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Use the form above to get ideas for your next guess in Wordle. If you don’t want to use the Wordle Solver, you can also see hints and clues for today’s Wordle answer, yesterday’s Wordle answer, a list of all 5-letter words for Wordle and all past wordle answers in alphabetical order.

Beating Wordle’s daily challenge can be a joyous experience and daunting at the same time, but with Wordle Answer Finder, you’ll be assured that it’ll be the former for you and not the latter.

This simple yet oh-so-powerful WordsRated tool won’t miss its mark. It’ll help you solve Wordle’s daily puzzle long before you reach that dreaded 6th and final attempt.

How to use the Wordle Solver

The Wordle solver contains three fields, “placed letters”, “valid letters” and “exclude letters”. When using the word finder, users should simply enter the information available to them from their current game to the corresponding field(s).

  1. Placed letters: This is where you input correctly placed letters as reported by Wordle. Simply add each placed letter to its corresponding green spot.
  1. Valid letters: Here you should input incorrectly placed letters that are reported back to you by Wordle. To do so, add each valid letter to any position in the yellow fields.
  1. Exclude letters: This field is where you can input one or multiple gray letters reported back from the game, or other letters that you believe will not form part of the solution. To add multiple letters, you should input these without using any separations or special characters.
  1. Clear all: If you are looking to reset the Wordle Solver after finding your solution, this button will clear all characters and allow you to make a new search from scratch.

Users are permitted to input information into one or more fields as they require before searching. Once all of the information from the game has been input, simply press “submit” and the Wordle Solver will quickly load a list of relevant solutions directly below the tool.

To help you get better at the game of Wordle, WordsRated provides several lists of words that begin with, contain or end with each letter in the alphabet. For the purpose of this game, 5-letter word lists are given below: 

How to play Wordle

Wordle is a fun word game that provides a challenge to players all over the globe. Using our helpful guide, you will be able to go from newbie to expert in no time at all.

Game objective: To succeed at Wordle, players must guess a 5-letter word using as few turns as possible, up to a maximum of 6 attempts.

First move: When beginning a new game of Wordle, players will see a blank 5×6 grid. Each player needs to enter and submit an initial word of 5 letters. Once the word has been submitted, Wordle will inform the user how accurate each letter in the given word is by coloring each square of the word appropriately:

  • Gray: The letter submitted is not present in the solution.
  • Yellow: The letter submitted is present in the solution but is placed incorrectly.
  • Green: The letter submitted is the correct letter, correctly situated.

Successive moves: Following the initial move, players should use the information available to them to consider their next move. A further 5 attempts are allowed, which gives players a fair chance of completing the challenge.

Winning or losing: If the player correctly guesses the term by the end of the sixth turn, they will beat the level. However, if they fail their sixth turn, the game will end and the player will have failed the level.

Getting better at Wordle: A new Wordle level is released every day, which gives players new opportunities to develop their skills. What’s more, players are allowed to play previous levels as many times as needed, which can help them get better at the game. 

Beating Wordle

Depending on the number of turns a Wordle puzzle is completed in, the game will report a different word to the player to describe their ability, which are as follows:

  • 1 turn: Genius
  • 2 turns: Magnificent
  • 3 turns: Impressive
  • 4 turns: Splendid
  • 5 turns: Great
  • 6 turns: Phew
  • Failure: No word given

Did you know, average Wordle scores have even been shown to differ by each country, state and city?

Wordle tips and tricks

To solve Wordle’s mystery word in as few tries as possible, it would be quite beneficial for you to lock in as many green and yellow tiles as possible early on. To do that, you might want to consider guessing with a word consisting of the vowels A, E, I, and O and the consonants H, N, R, S, and T.

Another thing you can do is take advantage of words that start with the letters A, D, O, S, T, and W. These letters are common beginning letters in the English language. So, if you have yet to make your first guess, try our exclusive Word Finder to help you on that front.

