7-Letter Words With FOREVER – 1 Scrabble Word

7-letter words are big scorers in a game of Scrabble. On this page, is a list of all of the 7-letter words that contain the letter FOREVER.

It’s a big list, in total there are 1 words on this list. The average score of these words is 13 points in Scrabble or Words With Friends.

However, this list may be just a little bit too big to sift through all at once. You have a few options for what you can do to solve this issue. The first option is to look at our related lists. There are two variables here – you are looking for 7-letter words and words with FOREVER, so the best lists to check out are 7-letter words starting with FOREVER, 7-letter words ending in FOREVER and words with FOREVER.

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7 letter words

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