Coben’s titles most frequently combine the genres of mystery, suspense and thriller.