Words With Double Letters

There are 67,965 words in the English language that contain at least one set of double letters. In addition to this, 216 words start with a double letter, and 8,093 words end with a double letter. You can find all of these words, grouped by letters, listed on this page.

Words with double letters are among the most overlooked words in popular word games, and they can give players a lot of trouble if they don’t keep them in mind. For example, words with double letters are among the most challenging words to guess in Wordle, and one of the main reasons for that is players do not even consider potential solutions. They are also very useful for other word games, especially Scrabble and Words With Friends.

Words With AA212
Words With BB1,592
Words With CC1,592
Words With DD1,753
Words With EE6,410
Words With FF2,614
Words With GG2,126
Words With HH73
Words With II109
Words With JJ6
Words With KK134
Words With LL13,575
Words With MM2,949
Words With NN2,937
Words With OO6,684
Words With PP3,006
Words With RR4,121
Words With SS16,229
Words With TT5,139
Words With UU40
Words With VV79
Words With WW49
Words With XX2
Words With YY4
Words With ZZ713
Words Ending in EE565

Below is the list of words with double letters of specific length:

4-Letter Words With AA24
4-Letter Words With EE134
4-Letter Words With OO124
5-Letter Words With AA35
5-Letter Words With EE308
5-Letter Words With II10
5-Letter Words With LL209
5-Letter Words With OO328
5-Letter Words With SS105
5-Letter Words With TT114
6-Letter Words With AA36
6-Letter Words With CC69
6-Letter Words With EE604
6-Letter Words With NN224
6-Letter Words With OO602
6-Letter Words With TT307
6-Letter Words With ZZ107
7-Letter Words With EE914
7-Letter Words With OO988
7-Letter Words With TT659
8-Letter Words With EE1,131
8-Letter Words With OO1,324

23.88% of all double-letter words contain a double S, making SS the most common double-letter combination in the dictionary. Almost 20% of all words with double letters contain double L, and 9.83% contain double O.

On the other hand, there are no English words with a double Q; there are only 2 words with a double X, 4 words with YY, and 6 words with JJ. But knowing these words might bring you lots of Scrabble points, as these words are among the highest-scoring double-letter words on average.

GroupNumber of wordsShare of double letter wordsAverage lengthAverage pointsValue per letter
Words with AA2120.31%6.911.31.63
Words with BB1,5922.34%8.415.91.88
Words with CC1,5922.34%10.317.51.69
Words with DD1,7532.58%8.513.91.64
Words with EE6,4109.43%8.714.11.62
Words with FF2,6143.85%
Words with GG2,1263.13%8.814.31.62
Words with HH730.11%
Words with II1090.16%8.713.41.54
Words with JJ60.01%5.723.74.18
Words with KK1340.20%7.619.42.56
Words with LL13,57519.97%10.315.91.55
Words with MM2,9494.34%10.418.21.76
Words with NN2,9374.32%9.413.51.43
Words with OO6,6849.83%8.614.61.71
Words with PP3,0064.42%9.616.91.77
Words with QQ00.00%
Words with RR4,1216.06%
Words with SS16,22923.88%11.315.71.39
Words with TT5,1397.56%9.313.11.41
Words with UU400.06%
Words with VV790.12%7.716.82.19
Words with WW490.07%
Words with XX20.00%10.527.52.62
Words with YY40.01%6.514.02.15
Words with ZZ7131.05%

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