Words of Wonders Answers to easily beat any game level!

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Find words that start with these letters (e.g. T ⇒ Train, TH ⇒ THought)
Find words that end with these letters (e.g. T ⇒ carT, TH ⇒ paTH)
Find words that contain letters in this order (e.g. TH ⇒ THought, paTH, eTHos)
Only returns words that do not contain any of these letters (e.g. BCEFG ⇒ admin, dairy, hardy)
Only shows words of a specific length (e.g. 5 ⇒ 5 letter words, 3 ⇒ 3 letter words)

Stuck and unable to complete a challenging level in Words of Wonders? Or perhaps you wish to conquer every round without using a single Hint or letter-revealing Hammer? Fret no more because the vocab wizard in you is about to be unleashed with our Words of Wonders Help!

There’s no head-scratching moment with this WordsRated tool, as its word-searching prowess is one of convenience and user-friendliness.

But, that’s not to say that Words of Wonders Help doesn’t have other tricks up its sleeve. In fact, it boasts advanced functions that will surely make your vocabulary hunt a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

How to use the Words of Wonders Help tool

Regardless of the version of the game, Words of Wonders comes down to creating words from letters. This is where the multifunctionality of this tool comes into play – it helps you come up with every possible word no matter the initial conditions you set.

Whether you want to simply unscramble the list of letters, find only words starting with, ending in, or containing the specific letter, the Words of Wonders Help tool has all the answers you need. Here is how you can utilize the tool to get the most out of your list of scrambled letters:

  1. Letters field: This is the primary field of the tool and its function is to generate a list of words from the scrambled letters. To get the list of unscrambled words:
    1. Place the list of all scrambled letters you’ve been given in your Words of Wonders level. Hit the “submit” button.
    2. The results show up with a list of all possible words you can create from these letters, regardless of length, starting, or ending letters.
    3. By default, the words are listed in alphabetical order. However, the tool also provides sorting by length of the words, starting with the longest words.

This is the most broad list of words you can generate from the tool. In lots of cases, you want to narrow your search a bit, depending on the current state of the playing board in the game.

To help with the focused search, the Words of Wonders Help tool offers:

  1. “Starts with” field: By placing a letter, or a group of letters, in this field, the tool will filter out results by showing only the words that start with a given criteria.
  2. “Ends with” field: If you want to get a list of word that ends in a certain letter, or group of letters, use this field.
  3. “Contains” field: If the revealed letters from your mysterious word are not necessarily at the beginning or the end of the word, use this field to get a wider range of options.
  4. “Length” field: Combined with the fields mentioned above, the length field will display only words of a specified length. This can be particularly useful for Words of Wonders, as you already know the length of the words you’re guessing.

Important: You can use all the available fields within a single search, meaning that you can adjust the details as you find suitable. For Words of Wonders, the best way to approach the tool would be to combine the letters field with the length field and then throw in the remaining field depending on the situation.

How to play Words of Wonders

As one of the most popular word games worldwide, Words of Wonders is a combination of a crossword puzzle and unscrambling letters. The game is similar to Wordscapes, but the themes are different – while Wordscapes features mostly motives from nature, in Words of Wonders you’re exploring famous landmarks or locations.

The gameplay is pretty simple:

  • Objective: The goal of the game is to complete crossword puzzles by finding words from the given letters in the swipe box below.
  • Word Formation: The words are created by connecting letters from the letterbox provided at the bottom, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, to fill the empty slots in the crossword puzzle. 
  • Level Completion: Fill all the blank slots with valid words to progress to the next level. Some levels offer bonus words that are not mandatory but provide extra points or hints when discovered.
  • Coins and Rewards: Earn coins by completing levels; use them for hints or to reveal letters in challenging levels. Advance through levels to unlock new landmarks and expand the game map.
  • Challenges and Events: Participate in time-limited events or special challenges to earn extra rewards and bonuses.
  • Daily Puzzles: Aside from the standard level structure, the game offers a daily puzzle for additional challenges and rewards.
  • Global Leaderboards: Compete with friends or other players globally to showcase your word skills.
  • Hints: Utilize hints or extra reveals if stuck. You can earn them through gameplay or acquire them using in-game currency.

Words of Wonders: Crossword

This is the standard version of the game, serving as the crossword puzzle in combination with the anagram solving. This is also the most popular and most widely used installment of the game, having over 100 million downloads and ranking at the very top of the most popular word games.

Words of Wonders: Guru

Words of Wonders: Guru is an advanced level within the Words of Wonders game series, designed for players who seek more challenging and intricate crossword puzzles compared to the standard level. The complexity of puzzles is notably higher, demanding a broader vocabulary and enhanced problem-solving skills.

Some of the features that distinguish Guru from the standard version of Words of Wonders:

  1. More difficult puzzles: The crossword grids are more complex and require a deeper understanding of words and their combinations.
  2. Complex themes: Guru levels often revolve around specific themes, often exploring lesser-known landmarks or intricate topics that require greater knowledge and expanded vocabulary.
  3. Increased word complexity: Words may be longer, and the difficulty of discovering or forming words from the given letters is higher compared to the standard version of the game.

Words of Wonders: Search

Words of Wonders: Search operates in a specialized mode within the Words of Wonders game series. Players are presented with a grid filled with letters, similar to a word search puzzle. 

The primary objective is to discover specific words hidden within the grid by connecting adjacent letters horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to form words. The version abandons the standard crossword board design and places all the letters on the grip, demanding players to discover them.

  1. Gameplay: Players search for and select words hidden within a grid of letters. Grids come in different sizes and complexities, varying from small and straightforward to larger and more intricate layouts.
  2. Themes: Each word search puzzle follows a specific theme, such as nature, animals, countries, or daily life, keeping the original Words of Wonders style.
  3. Levels: Challenges range from easy to difficult, offering varying levels of complexity to cater to different skill levels.
  4. Hints: Players can utilize hints or reveal letters to assist in finding challenging words.
  5. Timed Challenges: Some levels might incorporate time limits, adding an element of urgency and difficulty.

Where to play Words of Wonders

The games are primarily designed as mobile phone games, both for Android and IOS models, as well as for tablets. The game’s swiping interface is perfectly suitable for touchscreens and thus not optimal for PCs and laptops.

However, unofficial versions of the game can be found on PC platforms as well, but keep in mind that these don’t come from the original manufacturer, Fugo.

Words of Wonders’ popularity

The initial version of the game, which is the most popular version, has over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store and ranks #11 on the list of the most popular word games on the Apple Store.

Words of Wonders: Search has over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and ranks #43 on the most popular word games list on Apple Store, while Words of Wonders: Guru has more than 10 million Google Store downloads and ranks #164 on the list of the most popular word games on Apple Store.

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