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Do you often find yourself in quite a tight spot trying to unravel Quordle’s quadruple mystery words? Well, don’t leave it to luck; instead, get your mitts on our trusty Quordle Answer Finder and win times 4 every time.

Whether people call it cheating or a humble vocabulary help, this WordsRated tool will blow your mind with how simple it is to use. With it, you’ll compel the game’s developers to reduce the super-generous 9 tries, as you’ll be beating Quordle’s daily enigmas in fewer than a handful of turns!

Quordle Answer Finder instructions

This WordsRated tool is made up of three functions: placed letters, valid letters, and bad letters. FYI: These functions use the same color coding as Quordle does. Ultimately, you need all three working together to narrow your search and give you the best possible words for your situation.

The placed letters section is where your green tiles go. Green tiles represent valid letters that are in the right spots. So for example, on your first attempt, you wish to guess with “fried.”

Now let’s say the letters “e” and “d” on the top-left mystery word are the green ones. Simply input those letters in the placed letters boxes in the right order.

Because it’s Quordle you’re playing, the green tiles you have for one of the puzzles may not be the same for the rest. This means that it’s up to you how you’ll go about solving all four (although focusing on one while still minding the rest as you go is a viable strategy).

With the word “fried,” let’s suppose “r” became yellow while “f” and “i” turned gray. Now based on color coding alone, we may now enter those letters in the appropriate fields.

After clicking search, you’ll get the following results:

You may input “r” in the second yellow box if you wish so that you can track the spot where it shouldn’t be based on the word “fried.” That said, you can enter whatever yellow tile in any yellow box, just like in the above image.

Your next guess can be any of these answers, but we believe it’s wise to pick out the one whose letters you haven’t played yet across the board.

A bit of micromanagement is key to completing Quordle’s daily challenge, given that you have to solve 4 enigmas in 9 attempts or fewer. To that end, it’s advisable to take your time, take notes, and use Quordle Answer Finder progressively.

You’ll eventually get the hang of it after a few tries. And with this handy WordsRated tool, you’ll be 4 times more efficient at solving Quordle’s 4-part daily puzzle.

How to play Merriam-Webster’s Quordle

In a nutshell, Quordle is like Wordle but with 4 unknown words you need to uncover. The same rules apply here, with the player being required to answer with real words and not random letters.

For every word you spell, the puzzle board will show which letters are in the right spots, which letters are valid but not in the correct spots, and which letters are not part of the answers. Take a look at this legend for your reference:

Green letters. These letters are in the right spots.

Yellow letters. These letters are part of the answers but not in their rightful spots.

Gray letters. These letters are NOT part of the mystery words at all.

A Daily Quordle has no time limit, but you’re only given a total of 9 tries to solve all 4 mystery words.

Quordle Daily Sequence

If you’re the sort of vocab nut who prefers solving word puzzles one at a time, Quordle’s Daily Sequence is for you.

In this mode, you’re required to solve 4 enigmas in sequence. The rules for Daily Quordle apply here, but instead of 9 turns, you’re given 10 attempts max.

The unique twist in Daily Sequence is that the game won’t give you hints for the remaining puzzles until you solve the one that precedes each.