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If you are struggling to complete a game of Octordle before your turns run out, you have come to the right place! Instead of leaving your word-solving attempts down to luck, try using the trusty Octordle Solver to maximize your chances of winning.

Our effortless tool can provide you with useful suggestions and even boost your vocabulary. Improve your personal word bank and give your mind some inspiration for use within each game!

How to use the Octordle Solver

The Octordle Solver is easy-to-use and contains just three fields, “placed letters”, “valid letters” and “exclude letters”. To use the word finder, users should enter known or probable letter information to the tool’s corresponding field(s), after playing one or more turns.

  1. Placed letters: Here, users should enter the letters that have been reported as correct from Octordle to their green corresponding spot.
  1. Valid letters: If the letter is correct but located in the wrong position, these can be added to the yellow valid letters field.
  1. Exclude letters: However, if the game reports back that any of your guessed letters do not form part of the solution, you can input them here. When entering multiple letters into the exclude letters field, do not separate them or use any special characters.
  1. Clear all: To make a new search using different letter information, this button will clear all characters so that the solver can be used again.
  1. As Octordle requires players to solve 8 different words per game, the solver can be used as many times as necessary to help you figure out any of the words you get stuck on.

Before making a search, users should enter as much information as they can to narrow down their results. When all characters have been entered, pressing “submit” will allow the Octordle Solver to swiftly load a list of relevant solutions underneath the tool for your perusal.

If you are looking to improve your vocabulary for Octordle, why not take a look at our 5-letter word lists?

How to play Octordle

Octordle provides a high level of difficulty, appealing to word game fanatics. Using the following guide, users will be able to advance their skill level to solve even the trickiest of levels.

Game objective: To play Octordle, players need to successfully guess eight 5-letter words using the least possible number of turns. As the challenge is greater, players are allowed 13 attempts in total to solve all solution words.

First move: After starting a new Octordle game, the player will be able to see eight blank 5×6 grids, which correspond to the eight solutions. Once the user submits their first turn, the game will report back to the user the accuracy of each letter with respect to each solution word. It does this by using three different colors to represent the state of each letter in each word 

Gray letters: Incorrect letters that are not present in the solution word.

Yellow letters: Correct letters that have an incorrect position in the solution word.

Green letters: Correct letters that have correct placement in the solution word.

Following moves: After the player has played their first move, they should use the available information to consider what to do on their next turn. As players must solve a total of eight words to pass each challenge, thirteen attempts are given to offer the player a reasonable chance. Each word solved will be highlighted in green and a tick symbol will also be given to symbolize its completion.

Winning or losing: In Octordle the player must correctly guess all given terms by the end of their 13th turn to win. However, if there are words still left unsolved after this turn, the game will come to an end and it will end as a loss.

Improving your game: New Octordle levels are released daily, giving players plenty of opportunities to practice their skills. By trying Octordle’s different game modes and playing often, players should naturally start to improve their in-game ability. The game’s archive feature can also be used to show a player’s overall win success and overall completion.

Octordle tips and tricks

When playing Octordle, players must provide guesses using real words and cannot just use random letters. Due to this, it is extremely important for players to consider the effects that every guess will have on each solution.

  • Use many letters: Utilizing different letters with each guess prevents players from wasting squares on letters that have already been used. If re-using yellow letters, players should look to place them in a new letter position to see if they turn green, becoming correctly placed.
  • Common letters: Despite this, certain letters appear more than others in 5-letter words. Identifying and playing these letters should give you valuable information about your solutions, so you can identify patterns. 
  • Cross-reference: Due to Octordle’s increased complexity, it is extremely important to cross-reference the state of all solution word letters after each turn. Before making any guess, try to understand as much about the remaining solutions as possible.
  • Take your time: Even knowing these tips, it can still be tempting to rush turns and make uninformed guesses. By slowing down your game and consulting our Octordle Solver, you can put yourself in the best position to solve all of the given words and become an Octordle master!

How is Octordle scored?

  • At the end of a game of Octordle, the number of guesses required for each solution word is displayed as a number next to the corresponding word.
  • In addition, a separate number is given underneath, which is the total of all the numbers combined.
  • Players should aim to score lower scores in Classic Mode and Sequence Mode games.
  • However in Rescue Mode, it is better to achieve higher scores, where one point is given per word solved, plus an additional point if you have a spare guess at the end (a maximum of 9 points).

What does the clock mean in Octordle?

  • Any game of Octordle that requires 11, 12 or 13 guesses to reach the solution for all words will display a clock emoji instead of a number between 1 – 10.
  • A different clock time will be given depending on the total number of guesses required.
  • As there are no emojis for the numbers 11, 12, or 13, these are instead symbolized by clock hands that show 11:00, 12:00 or 13:00 respectively.

Octordle game modes

Classic Mode

  • Octordle’s Classic Mode requires users to solve eight 5-letter puzzles using a maximum number of 13 turns.
  • Each turn submitted will update all of the solutions to show how the turn relates to the existing letters on each board.
  • Words are solved simultaneously rather than sequentially. Although the final solution for each word will only solve that particular word, its letters may contribute toward solving other words.

