Zynga Financial Statistics

Zynga was founded in 2007 and currently operates as part of Take-Two, a video game holding company with other major labels including Rockstar, 2K and Private Division. With a diverse and successful portfolio across its different labels, Take-Two is known for household series titles such as Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2K and Words With Friends.

  • As of late-2023, Take-Two is the 2nd-largest publicly traded gaming company (Americas and Europe) after Electronic Arts with a market cap of approximately $23 billion.
  • Take-Two generated $5.35 billion in net revenue for the 2023 financial year.
  • This was led by net revenue of $2.16 billion from Zynga, which was purchased by Take-Two Interactive for $12.70 billion in May 2022. 
  • It is estimated that around 10% of the world’s population plays Zynga’s games each month.
  • By content type, Take-Two’s revenue is split between recurrent consumer spending (78.13%) and full game & other purchases (21.87%).
  • Total costs and expenses for 2023 reached $6.52 billion, up 114.93% over the previous financial year ($3.03 billion).
  • Cost of revenue makes up 47.04% of expenses, while selling & marketing makes up 24.44% of expenses.
  • Zynga’s total costs and expenses for 2023 were $1.14 billion (89.47% less than its revenue).
  • Overall, Take-Two suffered an annual net operating loss of $1.17 billion for the year. 
  • This was a decrease of 346.03% over 2022’s operating income of $0.47 billion.

Zynga’s most popular mobile gaming apps by revenue

  • For the year of 2023, Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG was Zynga’s mobile gaming app that generated the most revenue ($194.25 million).
  • It also has the highest revenue per download ($32.38).
  • Merge Dragons! generates the second-most revenue ($113.22 million) while Zynga Poker is third ($69.26 million).
  • Zynga’s popular word game Words With Friends 2, which was released in 2017, still managed to generate $33.28 million in revenue.
  • Words With Friends 2 makes $7.60 in revenue per download.
Gaming app*Revenue 2023Revenue per download 2023
Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG$194.25 million$32.38
Merge Dragons!$113.22 million$14.68
Zynga Poker$69.26 million$15.63
Wizard of Oz Slot Games$49.92 millionN/A
Game of Thrones Slots Casino$44.26 millionN/A
Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells$43.19 millionN/A
Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game$39.61 millionN/A
Golf Rival$36.94 million$5.67
Words With Friends 2 Word Game$33.28 million$7.60
CSR 2 Drag Racing Car Games$23.61 million$3.94
(*excludes games published by Zynga’s subsidiaries)

Zynga’s most downloaded mobile gaming apps

  • For the year of 2023, Cashier 3D is Zynga’s most downloaded mobile gaming app, with 9.39 million downloads.
  • Merge Dragons! is second with 7.71 million downloads, while Golf Rival is third with 6.52 million downloads. 
  • Words With Friends 2 was downloaded 4.38 million downloads during the year. 
Gaming app*Downloads 2023
Cashier 3D9.39 million
Merge Dragons!7.71 million
Golf Rival6.52 million
Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG6.00 million
CSR 2 Drag Racing Car Games5.99 million
FarmVille 2 – Country Escape5.11 million
101 Okey Plus Rummy Board Game4.61 million
Zynga Poker- Texas Holdem Game4.43 million
Words With Friends 2 Word Game4.38 million
FarmVille 3 – Farm Animals3.22 million
(*excludes games published by Zynga’s subsidiaries)

Take-Two net revenue

  • As of 2023, Take-Two generated $5.35 billion in revenue. 
  • This was an increase of 52.64% over the previous year and also the biggest increase over the given 5-year period.
  • The revenue increase is primarily due to Take-Two’s Zynga acquisition. 
  • Take-Two’s annual revenue increased from $2.67 billion in 2019 to $5.35 billion in 2023.
  • On average, this amounts to an increase of $0.67 billion per year. 
2023$5.35 billion+ 52.64%
2022$3.50 billion+ 3.91%
2021$3.37 billion+ 9.19%
2020$3.09 billion+ 15.76%
2019$2.67 billion

A graph is given below to show annual revenues for Take-Two:

Take-Two net revenue by content type

  • As of 2023, 78.13% of Take-Two’s revenue comes from the recurrent consumer spending.
  • The remaining 21.87% is generated through full game & other purchases.
  • Recurrent consumer spending first exceeded full game & other purchases in 2021. 
  • Since then, recurrent consumer spending has continued to grow, while full game & other revenues have declined.
  • Over the given 5-year period. recurrent consumer has increased by 290.65%, while full game & other purchases have declined by 26.88%.
YearRecurrent consumer spendingFull game & other
2023$4.18 billion$1.17 billion
2022$2.27 billion$1.23 billion
2021$2.15 billion$1.22 billion
2020$1.45 billion$1.64 billion
2019$1.07 billion$1.60 billion

A graph is given below to show annual revenues by content type for Take-Two:

Take-Two costs and expenses

  • As of 2023, Take-Two has total costs and expenses of $6.52 billion.
  • This is a 114.93% increase over the previous year, caused primarily due to Take-Two’s Zynga acquisition. 
  • Cost of revenue makes up 47.04%, selling & marketing makes up 24.44%, research & development makes up 13.70%, general & administrative costs make up 12.94% and depreciation & amortization makes up 1.88%.
  • Over the given 5-year period, total costs and expenses have increased by $4.05 billion.
  • This amounts to an average annual increase of $1.01 billion.
YearCost of revenueSelling & marketingGeneral & administrativeResearch & developmentDepreciation & amortization
2023$3.06 billion$1.59 billion$0.84 billion$0.89 billion$0.12 billion
2022$1.54 billion$0.52 billion$0.51 billion$0.41 billion$0.06 billion
2021$1.54 billion$0.45 billion$0.39 billion$0.32 billion$0.06 billion
2020$1.54 billion$0.46 billion$0.30 billion$0.32 billion$0.05 billion
2019$1.52 billion$0.39 billion$0.23 billion$0.28 billion$0.04 billion
(cost of revenue plus operating expenses only)

A graph is given below to show annual costs and expenses for Take-Two:

Take-Two net operating income/loss

  • As of 2023, Take-Two suffered an annual operating loss of $1.17 billion.
  • This was a decrease of 346.03% over the previous financial year and the only loss during the given period..
  • Operating losses were primarily due to cost of revenue almost doubling in addition to selling & marketing costs roughly tripling, primarily due to the acquisition of Zynga. 
YearOperating income/lossChange
2023– $1.17 billion– 346.03%
2022$0.47 billion– 24.75%
2021$0.63 billion*+ 47.97%
2020$0.43 billion*+ 110.87%
2019$0.20 billion*
(*Excludes negligible incomes/losses associated with business reorganization)