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Use the our Word Finder tool to find the best words for your Scrabble game or for Wordle, try our Wordle Solver.

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How to use WordsRated Word Finder

  1. If you choose to use the letters field – the word finder works in two different ways depending on how you use the letters field. If you enter characters in the letters field, the tool acts like a Scrabble solver. This means it only returns words made up of the characters entered and the other fields act as secondary search functions.
  2. If you choose NOT to use the letters field – if you leave the letters field blank then the word finder can return all possible words available that meet the criteria you have entered, such as length or the character that the word starts or ends with.
  3. Sorting and Grouping – Once you have the results you can choose to re-order them in the manner you wish. This can be in alphabetical order, reverse alphabetical order, by popularity or by the number of points the word would win you in the game of your choice.

Word Finder – What is it?

The WordsRated Word Finder is a tool that you can use to improve your abilities when playing word games such as Wordle, Scrabble or Words With Friends.

The tool works like a Scrabble tile rack that gives you the answers. All you have to do is enter your tiles into the letter field and the tool will unscramble words to give you the best possible words you can make from these letters.

However, if you ignore the letters field, the WordsRated word finder can return words that start or end with a defined letter.

We also have pre-generated word lists, such as 5 letter words for Wordle that show all possible Wordle answers to help you master the New York Times game.

When to use the Word Finder

The WordsRated Word Finder can be used for a number of reason but the primary reason is to help you improve at word games.

For example, the word finder can be used to improve your Scrabble performance. You can enter 7 random letters into the letters filed and see all possible combinations that are available in Scrabble. This can help you to learn new words to use in your next game.
Or you can also use the word finder for games like Wordle. In Wordle, the aim is to make up the whole word from part of the word. So by using the starts with, ends with, length and contains functions, you can practise finding different words or even get some suggestions when you’re stuck on what word to use for your next Wordle guess.


Our Word Finder tool has the options to use the US and UK Scrabble dictionaries, the Words With Friends dictionary and a combination of all of these dictionaries.

Recently, the main dictionaries for Scrabble in the UK and US have been re-named. 

The official Scrabble dictionary in the US is now called the NASPA Word List. It used to be called the TWL – the official Tournament and Club Word List.

In the UK, CSW is the dictionary of choice. This stands from Collins Scrabble Words. It is derived from the SOWPODS Scrabble dictionary that used to be standard. CSW is simply an updated version of SOWPODS. The abbreviation SOWPODS was a combination of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (OPSD) and the Official Scrabble Words (OSW) dictionary. These two acronyms were combined to come up with SOWPODS.

Finally, the ENABLE dictionary is used for Words With Friends and contains slightly different words again but is focused on the US spelling rather than the UK version. So for a UK game it is better to use CSW.