All 5 letter words containing HE for Wordle

On this page, you will find a list of all 256 five-letter words that contain HE. Since these words account for 2% of all 5-letter words in the English language, we recommend using our Wordle, Quordle, and Octordle solvers to trim this list and remove words containing excluded letters from your daily puzzle.

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5 letter words (585 words)

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How to choose the correct 5-letter word that contain HE for Wordle?

So what is the best way to find the remaining 3 letters from your mysterious word? For starters, let’s apply some statistics and probability to this extensive list to narrow it down a bit:

– Only 49 out of 256 words that contain HE are among the list of 2,309 words widely believed to be possible solutions to Wordle daily puzzles.
– This means that only 2% of words from this list will be considered as potential Wordle solutions, accounting for 2.1% of total Wordle-eligible words.
– Among words that contain HE, 93 of them start with this phrase.
– This means that there is 36.5% probability that the 5-letter word containing HE also starts with HE.
– If we only take into account words believed to be on a list of potential Wordle solutions, there is 26.5% chase that the 5-letter word containing {{phrase}} also starts with HE
– 36 words containing HE also end with HE.
– There’s a 14.1% chance that the 5-letter word containing HE also ends with HE.
– There is also {v14}} probability that Wordle-eligible words containing HE end with HE.
– H is the most common starting letter among words that contain HE as 96 words on this list start with H.
– The most common ending letter among words that contain HE is S as it ends 60 of these words.
– Among Wordle-eligible words that contain {{phrase}}, the most common starting letter is H as 13 out of 49 words in this group start with H.
– 13 out of 49 Wordle-eligible words containing {{phrase}} end with E, making it the most common ending letter in this group.

Before you decide on any specific word, make sure that it already hasn’t been featured as a solution to one of the previous Wordle daily puzzles. You can find that information on our page that lists all past Wordle answers.

If still undecided, visit our daily Wordle answer page, where you can find some hints and tips designed specifically for the word that is today’s solution. You can find things like starting and ending letters and the number of vowels and repeated letters (if any).

If you need to form words for other word games outside of Wordle, Quordle, or Octordle, our Word Finder does it all. We make sure to list every possible word you can play from your letters.