With those tips and tricks in mind, we’ve listed a handful of words you can play on your first Wordle puzzle-solving attempt: 


Mastering Wordle

The concept of Wordle is simple but becoming a master at the game requires a balance of ability and luck. By using the following advanced techniques, you too can increase your chances of completing each puzzle using a reduced number of turns:

  • Start strong: Choosing the best starting word is a must to reveal yellow and green tiles and significantly increase your chance of solving each puzzle in fewer turns. On the contrary, choosing a poor starting word can result in only gray tiles, which only allow you to see which letters you shouldn’t use again.
  • Locate vowels: Many players of the game feel an important strategy is to find vowels early on. To do this, try using vowel-heavy terms towards the start of the game. Finding vowels should significantly improve the accuracy of your following turns.
  • Take your time: As Wordle puzzles are released daily, players have the duration of the day to find the solution. Due to this, players have the possibility to take their time over each turn and come up with their best answers under little pressure.
  • Don’t repeat grays: Gray tiles indicate that the letter has been attempted and found to be not present in the puzzle solution. Using gray tiles in future turns will waste tile space that could instead be used on other letters that can give you more information.
  • Repeat letters with caution: If a tile turns yellow or green, there is still a possibility that the same letter will be present more than once. Try to limit attempts that use the same letter multiple times unless you are very confident in it being successful.
  • Use US English: Wordle puzzles use an American English dictionary, so players who are used to British English should remember that certain words are spelled differently, which can affect their word length.
  • Practice makes perfect: As with anything, playing the game with regularity is more likely to increase your chance of success. Even though Wordle is a daily game, levels can be played multiple times. Through repetition, players can identify areas to improve in their game. 

Normal vs. hard mode

There are two different modes in which players can play Wordle, with each offering a slightly different challenge. Whereas beginners should start in normal mode, intermediate and advanced players may wish to increase the difficulty of their challenge.

Normal mode

  • Normal mode is the most common choice, where users have six attempts to guess a puzzle. 
  • After each guess is made, letter tiles change color to indicate their state.
  • Players must use careful consideration of their guesses to turn each tile green and find the solution to the puzzle in as few turns as possible.
  • If a puzzle is not solved after the 6th attempt, the puzzle is failed by the player.

Hard mode

  • For those that are looking for a greater challenge, Wordle gives players the option to play the game at a harder difficulty.
  • In hard mode, players are forced to use any hints revealed through previous guesses.
  • Yellow letters (correct but unplaced) from previous turns must be played in following turns, although they can be played in any position.
  • However, green letters (correctly placed) must be played in subsequent turns in the same spot each time.

Competing against other players

Although Wordle isn’t in the strictest sense a multiplayer game, players are encouraged to share the results of their gameplay with other players through social media. Once each puzzle has either been passed or failed, Wordle will show players their total number of games played, win percentage, current streak, max streak and guess distribution in a graphic. 

The number of turns used in the player’s most recent game is colored green on the guess distribution chart. The chart also allows players to see the number of turns they typically take to complete a puzzle. By sharing these statistics, players can compare their scores against those posted by other players. Seeing the scores of other players can enhance competition and push players to decrease the number of turns they take to complete each level.

Benefits of playing Wordle

Not only is Wordle an addictive game with a unique and challenging concept, it also comes with a range of benefits: 

  • Mental exercise – Playing Wordle is a form of brain stimulation, forcing us to think of new solutions based on the available letters to us. By doing so, we recall the vocabulary we know and use pattern recognition to filter words that will be appropriate for the next guess. Players that use specific strategies in the game may also think several moves ahead.  
  • Improves vocabulary – One of the clearest benefits of playing Wordle, as with other word games, is that it can increase a person’s vocabulary. Gamers may begin learning new words that they can enter as guesses, based upon the characters available to them. They are also likely to learn any new words they see in the solution.
  • Increases relaxation – With Wordle, players are not in a rush to complete each puzzle as there is not a countdown timer. As a result of this, players can take their time over each term, allowing their brain to think of solutions as they go about their daily activities, providing a relaxing level of stimulation.
  • Offers a challenge – As with all games, Wordle offers a challenge to its players, to solve the puzzle in as few turns as possible. This simple goal means that players can be single-minded in their pursuit of success and feel a sense of accomplishment when they do so.

Where to play Wordle


Wordle can be played through the New York Times on handheld devices. Simply download the application on the app store, create an account and begin playing. By using an account, the app will be able to track all of your game statistics, which you can later share with other players. 


Players who prefer to play on desktop or laptop will need to navigate to the New York Times website’s games section to access Wordle. As with the application, users can create an account that enables them to track their game scores.

