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There are exactly 13,714 six-letter words containing E in the English language, and on this page you can find all of them. This group accounts for 59.50% of all 6-letter words and is one of the most frequently searched groups of words when it comes to unscrambling or finding solutions to popular word games.

You can also see our lists of 6-letter words starting with E and 6-letter words ending in E on these pages.

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What are the most valuable 6-letter words with E in Scrabble?

The average 6-letter word containing E is worth 10.2 points in Scrabble and Scrabble Go. However, being average won’t get you over the hump in this competitive game. This is why we’ve prepared a list of the most valuable words from this group:
— The most points you can get in Scrabble by playing a 6-letter word that contains E is 35, by playing the word BEZAZZ.
— By the standard rules of Scrabble, this word is playable, but only with the use of both blank tiles. If you’re looking for highest-scoring 6-letter word containing E that doesn’t require the use of blank tiles, you should play QUEAZY. This word is worth 27 points.

If you’re unsure about the validity of these words for the game of Scrabble, you can quickly check in our Scrabble Dictionary Checker if any of the words you intend to play is accepted as a valid word in the game.
If you’re into some other word games that utilize 6-letter words, such as Words of Wonders, Word Cookies, or 4 Pics 1 Word, we have analyzed this list to deliver some statistical insights into the group of 6-letter words containing E:
— The letter S is the most common starting letter among 6-letter words containing E, as it appears in 1477 out of 13708 words form this group, accounting for 10.8% of them.
— 24.9% of 6-letter words containing E end with the letter S, making it the most common ending letter of this group. 3410 out of 13708 words form this group end with S.