Word Chums Cheats to instantly help you find the answer!

Enter your letters to see if you can figure out the best possible score from the letters you have available.

Find words that start with these letters (e.g. T ⇒ Train, TH ⇒ THought)
Find words that end with these letters (e.g. T ⇒ carT, TH ⇒ paTH)
Find words that contain letters in this order (e.g. TH ⇒ THought, paTH, eTHos)
Only shows words of a specific length (e.g. 5 ⇒ 5 letter words, 3 ⇒ 3 letter words)

Are you trying to win a game of Word Chums but cannot decide on the best word to play from your available letters? You will now be able to pick up the biggest scores by giving Wordsrated’s Word Chums Cheat a go! The tool has been uniquely designed for use with Word Chums and other anagram games and can even introduce users to new words, increasing their vocabulary.

In an instant, the useful tool can help identify a list of potential words for use in the game, However, users will still need to consider the multiplier square tiles that are available to use on their next turn to maximise their scores. Users should also take into consideration that playing words of 5 letters or more will also bring an experience points bonus. 

The Word Chums Cheat means that players should no longer need to pass hours deciding on their next move. Simply enter the letters available to you (plus any other advanced functions you need) and click search to find a list of solutions. As with any game, players should avoid cheating by only using the tool in single player games of Word Chums, unless agreed with other human players beforehand.

How to use Word Chums Cheat?

To find the ideal word for your next turn in Word Chums, our useful tool can become a perfect companion. With just four quick and easy steps, you will have a selection of answers available to use at your fingertips. Remember, the final decision will still be in your hands when deciding what word to play and where to place it on the board!

Step 1: Use the main search box to enter the letters available to you from your word bank.

Step 2: You may now wish to make your search more specific to ensure you can find the perfect word for your in-game situation. Using the advanced search capabilities can help you to achieve this.

  • Starts with: Only gives word results that begin with the user’s chosen letter.
  • Contains: Only gives word results that contain the user’s chosen letter.
  • Ends with: Only gives word results that end with the user’s chosen letter.
  • Length: Only gives word results that contain the user’s desired number of letters.
  • Sorting: Users can sort the search results alphabetically, reverse alphabetically or by the point score of each word. 
  • Grouping: Users can choose to group the search results by the word length if they choose.

Step 3: Once ready, you only need to click the “submit” button to allow the Word Chums Cheat to create a list of available solutions. A list of possible solution words will be given back to you, meeting the requirements specified. 

Step 4: From the given results, you should now be able to choose from the word that will generate you the most Word Chums experience points. Even though the tool can provide you with many different terms, it is still the user’s responsibility to choose the word that will provide them with the greatest in-game benefit.

What is Word Chums?

Word Chums was developed by PeopleFun, an agency from Richardson Texas that creates mobile games. They are also the people behind the popular game WordScapes.

PeopleFun claim that Word Chums is “for lovers of anagrams, word builder games or crossword puzzles”.

It’s been said that Word Chums is a clone of games like Scrabble and Words With Friends.

Word Chums is a classic game for anagram lovers or other types of word games. The game combines fun sounds and visuals whilst challenging players to construct the highest scoring words. In terms of its setup, the game can be played single player or multiplayer, allowing the player to pick a game that is right for them. As part of the game’s reward system, any coins earned in the game through their experience points can be spent on avatar accessories or additional in-game perks.

How to play Word Chums

Word Chums is a simple word game that pits competitors against each other in a battle of vocabulary. The goal of each player is to earn the highest amount of points by the end of the match. Creating easy words typically earn players less points, with harder words typically earning more points. The position of the word on the board can also grant the player additional points. A game of Word Chums can finish when:

  • One player has played all of their available letters and there are no further letters left to draw.
  • Players have passed their turns 3 times consecutively.

Many in game activities can contribute towards earning experience points, such as playing words, completing games and earning achievements. As experience points are earned, so too are coins that can be spent in the game store on accessories (further increasing experience points), as well as in-game items such as bombs and hints.

For those that wish to get better at the game, it is advisable to start off in single player mode to get used to the game format whilst building up a mental vocabulary bank, before testing your wits against others!

How popular is Word Chums around the world?

Since its release in September 2012, Word Chums has become an extremely popular game within the United States, Canada, UK and Australia. The game has also achieved a good level of popularity in the Philippines and India.

Why is Word Chums so popular?

After attaining a high level of success following its release, Word Chums is still widely-known as one the best anagram games available in English-speaking countries. A key part in this could be due to its appeal to gamers of all ages, with an impressive range of features that contribute to its addictive nature. However, there are a significant number of additional contributing factors that have led to the popularity of Word Chums. These include:

  • Fun and immersive gameplay: Enables players to lose themselves in a competitive mental challenge.
  • Educational value: Enhances language skills and vocabulary in its players, offering an opportunity for fun-based learning.
  • Customization: Players are encouraged to spend coins earned in-game on new items, which acts as a reward for their success.
  • Single & multiplayer options: Offers players the chance to choose games according to their preference.
  • Social interaction: Encourages players to compete and communicate with fellow users, building a healthy feeling of community and competition.
  • Rewards and achievements: Entices players to play for longer periods of time and become better at the game.
  • Frequent updates: Introduces new features with regularity to continue growing the game and maintain the interest of its players.
  • Accessibility: Allows users to play the game on a range of platforms, increasing the total possible user base. 
  • Different payment options: Free accessibility with adverts to a large number of players. Dedicated players may also choose to pay a small fee to remove adverts.
  • User feedback: Enables the game to be marketed to a wider range of users across different demographics.


  • Is Word Chums Free? Yes, Word Chums is free on both iPhone and Android but it does offer in-app purchases.
  • What is XP? XP in Word Chums is just points. The better your word is the more XP you earn. You can then use this XP to buy gear or level up.
  • How to get more hints in Word Chums? By solving words and gaining more XP you can then swap this XP for more hints and bombs. However, you can only use one hint per turn.
  • What is bomb in word chums? You can only use one bomb per turn. It allows you to draw seven new letters.
  • What is Energy in Word Chums? Energy allows you to double your experience points earned over a set period of time, allowing players to level up at a faster rate.
  • What is Pass in Word Chums? Pass allows you to skip your turn, very useful at the end of a game when it is more difficult to place letters.
  • What is Shuffle in Word Chums? Shuffle allows you to rearrange the order of your letters, helping you to see the letters from a new perspective and make new patterns.