Board game

Those who would like to play Wordle with other players now can do so with Wordle: The Party Game. The physical board game is designed for 2-4 players and allows for a multiplayer experience of the classic game, alongside 3 other variations.

When to play Wordle

Wordle puzzles are released daily, allowing players 24 hours to solve a puzzle before the next word is released. 

New Wordle puzzles are released at midnight local time, as per the clock of the device you are playing on. This means that Australian players will receive new puzzles to solve around 12-20 hours before those that live in the United States. 

However, there is no time limit on each game and players can play at their leisure throughout the day. Wordle’s popularity is partly due to its relaxing style of play, making it easy to adapt with a busy lifestyle!

History of Wordle

Wordle and its rise to fame

A proud creation of British software engineer Josh Wardle, Wordle started out as an intimate word game between him and his partner, Palak Shah. It was a prototype of his back in 2013, and from there he perfected it into the version we know and love (or hate) today.

But that’s not before Josh Wardle played countless hours of fun Wordle games with his partner, friends, and family during the pandemic. He then posted it on his website to make it publicly available for free October 2021.

A month after its public debut, Wordle players grew to 300,000 (from 90 on the first day), something Josh Wardle didn’t anticipate. A week after that, that player count rose to 2,000,000, making waves across the internet in less than a quarter of a year.

In just a few months, Wordle reached another milestone, which was catching the attention of The New York Times. Soon after, the said publication swooped in and bought Wordle from the British software engineer for a price that, based on rumors, was around a million dollars.

Wordle milestones

  • 2013: The prototype of Wordle is first created.
  • June 2021: Wordle puzzle #0 is listed (CIGAR).
  • October 2021: Wordle was released by Josh Wardle.
  • January 2022: Wordle achieves 300,000 daily players and is purchased by the New York Times.
  • February 2022: Wordle puzzle #250 is listed (BLOKE).
  • March 2022: Puzzle section of New York Times gains tens of millions of new players due to Wordle acquisition.
  • October 2022: A 2-4 player board game named Wordle: The Party Game was released .
  • November 2022: Wordle puzzle #500 is listed (PINEY).
  • July 2023: Wordle puzzle #750 is listed (ENTER).

Wordle popularity

Following its release in 2021, Wordle built a solid following which reached its peak in early-2022. Although its popularity has since dropped, Wordle still maintains a large number of daily players with no signs of slowing down. One study found that millennials are more likely to play Wordle than any other generation, which may explain its steady popularity. Millennials are often associated with high levels of digital literacy and are more likely to play games than older generations.

Similar games to Wordle

Since the introduction of Wordle in 2021, two major spin-off games have been created based on the original.


  • In Quordle, players must solve four mystery words without a time limit. However, a maximum of 9 turns are permitted to solve the puzzle. 
  • Daily Sequence is an alternative game mode, where players are permitted 10 turns to solve 4 enigmas in sequence. However, beyond the first word, no hints are given until preceding words have been solved.


  • For Octordle, players need to solve eight words at the same time with no time limit. As it is harder in difficulty, there is a maximum of 13 turns. 
  • Sequence mode increases the maximum number of guesses to 15 but words must be solved one at a time. Again, no hints will be given to words beyond the first word, until preceding words are solved.
  • Rescue mode is more similar to the original Octordle game mode, except the first four attempts have already been submitted by the computer. It also uses a different scoring system and is known for its high level of difficulty.
  • Challenge mode utilizes answers that are specific to a given theme. For this mode, the dictionary is increased to include related words.
  • Casual mode allows players to solve challenges without the pressure of competition. There is no turn limit and players are allowed to play until they win.

Our database

Our Wordle Solver searches the 12,972 words of Wordle’s database to find the perfect solution for your next term. Of this number, only 2,113 are available to be played as a puzzle answer. However, the remaining 10,859 words can also be used in the game to reveal gray, yellow or green letters.

Updates to Wordle Solver

Our Wordle Solver was created in October 2023. Any additional features added to the Wordle Solver will be listed here:

December 2023: User interface updates.

Suggest an update

If you would like to suggest an update to our Wordle Solver or any of our other word tools, please get in touch with us at info@wordsrated.com.