Word Games Market Statistics

Word Games Market Statistics

  • As of 2022, global word games app market revenue was valued at $2.23 billion.
  • Advertising revenue alone makes up 86.55% of this figure ($1.93 billion).
  • The US makes more revenue from word games apps than all other countries combined ($1.74 billion).
  • In total, the US generates up 78.03% of global word games app revenue.
  • For each word games app downloaded, the average revenue is $1.56.
  • Apple’s App Store has a word games app revenue share of 56.40% while Google’s Play Store has a 43.60% revenue share.
  • 22% of the global word games app market share is accounted for by Wordscapes.
  • This is higher than for any other word games app.
  • For the year of 2022, the total number of word games app downloads is 1.42 billion.
  • By 2027, this is anticipated to grow to just under 2 billion.

Global word games app market

Historically, word games were generally available to consumers either through multiplayer board games or printed in newspapers and magazines for one player to complete. However as technology has developed, so too has the word games market. Popular word games apps available on phone and tablet generate large revenues which are projected to grow year-on-year.

App revenue

  • As of 2022, revenues for global word games apps were valued at $2.23 billion.
  • $1.93 billion (86.55%) of this is through advertising, $0.28 billion (12.56%) is through in-app purchases and $0.01 billion (0.45%) is through the one-time purchase of an app.
  • From 2022 – 2027, word games app revenue is anticipated to grow to $3.60 billion.
  • This would represent a total increase of 61.43% for the given period.
YearAdvertising In-app purchasesPaid appTotal revenue
2027$3.18 billion$0.40 billion$0.01 billion$3.60 billion
2026$2.97 billion$0.38 billion$0.01 billion$3.36 billion
2025$2.77 billion$0.36 billion$0.01 billion$3.13 billion
2024$2.46 billion$0.33 billion$0.01 billion$2.80 billion
2023$2.18 billion$0.30 billion$0.01 billion$2.49 billion
2022$1.93 billion$0.28 billion$0.01 billion$2.23 billion

A graph is given below to show the estimated global word games app revenue from 2022 – 2027:

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App revenue by country

  • As of 2022, The United States makes more app revenue from word games than any other country ($1.74 billion).
  • Overall, 78.03% of global word games app revenue is generated from the US.
  • The United Kingdom is second with revenues of $0.12 billion, while China follows with revenues of $0.11 billion.
United States$1,735.00 million$1,945.00 million$2,199.00 million$2,475.00 million$2,652.00 million$2,830.00 million
United Kingdom$123.70 million$136.00 million$149.80 million$165.20 million$180.10 million$195.60 million
China$106.90 million$123.20 million$140.20 million$150.60 million$159.70 million$169.00 million
Canada$47.60 million$51.17 million$55.10 million$59.03 million$62.48 million$66.13 million
Australia$39.76 million$41.66 million$44.08 million$46.65 million$49.57 million$52.57 million
Germany$18.88 million$20.87 million$22.94 million$25.29 million$27.57 million$29.88 million
France$15.02 million$17.39 million$19.56 million$21.71 million$23.91 million$26.14 million
Netherlands$11.58 million$12.50 million$13.44 million$14.53 million$15.62 million$16.72 million
India$10.81 million$13.01 million$15.35 million$17.96 million$20.41 million$22.45 million
Sweden$10.31 million$10.96 million$11.76 million$12.77 million$13.83 million$14.94 million
Vietnam$8.47 million$10.09 million$11.62 million$13.34 million$14.93 million$16.57 million
Japan$7.76 million$9.06 million$10.40 million$11.72 million$12.95 million$14.14 million
Brazil$7.49 million$8.15 million$8.79 million$9.43 million$10.12 million$10.80 million
Italy$6.86 million$7.74 million$8.56 million$9.45 million$10.30 million$11.16 million
Russia$6.60 million$8.22 million$8.96 million$9.72 million$10.46 million$11.22 million
Mexico$5.31 million$5.94 million$6.68 million$7.53 million$8.38 million$9.22 million
Switzerland$5.31 million$5.91 million$6.44 million$6.98 million$7.53 million$8.07 million
Denmark$5.22 million$5.50 million$5.81 million$6.19 million$6.60 million$7.02 million
New Zealand$4.89 million$5.02 million$5.24 million$5.56 million$5.84 million$6.14 million
Spain$4.15 million$4.79 million$5.43 million$6.12 million$6.79 million$7.47 million
Argentina$4.13 million$4.86 million$5.64 million$6.42 million$7.13 million$7.79 million
Ireland$3.75 million$4.02 million$4.28 million$4.61 million$4.95 million$5.31 million
Norway$3.69 million$4.10 million$4.46 million$4.87 million$5.28 million$5.70 million
Colombia$3.28 million$3.66 million$4.09 million$4.57 million$4.99 million$5.41 million
South Africa$2.84 million$3.01 million$3.26 million$3.55 million$3.86 million$4.17 million
Austria$2.65 million$2.90 million$3.12 million$3.37 million$3.62 million$3.88 million
Indonesia$2.54 million$2.99 million$3.46 million$3.92 million$4.32 million$4.70 million
Poland$2.16 million$2.37 million$2.58 million$2.81 million$3.04 million$3.27 million
Belgium$1.93 million$2.13 million$2.31 million$2.51 million$2.70 million$2.90 million
Czechia$1.90 million$2.01 million$2.13 million$2.28 million$2.44 million$2.61 million
Turkey$1.87 million$2.05 million$2.25 million$2.48 million$2.70 million$2.93 million
Chile$1.60 million$1.75 million$1.92 million$2.12 million$2.29 million$2.46 million
Finland$1.52 million$1.64 million$1.77 million$1.91 million$2.06 million$2.20 million
Dominican Republic$1.39 million$1.56 million$1.75 million$1.98 million$2.19 million$2.41 million
Thailand$1.17 million$1.29 million$1.43 million$1.59 million$1.74 million$1.88 million
Greece$1.08 million$1.23 million$1.37 million$1.52 million$1.66 million$1.80 million
Portugal$1.07 million$1.23 million$1.37 million$1.52 million$1.67 million$1.83 million
Nigeria$0.97 million$1.08 million$1.22 million$1.39 million$1.55 million$1.71 million
Morocco$0.88 million$0.99 million$1.12 million$1.26 million$1.40 million$1.54 million
Saudi Arabia$0.87 million$0.93 million$1.03 million$1.15 million$1.27 million$1.38 million
Pakistan$0.81 million$0.89 million$1.00 million$1.12 million$1.24 million$1.36 million
Peru$0.71 million$0.76 million$0.84 million$0.93 million$1.01 million$1.10 million
South Korea$0.52 million$0.55 million$0.59 million$0.63 million$0.66 million$0.70 million
Kenya$0.33 million$0.36 million$0.41 million$0.45 million$0.49 million$0.54 million
Lithuania$0.22 million$0.24 million$0.26 million$0.28 million$0.30 million$0.33 million
Serbia$0.15 million$0.17 million$0.19 million$0.20 million$0.22 million$0.23 million

