5-Letter Words Ending In LOX – 1 Wordle Word

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5 letter words

There is only 1 word with 5 letters that ends with LOX and we listed it on this page. If you’re a Wordle player seeking your next guess, you should know that the only word from this list isn’t one of the 2,309 words believed to be potential Wordle solutions.

If you need more options for your next guess, you should use our Wordle Solver and easily filter out the list depending on the letters you guessed in either the correct or incorrect place. You can also see our clues and hints to make your next Wordle guess.

For Scrabble players and people who want to expand their dictionary, we have a list of all words ending in LOX ready.

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If you play Scrabble, PHLOX will get you 17 points in the game. In order to explore other options and find even better moves for Scrabble and Words With Friends, you should utilize all the advanced word filtering options that our word finder provides.