How To Play Wordle – Tips, Tricks And Strategies

Wordle emerged as one of the world’s most popular word games in 2022 after gaining a cult following which led to it being purchased by The New York Times. If you are looking to begin playing Wordle and do not know where to start, this guide provides the best tips and tricks to take you from beginner to expert in an instant!

How do you play Wordle?

Wordle is a simple word game in which players need to identify a unique and hidden 5-letter word within a 24 hour period. To identify the hidden word, players must use each turn to guess a different word of 5 letters, using a maximum of 6 guesses. 

After each guess is made, the word’s letters will change color to either gray, yellow or green. Gray letters are not present in the solution, yellow letters are in the solution but not in the correct position and green letters are correct and also in the right spot. 

For each word, players must attempt to find the solution in the minimum number of turns possible. Although solving the word in one turn is down purely to chance, finding the solutions from turns 2-6 requires players to calculate the best possible word to play, based on the information they have gained from previous guesses.

After success or failure, the solution will be revealed and players will be able to view Wordlebot, the game’s automated assistant. This helpful tool will show you how many games you have played, your win percentage, your current streak and your max streak. 

In addition, the Wordlebot will show you how many guesses you took to beat or fail the level. Players are even able to see their guess distribution, detailing how many turns they have taken to beat each stage played.

Wordle strategy

Before playing a new game of Wordle, it is worthwhile to have some key strategies in mind to maximize your chance of winning, or solving the level in a lower number of turns. 

  • Best starting words – As with most games, starting strong can have a huge positive  impact on your chance of winning. Playing one of the recommended starting words will maximize your hint finding potential, giving you more useful information for upcoming turns. 
  • Identify vowels – Vowels are some of the most common letters in Wordle and as there are only 5 of them, it makes sense to identify them early on. When these are revealed, they can give the player a better sense as to the structure of the solution.
  • Use common letters – The Wordle dictionary shows that certain letters are much more frequent than others. The letters “E”, “A”, “R”, “O” and “T” are the most common letters found in Wordle solutions, so combinations including these will result in more hints over the long run.
  • Avoid duplicate letters – Although there are words that contain duplicate letters, they are less frequent in Wordle than words that do not contain them. Players should only look to play duplicate letters when they have a high likelihood of being in the solution, which is often in later turns.
  • Learn already solved words – As a new word is selected each day from a limited word bank, yesterday’s answer will never appear again. Knowing this, players can attempt to play words that haven’t already been played, increasing the odds of solving the level in fewer turns.
  • Never reuse gray letters – After a letter has turned gray, it signifies to the player that it is not present in the solution and should not be used again. Instead, players should maximize the 5 letters they can use in each turn to find new hints that can give them more information about the solution. 
  • Avoid common word endings (hard mode) – When playing in hard mode, identifying common word endings can turn a game of strategy into a game of luck. Instead, players should focus on identifying first and last letters as soon as possible, before finding letters that form part of a pattern.
  • Take your time – Finally, players should always keep in mind that each challenge lasts for 24 hours. As there is such a long timeframe to complete each level, players should not feel pressured by time constraints and can carefully consider each turn.

Wordle rules

The rules for Wordle are straightforward compared to many other word games, allowing people of all ages to play and enjoy each challenge over the course of 24 hours.

  • Wordle is a word game that has 2,309 solution words.
  • A new word is chosen to be the solution each day, which will continue until no more solutions remain. 
  • To pass a Wordle level, a player must successfully guess the solution by entering 5-letter words.
  • In total players can use 12,966 dictionary words to make guesses and find information, although only the correct solution will end a level.
  • The solution must be found by the end of the 6th attempt.
  • After the 6th attempt, the solution will be revealed to the player and the game will end.
  • Each level must be completed within 24 hours.

Did you know, Quordle and Octordle are both based upon Wordle but contain multiple solutions per level? The rules of each game are largely similar, although the difficulty is increased to provide a bigger challenge to fans of word games!

Normal mode vs. hard mode

Playing Wordle in Normal mode allows players to guess any word of their choice from the Wordle dictionary at any time, maximizing the possibility of finding a hint. For those used to playing in normal mode that find it too easy, playing in hard mode will give players a different way to play the game.

To toggle Hard mode on, select the settings icon and switch the “Hard mode” toggle from gray to green, before closing the settings screen. Players should note that in order for this to apply, it must be selected before the first guess is made.

When toggled, Hard mode forces players to use any hints revealed in subsequent guesses made. Green letters must be played in their revealed spot, while yellow letters must be played, although they can be in any position.

When playing in this mode, additional thought needs to be taken before playing each move, ensuring common word endings such as “ATCH” or “OUND” are not identified before finding the letter in position 1. If these types of endings are found first, the game can be reduced to a game of luck between a large selection of words, potentially wasting guesses and causing a loss. 

Help with Wordle

If you have used all of the best Wordle tips and tricks listed above and are still stuck trying to find the solution, try using the Wordle Solver. Simply enter the letter information you have found from your current game (gray, yellow and green letters) and hit “submit” to find a list of playable solutions. 

Once you have your list of potential terms displayed below the tool, it is up to you to find the word that you think has the best chance of being the solution. However, the tool will even provide you with extra information based on probability such as the best guess, best vowel or best consonant you could use to solve the daily puzzle.

How to share Wordle results

Many players look to share the results of the past Wordle answers they have played, especially when they have had a successful round. By doing so, players are able to compare their score against others and compete to match or better the number of turns their friends, family or colleagues have achieved.

To share results, players can use the share button available on the Wordle website or the official app. Alternatively players can opt to screenshot their results before sending them elsewhere. 

Wordle levels are most frequently solved using 4 turns, which would require revealing 1.25 green (correctly placed) letters per turn. See how your Wordle scores compare against other players from your city, state or country and try to reduce your number of turns!

Why is Wordle so popular?

People play Wordle for a multitude of reasons but in particular they feel the game can stimulate their brain and provide mental health benefits. The competitive element when playing in single player or when comparing scores against others can also make the popular word game more enjoyable.

Keep brain active63%
Enjoy word games60%
Compete against self36%
Feel accomplishment35%
Learn new words26%
Relieve stress22%
See progress21%
Compete against others16%
Keep streak going15%
Share results on social media3%

A chart is given below to show the top 5 reasons for people to play Wordle:

How to play Wordle on iPhone or Android

One key factor that has enabled Wordle to maintain its playability across generations is its availability across portable and non-portable devices. For mobile or tablet players:

  1. Navigate to the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android) on your mobile device.
  2. Search for “Wordle” in the search bar.
  3. Download the official “NYT Games: Word Games & Sudoku” application.
  4. Open the application.
  5. Choose to create a new account, login to an existing account or play without an account. 
  6. Find Wordle in the “games” tab and tap the icon to begin playing.

Note: Having an account in the official app allows players to track their progress, check a variety of game statistics and compete against other players through score sharing.