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There is an abundance of word games that require some form of unscrambling – forming words from the set of randomly ordered letters. In most of these cases, players will already have at least one, if not more, letters of the next word set in place.

When faced with that situation, this page is the best help you can get, as our WordFinder tool can generate a list of all words that can be formed from the set of letters you have. Additionally, you can take a look at the list of words we have already created that contain a specific letter or a group of letters.

Along with this list, you might also find useful words that start or end with a specific letter or groups of letters. You can always combine all these dimensions, along with excluding letters that are out of reach in your rack, in the WordFinder tool.


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If you have the first move in Scrabble, Words With Friends, or any other similar word game, you’re faced with a blank board. In that case, you want to make the most valuable word out of tiles/letters without restrictions of including the letters already on the board. So what you need to do is basically unscramble the letters you have in your possession, and there’s no better way to get a list of every word you can unscramble from your letters than our Word Unscrambler.

There’s a special interest in 5-letter words since the emergence of Wordle, so we designated a special page just for this group of words, with lots of unique combinations that people often look for. If you’re a Wordle player you should check out this and other 5 letter pages from our collection. You can also use our Wordle Solver which will guide you through your daily puzzle.

Which letters are the most common in words?

Almost 200,000 words from the dictionary contain the letter E at least once, making it the most common letter in words. Aside from E, the letters S, I, A, and R are contained in over 50% of all words from the dictionary.

GroupNumber of wordsShare of all words
Words with E199,90269.75%
Words with S177,99062.10%
Words with I173,51360.54%
Words with A158,74155.39%
Words with R151,09052.72%
Words with N140,84449.14%
Words with T138,39148.29%
Words with O134,80247.04%
Words with L113,89739.74%
Words with C91,63031.97%
Words with U78,60927.43%
Words with D77,56527.06%
Words with P70,17824.49%
Words with M68,38723.86%
Words with G65,57022.88%
Words with H60,46421.10%
Words with B44,88815.66%
Words with Y40,88614.27%
Words with F27,7859.69%
Words with V23,5798.23%
Words with K22,7697.94%
Words with W18,9496.61%
Words with Z11,9934.18%
Words with X7,4192.59%
Words with Q4,3341.51%
Words with J4,2521.48%

However, some of the rarest words from this group have the most value in Scrabble. For example, the average word that contains the letter Z is worth 24 points in Scrabble, while the average S-word is worth 15 points.

In words containing J, K, Q, X, or Z, the average letter is worth over 2 points in Scrabble. Compare that with words with R, S, N, or T, where the average letter is worth less than 1.6 points.

GroupAverage Scrabble pointsValue per letter
Words with Z24.02.36
Words with J19.72.33
Words with Q22.02.25
Words with X21.02.16
Words with K17.02.03
Words with Y18.41.88
Words with W15.81.86
Words with H18.21.84
Words with F16.51.75
Words with C17.21.69
Words with P16.91.69
Words with B16.01.68
Words with M16.61.67
Words with V16.61.66
Words with D15.31.62
Words with O16.11.61
Words with A15.61.61
Words with I16.01.60
Words with E15.41.60
Words with G15.51.59
Words with U15.31.59
Words with L15.61.58
Words with R15.51.57
Words with S15.21.57
Words with N15.61.55
Words with T15.61.54

What letter is the most commonly used in English?

Over 44,4% of all words used during the day contain the letter E, making words with E the most commonly used words from this group. E-words are followed by O-words with over 36% of usage frequency, T-words with over 35%, and A-words with over 34%.

Words with Q, J, and Z are used less than 10 times in every 1,000 words spoken during the day, making them the least frequently used words from this group.

GroupFrequency (in 1,000 words)
Words with E444
Words with O368
Words with T353
Words with A348
Words with I323
Words with N315
Words with R309
Words with S301
Words with L186
Words with C170
Words with D169
Words with U142
Words with H138
Words with M127
Words with P117
Words with F104
Words with G101
Words with Y91
Words with W78
Words with B77
Words with V57
Words with K36
Words with X13
Words with J9
Words with Q6
Words with Z4

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