Reading Habits China

Reading Habits China

How many books do Chinese people read each year?

  • The average Chinese adult reads 7.49 books per year
    • 4.65 print books per year
    • 2.84 digital books per year
  • Children under the age of 17 read 10.36 books per year

Print vs digital books in China

  • Print book sales are stable in China
  • 62% of the books read in China are print books
  • 38% of books read in China are ebooks are audiobooks
  • Ebook sales are growing slightly in China
  • Audiobook sales are growing significantly in China
    • 30.3% of the adult Chinese population listen to audiobooks
    • 34.7% of Chinese people under the age of 17 listen to audiobooks
  • 38.5% of Chinese adults prefer paper books to ebooks

Reading in urban China vs rural China

  • Amongst adults, 81.1% of the Chinese population in towns and cities are readers
  • In rural areas, this drops significantly to 14.5%

Reading to young children in China

  • 94.3% of Chinese families with children under 8 read frequently
  • Parents spend almost 25 minutes every day reading with their kids

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