Sequence Mode

  • Octordle Sequence Mode only allows players to see one unsolved word’s tiles at a time. 
  • Once a word is solved, the tiles for the next board are unlocked. 
  • Due to its increased difficulty, 15 guesses are allowed instead of Octordle’s standard 13.

Rescue Mode

  • Octordle Rescue Mode starts with the first 4 guesses having already been played by the computer.
  • This means that players have a total of just 9 remaining guesses to answer all 8 words.
  • Scoring is different in rescue mode, with players awarded one point for each word solved, plus a bonus point if no guesses are wasted by the end of the game.
  • Although the best possible score is 9 points, players should instead focus on getting as many words as possible instead of winning, as the game is known for its high level of difficulty.

Challenge Mode

  • Octordle Challenge Mode games are unique and only contain answers from a given theme.
  • All normal words within the Octordle dictionary can be used to help find solutions, in addition to the theme’s special words.
  • As of 2023, there are 25 different challenge mode themes to choose from.

Casual Mode

  • Octordle Casual Mode was designed in order to allow players to play without the pressure of competition. 
  • Players are able to play Casual Mode games until they win, without a limit to the number of turns they take to reach all solutions.
  • As part of this game mode, scores, streaks and win/loss rates are not displayed.

Is Octordle a multiplayer game?

  • Octordle is a single player game.
  • Although it is not multiplayer, players are able to consult both an archive and a stats page which allow them to see:
    • Game completion
    • Winning percentage
    • Win distribution
    • Streak information
  • Using this information, users can compare and share their game statistics with other players, in order to improve their scores. 

Benefits of playing Octordle

Attempting Octordle levels with regularity can provide many physical and mental benefits to word enthusiasts.

  • Mental stimulation – Solving word games provides a level of exercise for our brains. By playing Octordle, we use our mental capacities to consult our internal dictionary, use pattern recognition and even think several moves in advance.
  • Vocabulary learning – As well as getting a better understanding of our own language, we also begin learning new vocabulary, whether intentionally or not.
  • Relaxation – Word games such as Octordle provide a healthy level of stimulation that can help us to relax. As players spend time mulling over potential solutions, they are prevented from thinking about the stresses of daily life.
  • Challenging – Octordle takes the difficulty of Wordle to a new level by increasing the number of words that need to be solved. This challenge can provide a level of satisfaction for seasoned players of word games.

Where to play Octordle


On phone or tablet, players should navigate to Britannica’s Octordle page where the game is responsive to different screen sizes. Users do not need to create an account in order to play and are able to play right away. After each game is completed, the website will update your game statistics, unless you choose to reset your information. Paying members can also choose to backup their statistics.


As with phone and tablet users, computer users should also navigate to Britannica’s Octordle section to play Octordle. The same functionality is available to players using desktops or laptops as is given to phone/tablet users.

When to play Octordle

Octordle has enough content to satisfy word game lovers for hours. Although new Octordle puzzles are released each day, players can enjoy a range of different game styles after completing their classic daily game. Furthermore, Octordle provides users the option to practice and also play archived levels from previous dates.

Octordle popularity

Just after Octordle’s release in February 2022, the game’s popularity rose to its highest ever levels. The second half of 2022 and first half of 2023 saw its interest drop to around half of that of its peak, which was to be expected following a similar trend seen in Wordle itself. Although interest dropped slightly in the second half of 2023, the game still maintains a high number of players, especially in New Zealand, Ireland and the UK.

Similar games to Octordle

Octordle is a Wordle spin-off game but aimed at advanced word solvers, with its much greater level of difficulty. For an easier challenge, check out some similar word games below:


  • Recommended for beginners, Wordle requires players to solve one 5-letter word using a maximum of 6 guesses.
  • The game is loved due to its simplicity, as it provides users 1 puzzle to solve every day.
  • To increase the game’s difficulty, a harder mode also exists, forcing players to use all previous hints in subsequent guesses.
  • Try out our Wordle Solver to help you solve words in fewer turns.


  • Offering more of an intermediate challenge, Quordle requires players to solve four puzzle words. As it is slightly more tricky than Wordle, the player is given a maximum of 9 turns to find all of the solutions. 
  • Quordle also provides Daily Sequence as an alternative game mode. In this mode, players are given 10 turns to solve 4 terms in sequence. Hints for words 2-4 will only be revealed after each previous word has been completed. 
  • We also have a Quordle Solver that can give you suggestions to beat even the hardest word challenges.

Who invented Octordle?

  • Octordle is a single-player game invented by Kenneth Crawford, based on the smash-hit daily game of Wordle.
  • The game was released in February 2022, when Wordle was hitting its peak popularity. 
  • As of 2023, Encyclopædia Britannica owns the rights to the game.

Our database

WordsRated’s Octordle solver searches 12,972 words within Octordle’s database to allow you to find the optimal solution based on your hints. These terms can be used as solution words, or alternatively used to narrow down the word you are looking for.

Updates to Octordle Solver

The Octordle Solver was released in October 2023 and will be periodically updated. Any future updates made will be listed here:

December 2023: User interface updates.

Suggest an update

Do you have any features you would like to see present in our Octordle solver? If so, please get in contact with us by sending an email to info@wordsrated.com.