3 6-letter words ending with J

On this page, you will find all 3 words with 6 letters that end with J. These words account for 0% of all 6-letter words in the English language.

All of these words can be unscrambled to form other words that could be useful for the most popular word games. You can use our Word Finder tool for detailed filtering and search of this group.

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Which 6-letter words ending with J are worth the most in Scrabble?

Scrabble and Scrabble Go are word games that utilize 6-letter words the most, so getting familiar with them can help you outscore your opponents. The average word from this group is worth 15.7 points in Scrabble.

When it comes to 6-letter words ending in J, these are the most valuable words you can play, both with and without using any of the two available blank tiles:
– The maximum number of points in Scrabble for a 6-letter word ending in J is 16, by playing any of these words: SVARAJ or SWARAJ.
– According to the standard rules of Scrabble, these words are playable and don’t require the use of blank tiles.

Before you play any of these words, or any other word for that matter, you should make sure that they are valid Scrabble words. You can do that quickly using our Scrabble Dictionary Checker.

Aside from Scrabble, this word list can help you with other amazing word games. Our solvers for Word Collect, Word Connect, and Word Chums are designed to generate all potential words you can form and play based on the set of desired criteria.

To help with narrowing down this list, here are a couple more insights into the list of 6-letter words ending in J. They are based on probability and statistics on the most common starting letters in this group, as well as the most common letters overall:
– The most common starting letter among 6-letter words ending in J is the letter S, appearing in 2 of those words and accounting for 66.7% of them.
– Aside from J, the letter that occurs the most time in 6-letter words ending in J is the letter A, appearing in all 3 words with 6 letters that end with J.