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Are you unable to get past a Word Collect level but don’t want to use up one of your precious hints? Is shuffling doing you no good, making you miss the consecutive-word bonus all too often? If your answer to both questions is yes, consult with Word Collect Answers!

This extraordinary WordsRated Word Finder will aid you on your quest to beat every level in the game, making you amass as many golden apples as possible along the way.

And the sweeter part to all this is that it comes with search features that make your vocabulary hunt a focused experience. So whether you wish to combo your way through every puzzle, including the daily challenge, or you’re in need of a mighty reliable word-search tool, Word Collect Answers has you covered.

To find additional words to use in-game, check out our word lists which organize words by their first letter, last letter, letters they include or their total number of letters:

How to use Word Collect Answers

The star of the show on this tool is the “Letters” search box. In it goes your string of jumbled letters or anagram, and it’ll return solutions to your puzzle. FYI: You may only enter up to 15 characters tops in this field.

A variety of Word Collect answers will then appear on screen after you click “Search”. Returned words, by default, are categorized based on length, and within each category, words are arranged alphabetically.

Now the maximum number of letters the game will give you, particularly in later levels, is seven, so for this example, let’s input “ESCTPRE” in the letters search field.

The given is now transformed into all sorts of words, with direct anagrams such as “RESPECT” and “SCEPTER”, one of which can be the solution to your 7-letter mystery word. If what you’re looking for are words of a certain length, they can be viewed by scrolling to that specific category.

That, or you can make use of Word Collect Answers’ “Length” filter. Inputting your desired number in its field, for example “4”, will yield an exclusive list of words of that length.

What if you want to solve all mystery words that start with a specific letter? In that case, the “Starts with” advanced option is for you.

To demonstrate, let’s type “R” in the box. Doing so results in “RECEPTS” and “RESPECT” among other words.

Not all of the words churned out by this nifty tool will be part of the puzzle board. That said, the game has an extra words pool where all your extra answers go. Extra words you collect will then be converted into golden apples, which can earn you various in-game prizes.

Word Collect Answers’ “Starts with” function also serves as a word finder when used independently. For example, while the “Letters” search box is empty, typing “P” in the “Starts with” field and clicking “Search” will result in a slew of words beginning with the letter.

If finding words that end with a particular letter is what you need, turn to Word Collect Answers’ “Ends with” feature. For instance, entering “P” in the box gives you “CREEP,” “STEEP,” and “STREP”.

Feel free to use the “Ends with” field by itself (while the main search box is unpopulated) to search for a variety of words ending with any letter of your choice.

Speaking of choice, you may also opt to get words by utilizing Word Collect Answers’ “Contains” advanced option. The letter or letters you type in its field can appear anywhere in the generated words.

For example, with “ESCTPRE” still in the “Letters” field, typing “A” in the “Contains” box results in the following:

An exclusive WordsRated advanced function, the “Exclude” field is in the business of transforming gibberish into real words that don’t contain a certain letter.

It can be argued that its utility is more valuable in Wordle. That being said, if you want to narrow your search by way of omission, it can still work wonders.

The user-friendliness of Word Collect Answers translates to how words are organized and displayed on the results screen. For instance, you can switch between alphabetical and reverse alphabetical orders by choosing between “A – Z”  and “Z – A”, respectively, on the “Sort words” dropdown.

If you’re a fan of categorization by length, leave the “Group words” function as it is. If not, meaning you wish to check out returned words on a universal sprawling list, select “No grouping” using the dropdown.

What is Word Collect?

Word Collect, created by Super Lucky Games LLC and available on iOS or Android, is an exciting free word puzzle game that is popular with fans of word games, word search addicts and even trivia lovers!

In essence, the game’s concept is extremely simple. Players must connect separate letters together in different directions in order to find as many hidden words as possible. Although it may sound like child’s play, its difficulty soon increases. As you progress through each stage, you will find yourself overcoming steeper hurdles!

Word Collect features

  • Online and offline: The game can be played anyplace and anytime, whether or not you have internet connectivity.
  • Stimulating levels: The game starts off easy but its difficulty increases over time, pushing your skills to the limit!
  • Daily bonus coins: Allows you to access free hints which can be used to help you overcome the most difficult levels.
  • Daily challenge: Completion gives you access to additional word games and bonus coins for free. 

What’s more, the game will even give you 500 coins for free upon your first ever login, what a result! If you enjoy playing word games for free, you will be hard pressed to find anything better than Word Collect, with more than 2000 levels, bonuses and more.

Similar games to Word Collect

In terms of style, there are some other games that share some similarities to Word Collect. These include:

As with Word Collect, each of these games allow users to solve anagrams by drawing lines between letters arranged in a circle. Furthermore, players are required to solve multiple words in most of the available levels.

When can I use Word Collect Answers?

Word Collect Answers is available for gamers to use at their convenience anytime they need, throughout the day. What’s more, there are no limitations to using the tool and it can be used to answer as many queries as needed. Using your preferred browser, simply navigate to this page and begin using the tool at the top. You will soon note how easy it is and even wish you would have tried it earlier!

Which devices does Word Collect Answers work with?

Designed with versatility top of mind, Word Collect Answers is adaptive and works with devices that operate using different resolutions, including:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Hybrid devices

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer playing games at home or on your daily commute, the accessibility of Word Collect Answers means you can search for words on the fly, toggle between windows and most importantly, find those winning words!

Is Word Collect Answers cheating?

  • When playing the game, using the helpful Word Collect Answers tool by WordsRated should not be considered cheating. 
  • As the game will only pit you against a computer opponent, there is no risk of spoiling the integrity of the game for other human opponents.
  • However, even though it isn’t cheating to use our Word Collect Answers tool, we recommend trying to solve each level on your own before searching for solutions.
  • This way, you will be able to test your knowledge with every level and will be able to take heed of any progress you make.
  • Furthermore, using the tool less frequently should make it easier for you to memorize new words.

Updates to Word Collect Answers

Word Collect answers was launched by WordsRated in October 2023. As will all of our specialist tools, we constantly evaluate and look for ways to make improvements for our users. Any updates made will be listed below:

December 2023: User interface updates.

Suggest an update

If you would like to see a feature added or a change to the tool’s functionality, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team by sending an email to info@wordsrated.com.