Student Loan Debt Statistics by Gender

Student Loan Debt Statistics by Gender

Top student loan statistics by gender

  • The majority of student loan debt, 58%, is held by women
  • Female graduates have an average student loan debt that is 9.6% higher than their male peers one year after graduation
  • Women take an average of two additional years to pay off their student loans compared to men
  • In the first 12 years of student loan repayment, white women are only able to reduce their student loan debt by an average of 28%
  • Black women’s debt actually grows by 12% over the same period
  • Women with a bachelor’s degree earn only 81% of what men with a bachelor’s degree earn, making it more difficult for them to meet their student loan repayments
  • After graduation, women have to pay an average monthly repayment of $307 towards their student loans

Average student loan debt by gender and race

  • Black and white males have a higher student loan debt than females of the same race on average
  • Hispanic and Asian females have a higher student loan debt than males of the same race on average

Loan amount 12 months after graduation

  • Despite having a higher average student loan debt at graduation, male students have a significantly lower student loan debt than female borrowers just 12 months later
  • This is partially due to the fact that women graduating with a bachelor’s degree expected to earn $35,338 on average
  • This is approximately 81% of what men anticipated earning
  • That makes it harder for women to repay their student loans
  • For every dollar earned by a white male, African American females earn only 61 cents and Latinas earn only 53 cents
GenderLoan Amount 12 Months After Graduation

Percentage of debt paid off after three years by gender and race

  • In 2018, around 25% of college students were parents who had dependent children
  • Among these parents, more than 40% were single mothers
  • This can also make it difficult for women to meet student loan repayments due to additional financial burdens
Demographic% paid off
Asian Women60.0%
Asian Men53.0%
Black Women12.0%
Hispanic Women18.0%
Hispanic Men24.0%
White Women33.0%
White Men42.0%