5-Letter Words Ending In RICK

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5 letter words (6 words)

Among 5-letter words, there are exactly 6 of them that end with RICK, and we listed all of them on this page. Of these 6 words, 4 can be taken into account as potential Wordle solution.
Use our Wordle Solver to quickly filter out potential answers based on the letters you guessed correctly. If you need more inspiration, look at other ending combinations.

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If you play Scrabble, we prepared some statistical insights in the 5-letter words ending in RICK:

– WRICK is the most valuable Scrabble word in this group and will get you 14 points.
– The average Scrabble value for a word from this list is 12.5 points.
– The most common starting letter among 5-letter words ending with RICK is B.

We also have a page where you can see the first letter, last letter, how many vowels there are and if there are any letters that repeat in today’s Wordle word.