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There is only one 5-letter word in the English language that ends with TEA – LUTEA. For more 5-letter words with TEA, look at our list of words starting with TEA or 5-letter words that contain TEA in any position.

If you’re here to find your next Wordle guess, you should know that LUTEA , unfortunately, isn’t one of the 2,309 words believed to be Wordle solutions. We recommend using Wordle Solver to double down on your next pick and explore more options.

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Important note: Before you guess the next word, check if that word hasn’t already been among past Wordle solutions. You can find a list of all previous answers on our past Wordle answers page, along with hints and tips for today’s puzzle.
If you’re here for Scrabble or other word games and are interested in words ending in {{phrase}}, we have a list of all words ending in TEA, regardless of their length.

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