Vertex NYT Game – Connect The Dots

Those who enjoy creative pursuits in their leisure time will love Vertex, a logic-based game where players need to draw lines, connect dots and reveal a captivating image. To give it a go, players can find Vertex on the NYT Games section which is famous for other classics such as Connections, Wordle and The Crossword.

How to play Vertex NYT

Vertex is a unique kind of puzzle game based upon logic, in which players must connect points (also known as vertices or dots) together to form triangles that combine to form a larger image. As a game of trial and error, players can draw as many lines as they require to find the eventual solution, which can be viewed as a standalone graphic at the end of each puzzle.

Beginners can choose whether or not to play a tutorial straight away that takes them over the premise of the game. After this has been completed or skipped, non-subscribing players will be able to play 8 different starter puzzles but each daily puzzle is only accessible to NYT subscribers.

1. When opening a new game of Vertex NYT, players will see a series of blank circles that each contain a number. Players can move around the interface by clicking and dragging on the background and have the option to zoom in or out if they want to view congested areas in more detail. A number will also be given at the bottom of the interface to show level progress, allowing the player to see how many triangles are remaining to pass the level.

2. Each of the circular points need to be correctly connected to other points using lines. To connect points together, click/tap on a point and hold until a movable dotted line emerges from it, before highlighting another point you would like to connect it to. When you are positioned on the second point, it will also be highlighted in yellow. Releasing the click/tap will cause a solid black line to be created between the two points. 

Note: Any two unconnected points can be connected together, providing they each show a number greater than 0.

Drawing a line to connect two dots together

3. Once three points are connected together to create a triangle shape and the connection is correct, the area inside the triangle created will become filled with a color. If you have formed any triangles that do not fill with color, it means they feature incorrect connections which must be reset and connected in a different way.

A correctly connected triangle is filled in

4. Remember to play close attention to the number inside each point as these will help you understand which lines should be built. The larger the number, the more connections it will have and the smaller the number, the less connections it will have. Players will also notice that an increased number will be represented by a larger point.

Different points can have a different number of connections

5. If you make an incorrect connection by mistake, you can click the “Undo” button (desktop/laptop) or the “Clock” icon (mobile/tablet) to reverse it. Alternatively, if you would like to erase all connections that emerge from a point, double click on the point itself and its lines will disappear.

Note: Connections that have already formed a correct triangle cannot be undone.

6. If you have made too many bad connections, you can even completely reset the puzzle by clicking on the “Reset” button above the interface to erase all existing lines built.

A completed puzzle displayed in full color without its connections

7. When a puzzle is complete, its points and connecting lines will disappear and the picture will be displayed for the player to view for a short moment. Only subscribers who have completed a daily puzzle will be able to view their completed puzzles for the entire day.

Note: If you would like to play a specific puzzle again, you can also click the “Reset” button at this point to do so. 

Now you have followed our walkthrough, it’s time to show you have what it takes to begin solving puzzles and creating fantastic artwork! New players should also be aware that new Vertex new puzzles are released at 3am EST each day, so you will always have something to keep you occupied in your free time!

Vertex hints and tips

If you have gone through the starter levels but are now struggling to solve the daily puzzles, you have come to the right place. Try following some of WordsRated’s Vertex tips to help you find and build the correct connections, so you can admire new artistic creations!

Start with the edges – Getting some of the edge pieces filled in immediately will allow you to minimize their total number of potential connections, as there are no connections that can be built from outside. Finding edges can also help you build a foundation and identify the shape of the picture you are trying to create early on, giving you a “feel” for the nature of the artwork.

Build from one triangle – By just having a single correct triangle in place, finding a connecting triangle can become much easier for you. Frequently, subsequent triangles can be built by using the points that are positioned centrally opposite each side of a triangle that is already filled in.

Connect points that are close together – As a general rule when playing Vertex NYT, the closer each point is in proximity to another point, the more likely they will form parts of a triangle together. Knowing this, you should be aware that trying to connect points that are far away in distance is unlikely to result in a correct triangle in most cases.

Find big numbers  – When looking over each puzzle, you will notice that some of the points are filled in with larger numbers than others, which indicate that many lines will connect to them. You should view these as hubs that will have a significant chance of being connected with most of the points that immediately surround them.

Erase unfilled triangles – If you are looking over the picture and notice that you have some connected triangles that are still not filled in, it signifies that they have been built incorrectly. To rectify these, you will need to erase them and try to fill these sections out again by using different connections.

Never overlap lines – In Vertex NYT, lines that overlap with each other in a given puzzle will not be correct. If this happens, you will need to re-evaluate your connections and start the section again, by either erasing one of the overlapping lines or deleting the entire section altogether.

Zoom in – Certain puzzles are much more intricate than others, especially those with an increased number of points and connections. When doing these puzzles make sure to zoom in to analyze these sections properly, making it easier to interact with the interface and more importantly, deduce the correct lines to draw. 

Combining each of these strategies together should hold you in good stead for progressing through each of Vertex’s puzzles. Remember, as it is a daily puzzle game like Wordle and other NYT games, you will need to find enough time each day to get the puzzle solved before a new puzzle is introduced.

Games like NYT Vertex

When compared against other popular online games, Vertex has a very particular style of gameplay that helps it to stand out amongst the crowd. If you have completed the daily puzzle and are looking for a new game to play, WordsRated has put together a list of related titles for you to check out, play and enjoy: 

Tiles Players need to clear all of the tiles on the board by matching together two tiles at a time, in a stimulating challenge of pattern recognition. Tiles will only match if they have matching patterns that are also present in the same color.

Linepoly –  Create beautiful constellations by connecting stars together in the night sky, before viewing your new creations as part of a gallery. The perfect game for players with an artistic nature, or those that like to play games to relax at their own leisure.

Star Art – For this game, players need to connect the dots to reveal the hidden picture which is based around origami artwork. A large number of levels are available to play and even some unlockable puzzles.

Letter Boxed If you have enjoyed drawing lines to form new images, what about doing it as part of a word building exercise? With Letter Boxed, players must draw links between letters that surround a box, attempting to use each letter at least once before exceeding the total target number of words.

4 Pics 1 Word A different gameplay style altogether but one that fans of Vertex should still love. In this picture-word association game, players are given a bank of letters that must be rearranged into a word which will connect the content of each of the four given images together.