Word Cookies Cheat and Answers for all puzzles and levels!

Find words that start with these letters (e.g. T ⇒ Train, TH ⇒ THought)
Find words that end with these letters (e.g. T ⇒ carT, TH ⇒ paTH)
Find words that contain letters in this order (e.g. TH ⇒ THought, paTH, eTHos)
Only shows words of a specific length (e.g. 5 ⇒ 5 letter words, 3 ⇒ 3 letter words)

Looking for help with some of the toughest levels in Word Cookies? Whether you’re just starting out with Butter puzzles or trying to solve Yogurt ones, Word Cookies Cheat is all the aid you will ever need.

While the use of it may or may not be called cheating, this WordsRated tool makes sense of all sorts of gibberish, unscrambling them to your heart’s content.

Word Cookies Cheat is intent on helping you become the best chef in the game, which is why we’ve developed it to be the most convenient tool to use this side of the internet. That’s not to downplay its advanced options, however, as they are integral toward fleshing out your word search and, in turn, make every round easy as pie.

How to use the Word Cookies Cheat tool?

Because the game essentially comes down to unscrambling letters from your cooking pan, the Word Cookies Cheat tool’s primary function is as word unscrambler:

  1. By putting all the letters from your pan in the “letters” field and hitting the “submit” button, the tool will generate the list of all possible words you can create from the given list of letters.
    1. By default, the resulting words are listed alphabetically, but you can reverse the order if you want to. Additionally, there is an option to group the resulting words by length, starting with the longest words and coming down to the shortest ones.
    2. Using the letters field without any additional filters is the best way to use the tool for Word Cookies as in this game you get rewarded for guessing the valid words that are not set as answers in the game. So the wider choice you have, the more points you get.
  2. If you, however, want to narrow your search a bit, you can use the following additional search fields:
    1. Use the “starts with” field if you want to limit the results to words starting with a specific letter or group of letters.
    2. Use the “ends with” field to get the list of words ending in a specific letter or group of letters.
    3. If the word you’re guessing contains a specific letter that’s not neither at the beginning nor the end of the word, use the “contains” field to narrow the search to all the words that contain the given letter or group of letters.

How to play Word Cookies?

Word Cookies follows the format of other popular word games, primarily Wordscapes. The game boils down to finding words from the list of scrambled letters and advancing to the next level.

Along the way, players collect points which allow them to utilize hints when they get stuck. There are also additional bonuses for forming a valid word that’s not present on the board. These are the main principles of the game:

  1. Letter cookies grid:
    • Every level starts with a grid of letter-filled cookies placed in the frying pan below the board.
    • Cookies are arranged in a rectangular or square shape on the screen.
  2. Word formation:
    • Players swipe or tap the letters to connect adjacent cookies horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to form words. Words must be at least three letters long.
  3. Find words:
    • Identify words from the jumbled letters available on the cookies. Words are usually from common, everyday vocabulary and not necessarily thematic in nature.
  4. Fill the recipe book:
    • Successfully identifying words fills the recipe book slots.
    • Complete the level by finding all the possible words from the given cookies. Use all the available letters to finish the level.
  5. Difficulty progression:
    • As you advance through levels, the number of cookies and complexity of words increase, challenging your vocabulary and problem-solving skills.
  6. Hints and bonuses:
    • Utilize hints or bonus cookies to reveal letters or assist in finding words.
    • Earn extra rewards by discovering bonus words not listed in the recipe book.
  7. Daily rewards and challenges:
    • Log in daily for rewards or participate in timed challenges to earn bonuses or in-game currency.

Where to play Word Cookies

Word Cookies is available on mobile platforms, both Android and IOS devices. Tables are also included in the design. While there are some versions of the game you can find on PC platforms as well, these don’t come from the official manufacturer and thus don’t provide the original game experience.

Popularity of Word Cookies

Word Cookies has more than 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store, and it ranks #50 among the most popular word games on the Apple Store.

However, based on Google Trends data, the game has been experiencing a drop in popularity over the last 5 years, currently standing at 25% of the peak popularity in early 2019.

YearWord Cookies popularity (compared to peak popularity)