Virginia Woolf Statistics

Virginia Woolf Statistics

  • As of 2023, a rediscovered first edition of The Voyage Out with Virginia’s hand-written edits is valued at £250,000 (around $321,500).
  • The other first edition that exists sold for just over £91,000 (around $131,000) in 2001.
  • This shows an increase in value of around 174.73% over the period.
  • Per year, this amounts to an increase of 7.60%.
  • In 2021, a simple question and answer book that was filled in by Virginia Woolf sold at auction for an unexpected £21,000 (around $28,770).
  • Hogarth Press publishing house was founded by Virginia and Leonard Woolf in 1917, publishing titles by renowned writers such as T.S. Eliot and Sigmund Freud.
  • They also had the opportunity to publish Ulysses by James Joyce but decided to turn it down due to hand press limitations and a lack of enthusiasm toward the title from Virginia herself. 
  • Woolf felt that To The Lighthouse was the best book she had written and it had a first impression of 3,000 copies through Hogarth Press.
  • After its release, it outsold all of her previous novels and the royalties it generated allowed Virginia and Leonard to purchase a car.
  • The Hours (2002) was a movie inspired by Virginia Woolf and her novel Mrs Dalloway that grossed over $108 million worldwide.

Virginia Woolf books in order

  • As of 2023, at least 64 Virginia Woolf titles have been published*.
  • This includes:
    • 9 novels
    • 46 short stories
    • 5 short story collections
    • 2 autobiographical writings
    • 1 nonfiction biography
    • 1 cross-genre title (blend of fiction and nonfiction)
  • Her first novel was The Voyage Out, released in 1915.
  • Her final novel was Between the Acts, released shortly after her death in 1941.
  • Virginia Woolf also produced a large number of essays, in addition to various diaries/journals and letters. 
  • The majority of her short stories and essays were published through collection works.

(*excludes essays, diaries/journals and letters)


#Year publishedTitleTypePage countAudiobook length
11915The Voyage OutNovel44815h50m
21919Night and DayNovel44218h57m
31922Jacob’s RoomNovel1926h51m
41925Mrs DallowayNovel2147h05m
51927To the LighthouseNovel2097h38m
61928Orlando: A BiographyNovel3528h41m
71931The WavesNovel3248h55m
81937The YearsNovel44413h32m
91941Between the ActsNovel2565h42m

Short fiction

Year publishedTitleTypePage count
1917The Mark on the WallShort story7
1917Two StoriesShort story collection32
1919Kew GardensShort story6
1920Solid ObjectsShort story6
1920An Unwritten NovelShort story10
1921A Haunted HouseShort story2
1921A SocietyShort story13
1921Monday or TuesdayShort story1
1921The String QuartetShort story4
1921Blue & GreenShort story2
1921SympathyShort story4
1921Monday or TuesdayShort story collection91
1923In the OrchardShort story3
1923Mrs Dalloway in Bond StreetShort story8
1926A Woman’s College from OutsideShort story4
1927The New DressShort story8
1928Moments of Being: ‘Slater’s Pins have no PointsShort story6
1929The Lady in the Looking-GlassShort story5
1938The Duchess and the JewellerShort story6
1938The Shooting PartyShort story7
1939Lappin and LappinovaShort story8
1944Together and ApartShort story6
1944The Man who Loved his KindShort story6
1944A Summing UpShort story6
1944The SearchlightShort story4
1944The LegacyShort story7
1944A Haunted House and Other Short StoriesShort story collection124
1973AncestorsShort story3
1973The IntroductionShort story5
1973Mrs. Dalloway’s PartyShort story collection96
1985Phyllis and RosamondShort story13
1985The Mysterious Case of Miss V.Short story3
1985The Journal of Mistress Joan MartynShort story30
1985A Dialogue upon Mount PentelicusShort story6
1985Memoirs of a NovelistShort story13
1985The Evening PartyShort story6
1985Nurse Lugton’s CurtainShort story2
1985The Widow and the Parrot: A True StoryShort story8
1985HappinessShort story2
1985A Simple MelodyShort story7
1985The Fascination of the PoolShort story2
1985Three PicturesShort story4
1985Scenes from the Life of a British Naval OfficerShort story3
1985Miss PrymeShort story2
1985Ode Written Partly in ProseShort story5
1985PortraitsShort story5
1985Uncle VanyaShort story1
1985Gypsy, the MongrelShort story8
1985The SymbolShort story3
1985The Watering PlaceShort story2
1985The Complete Shorter FictionShort story collection364

Other titles

Year publishedTitleTypePage count
1933Flush: A BiographyCross-genre163
1940Roger Fry: A BiographyBiography320
1976Moments of BeingAutobiographical work240
2007The Platform of Time: Memoirs of Family and FriendsAutobiographical work232

Virginia Woolf FAQ

Who was Virginia Woolf?

  • Virginia Woolf was a leading British writer and a significant figure of modernist literature at the start of the 20th century.
  • Her writing style often explored themes such as society, human experience and gender, which led to her becoming an influential feminist voice.
  • Woolf also used experimental narrative techniques that challenged traditional storytelling, often exposing the consciousness and inner thoughts of her characters.

How did Virginia Woolf die?

  • Virginia Woolf died by suicide on March 28, 1941, aged 59.
  • She died by drowning after filling her pockets with stones and entering the River Ouse, which was near her house in Rodmell, Sussex in England.
  • It is understood that she suffered from mental health issues throughout her life, which included periods of severe depression.