Hispanic and Latine Authors Statistics

This report analyzed the most recent statistics addressing the number of Latine and Hispanic writers and authors in the US, as well as historical trends regarding their impact on the writing community in the country.

We’ll also look into the latest CCBC data on children’s picture book authors and how big of a role Latine and Hispanic writers play in this category, with a deeper dive into gender distribution.

How many Latine and Hispanic authors are in the US?

  • There are around 12,015 writers of Latine & Hispanic origin in the United States as of 2020.
  • The number of Latine & Hispanic writers increased by 8.86% since 2019, jumping from 11,037.
  • There have been over 10,000 Latine & Hispanic writers in the US for 3 years in a row, starting from 2018.
  • This group has been increasing in numbers every year since 2014, at least.
  • Overall, the number of Latine & Hispanic writers has increased by 57.35% since 2014, making them the fastest-growing ethnic group of writers in the United States over this period.
YearLatine & Hispanic writers in the USChange
Since 201457.35%
  • As of 2020, over 7.04% of all authors in the United States are of Latine & Hispanic origin.
  • This group increased its share in the US writers’ community by 7.88% compared to 2019.
  • Since 2014, Latine & Hispanic authors have increased their share among US authors by 33.60%, the biggest gain among all ethnic groups.
  • Latine & Hispanic authors are the biggest minority authors group in the United States as of 2020.
YearShare of Latine/Hispanic writers among US authorsChange
Since 201433.60%
  • Over 25.5 million people of Latine & Hispanic origin are eligible for work in the United States, accounting for 17.24% of the US workforce as of 2020.
  • However, only 7.04% of authors in writers in US are of Hispanic & Latine origin, meaning that the average US citizen of this origin in less than 2x less likely to be a writer compared to the average US citizen.
  • Since 2014, the share of Hispanic people in the US workforce has increased by 11.36%, while the share of Hispanic writers and authors among all US writers has increased by 33.60%.
  • This shows a positive trend in the representation of Latine & Hispanic writers in the US writing community, even though we’re still far from equality that matches the size of Latine workforces in the States.
YearShare of Latine/Hispanic workforceChangeShare of Latine/Hispanic writersChange
Since 201411.36%33.60%

How many Latine & Hispanic children’s authors are in the US?

We analyzed the database of children’s and young adult picture books, regularly updated by CCBC, to look at how the number and share of Hispanic & Latine authors changed over the last several years. This report is the extension of our study on picture book characters published last year.

  • As of 2023, over 11.70% of all children’s and YA picture books have at least one Latine and Hispanic author and illustrator.
  • This is a 4% increase over 2022, then over 9.47% of all analyzed books had an author of Latine & Hispanic origin.
  • In 2018, this number was much lower, as Hispanic and Latine authors accounted for only 6.22% of picture books published over the year.
  • Overall, since 2018, the share of picture books featuring at least one Latine or Hispanic author has increased by 88%.
  • Latine & Hispanic authors are the second most frequent minority group in children and YA picture book category, after Black authors.
YearShare of books with Hispanic & Latine authorsChange
Since 201888%
  • Among all authors and illustrators listed in children’s and YA picture books for 2023, Hispanic & Latine authors account for 10.02% of the group.
  • This presents a 6% increase compared to 2022 figures when Latine and Hispanic authors presented 9.47% of all authors and illustrators of picture books.
  • In 2019, this number was as low as 5.08%, meaning that the share of Latine authors among picture book authors has nearly doubled over the last 4 years.
  • Since 2018, the share of Latine & Hispanic authors among children’s and YA picture book authors increased by 93%.
YearShare of Hispanic & Latine authorsChange
Since 201893%
  • Among Latine & Hispanic children writers, females account for 73.55% as of 2023, a jump from 67.58% in 2022.
  • Male Hispanic & Latine authors account for 21.49% of all authors from this group as of 2023, and authors of other genders account for 4.96%.
  • Over the last 5 years, female authors increased their share among Latine and Hispanic authors by 35%, jumping from 54.64% in 2018.
  • During the same period, male authors went from 42.27% in 2018 to 21.49% in 2023, which presents a 49% decrease.
  • Authors of other genders accounted for 3.09% of all Latine & Hispanic authors in 2018, and increased by 60% by 2023.
YearShare of male Hispanic & Latine authorsShare of female Hispanic & Latine authorsOther genders
Since 2018-49%35%60%