6 letter words starting with X – common and uncommon words)

This page contains a list of all 19 words with 6 letters containing the letter X, which account for 0.10% of all 6-letter words in the English language.

Unscrambling these words will give you lots of options for various word games, like Scrabble, Words With Friends, Wordscapes, and many others.

If you get as much as possible from this list, our Word Finder tool has all the available advanced filtering functions at your fingertips.

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What are the most valuable 6-letter words starting with X for Scrabble?

While 6-letter words can be useful for a large number of popular word games, like Words With Friends, Wordfeud, and Wordscapes, they are most important for Scrabble and Scrabble Go.

The ability to form 6-letter words can yield lots of points in this game, so on this page, you can find information on the highest-scoring words among 6-letter words starting with X. First of all, the average 6-letter word starting with X is worth 15.7 points in Scrabble, but here are the most valuable ones:
– Among 6-letter words starting with X the most Scrabble points you can get is 19, by playing this word: XYLYLS.
– Under the standard Scrabble, rules, this word is playable and doesn’t require the use of blank tiles.

If you are unsure whether the word you’ve chosen will be accepted as a valid Scrabble word, you can do a quick check on that using our Scrabble dictionary, which contains all 279,496 words that this game allows.

Furthermore, if you’re trying to guess the mysterious 6-letter word that starts with {{phrase}} for some other word games, here are a couple of statistics you should consider:
– The most common ending letter among 6-letter words that start with X is the letter S, appearing in 9 of those words.
– Aside from X, the most frequently occuring letter in 6-letter words starting with X is the letter S, appearing in 12 words with 6 letters that start with X.

With all the facts at your disposal, you now have an easier job of picking the perfect word for you from this group.