App revenue by store

  • As of 2022, the Apple Store receives $1.26 billion in revenue from word games apps.
  • However, for the same market, Google’s Play Store generates $0.97 billion.
  • From 2022 – 2027, Apple’s share of revenue is expected to drop from 56.40% to 54.00%.
YearApple revenueShareGoogle revenueShare
2027$1.94 billion54.00%$1.66 billion46.00%
2026$1.82 billion54.20%$1.54 billion45.80%
2025$1.71 billion54.60%$1.42 billion45.40%
2024$1.54 billion55.00%$1.26 billion45.00%
2023$1.38 billion55.60%$1.11 billion44.40%
2022$1.26 billion56.40%$0.97 billion43.60%

A graph is given below to compare word games app revenues between Apple and Google:

App revenue per download (average)

  • As of 2022, the average revenue per word games app downloaded stands at $1.56.
  • By 2027, this is expected to increase to $1.84.
  • Overall, this would mark a projected percentage increase of 17.95%.
2027$1.84+ 3.37%
2026$1.78+ 2.30%
2025$1.74+ 6.10%
2024$1.64+ 3.80%
2023$1.58+ 1.28%

Key word games apps by brand share

  • Wordscapes by PeopleFun accounts for 22% of the global word games app market share, higher than any other brand listed as of 2022.
  • Words with Friends 2 by Zynga is the second biggest, with a brand share of 15%. 
  • Words of Wonders by Fugo Games is third with a brand share of 14%.
BrandBrand share
Words with Friends 215%
Words of Wonders14%
Word Connect5%
Crossword Jam4%
Scrabble GO4%
Word Trip4%
Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles3%
Word Cookies2%

Number of app downloads

  • For the year of 2022, the total number of word games app downloads is 1.42 billion.
  • By 2027 this is expected to grow to 1.95 billion.
  • This would mark a 37.32% increase in app downloads for the word games app market over the given period.
20271.95 billion+ 3.17%
20261.89 billion+ 4.42%
20251.81 billion+ 5.85%
20241.71 billion+ 8.92%
20231.57 billion+ 10.56%
20221.42 billion