Isabel Allende Statistics

  • Isabel Allende has sold over 77 million copies of her books.
  • She is considered to be the most widely read Spanish-language author.
  • As of 1993 (11 years after her debut release) she had sold 10 million copies of her titles.
  • By 1998, this had jumped to around 30 million copies.
  • She has sold 1.83 million titles on average per year throughout her 42-year writing career.
  • Her first book, The House of the Spirits (1982) was a bestseller, giving her a reputation as a prominent talent within literature.
  • Its basis was a letter she had written to her dying grandfather and out of superstition and discipline, she tries to begin new projects on the same date (Jan 8th).
  • The House of the Spirits has been widely-taught in schools globally, being recognized by key educational organizations for the study of world literature.
  • However, its film adaptation (1993) bombed at the box office and only made back $6.2 million of its $40 million budget.
  • Although her works are always published in both Spanish and English as a standard, they have also been translated into many additional languages.

Isabel Allende books in order

  • As of 2023, Isabel Allende has published 27 books.
  • This includes:
  • Allende’s first published book was The House of the Spirits in 1982.
  • Allende’s most recent publication was The Wind Knows My Name in 2023.
  • On average, Isabel Allende has released titles every 1.56 years since the start of her career as an author.
#Year publishedTitleTypePage countAudiobook length
11982The House of the SpiritsFiction44818h51m
21984The Porcelain Fat LadyFiction32N/A
31985Of Love and ShadowsFiction30410h36m
41987Eva LunaFiction30711h40m
51989Two WordsFiction7N/A
61989The Stories of Eva LunaFiction3319h1m
71991The Infinite PlanFiction38416h32m
91998Aphrodite: A Memoir of the SensesNonfiction3208h9m
101999Daughter of FortuneFiction43213h19m
112000Portrait in SepiaFiction30411h6m
122002City of the BeastsFiction4088h45m
132003My Invented Country: A MemoirNonfiction199N/A
142004Kingdom of the Golden DragonFiction464N/A
162005Forest of the PygmiesFiction3046h31m
172006Inés of My SoulFiction32114h2m
182007The Sum of Our DaysNonfiction30111h12m
192010Island Beneath the SeaFiction45717h55m
202011Maya’s NotebookFiction38714h35m
222015The Japanese LoverFiction3229h7m
232017In the Midst of WinterFiction3529h47m
242019A Long Petal of the SeaFiction3199h46m
252021The Soul of a WomanNonfiction1753h43m
272023The Wind Knows My NameFiction2607h59m

Isabel Allende FAQ

Who is Isabel Allende?

  • Isabel Allende is a renowned author, known for her rich narratives and captivating storytelling. Many of her novels blend together historical fiction with magical realism. She has also published several nonfiction books. 
  • She has made literary contributions that have greatly influenced contemporary literature. Her works touch on themes such as relationships, politics and the human experience. Allende has a global readership earned from her unique writing style, which features complex characters and striking descriptions.
  • Furthermore, she is known for her humanitarian commitments, advocacy for social justice and her contributions towards the advancement of women’s rights.

Where is Isabel Allende from?

  • Isabel Allende originates from the South American country of Chile.
  • Chile was where she was born and raised, greatly influencing the content of her storytelling.
  • In particular, she draws from the country’s rich landscapes, culture and history to shape the themes contained within her works.