Louise Penny Statistics

  • As of 2021, Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache (Three Pines) book series had sold more than 10 million copies in North America alone.
  • In North America, an average of 625,000 copies are sold per novel in the Inspector Gamache book series.
  • The manuscript to Louise Penny’s first novel, Still Life (2005), was rejected by between 40 to 50 North American agents and publishers.
  • Its eventual success came following a 2nd place finish out of 800 entries in an annual competition in the UK to find the best unpublished crime novel.
  • To maintain her writing goals, she usually aims to write 200 – 1,000 words per day, depending on the stage she is at in each book.
  • Furthermore, she often goes through five to six drafts of her books before she shows them to anyone else.
  • Originally, Louise Penny did not want to sell the TV or movie rights to her books, as she wanted to maintain creative control over her characters.
  • She eventually sold the rights of her first two novels to PDM Entertainment and Attraction Images after being offered the chance to act as an executive producer during film production for any adaptations.
  • Still Life was released as a TV Movie in 2013 following the deal and in 2020, Left Bank Pictures chose to option the entire Inspector Gamache book series, before releasing the Three Pines (2022) series.
  • However, Louise Penny has commented that both adaptations did not truly reflect her books.

Louise Penny books in order

  • As of 2023, Louise Penny has released 20 books.
  • This includes:
    • 19 novels (18 in the Inspector Gamache series in addition to a political-mystery novel co-authored alongside Hillary Clinton)
    • 1 novella (written for emerging adult readers)
  • The first title released by Louise Penny was Still Life (2005).
  • The most recent title released by Louise Penny was A World of Curiosities (2022).
  • 18 titles make up Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series.
  • Although the character of Inspector Gamache features within The Hangman and State of Terror, the two titles do not form part of Louise Penny’s main series.
#Date publishedTitleTypePage countAudiobook length
1January 2005Still LifeNovel2939h34m
2September 2006A Fatal GraceNovel31110h31m
3January 2007The Cruelest MonthNovel31011h46m
4January 2008A Rule Against MurderNovel41610h53m
5September 2009The Brutal TellingNovel37213h14m
6September 2010Bury Your DeadNovel37112h43m
7August 2011A Trick of the LightNovel33911h43m
8January 2010The HangmanNovella871h22m
9August 2012The Beautiful MysteryNovel37313h35m
10August 2013How the Light Gets InNovel40515h1m
11August 2014The Long Way HomeNovel37312h4m
12January 2015The Nature of the BeastNovel37612h40m
13August 2016A Great ReckoningNovel38913h32m
14August 2017Glass HousesNovel39113h32m
15November 2018Kingdom of the BlindNovel38912h20m
16August 2019A Better ManNovel43713h8m
17September 2020All the Devils Are HereNovel43913h59m
18August 2021The Madness of CrowdsNovel43614h50m
19October 2021State of TerrorNovel49515h41m
20November 2022A World of CuriositiesNovel39013h15m

Louise Penny FAQ

What is the order of the Louise Penny novels?

  • It is recommended to read Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache books in order of their release date.
  • Although not essential, the books contain a strong character development arc and Louise Penny has also admitted to including Easter eggs in later books to reward long-time readers of the series.
  • Despite this, each book within the series is intended to also be self-standing, allowing new readers to begin the series with any book of their choosing.

When will Louise Penny’s next book be released?

  • Louise Penny has typically released one title per year throughout her career. 
  • Due to this, it is reasonable to expect that her next book will be released during late 2023/early 2024.

Who are the characters in Louise Penny books?

  • Main characters within the Inspector Gamache series include:
    • Chief Inspector Armand Gamache – A clever and skilled detective who attempts to solve a range of mysteries.
    • Jean-Guy Beauvoir – A close associate of Gamache who starts off as a sergeant of the Sûreté du Québec.
    • Reine-Marie Gamache – The wife of Armand who maintains a caring and supportive presence.
  • There are also a large number of supporting characters that appear throughout multiple titles within the series.