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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like if you had a bit more clarity in your life? With Unscramble Words, you’re ever closer to that zen feeling because it’ll make those confusing-by-design jumbled letters make sense.

This exceptional virtual tool paves the way for vocabulary mastery, whether you’re someone itching to beat your Words With Friends rival, or you simply wish to unravel the mystery behind all the scrambled letters you come across.

The beauty of it all is just how easy Unscramble Words is to use (navigating it is like slicing butter with a hot knife—it does it all with minimal effort from you). As uncomplicated as that might sound, it does offer various advanced options that can help you get to the meat of what you’re looking for in a flash.

How to use the Unscramble Words tool

In order to get the most out of the list of scrambled letters, it’s good to get familiar with all the functionalities that the Unscramble Words tool provides. While the interface is simplistic and intuitive, it’s good to go through all the features that the tool offers:

  1. Letters Field: The bread and butter of the Unscramble Words tool is the letters field. In it, seemingly gibberish combinations of letters are formed into words. Here is how you should use it:
    • Enter the list of scrambled words in the letters field. You can enter up to 15 letters in this field and add a “?” for wildcards (up to two) to expand possibilities.
    • Click the “Submit” button to get the results.
  2. Results Display: After submitting the list of letters to unscramble, the results will be displayed. The words are listed alphabetically by default, but you can change that in the ordering menu.
  3. Advanced Functions: The tool offers a detailed search of the unscrambled words, depending on your needs and preferences:
    • ‘Starts With’: If you want your results to begin with a specific letter, use the “Starts With” field before hitting the submit button. Enter a letter, or group of letters, to find words beginning with the desired combination.
    • ‘Ends With’: Similar to the previous field, use the “Ends With” field to discover words ending with a specific letter or group of letters.
    • ‘Contains’: If you want your letter, or group of letters, contained somewhere within the unscrambled words, use the “Contains” field before submitting the list.
    • ‘Exclude’: Similarly, if you want to exclude a particular letter or group of letters from your results, use the “Exclude” field.
  4. Sorting Options: The results will be displayed after submitting the list of letters and applying advanced filters. In order to navigate through them in the fastest possible way, you can use our sorting options:
    • Alphabetical ordering: Sort your results alphabetically or in reverse.
    • Ordering by length: Group words by length, starting from the longest words.
    • Ordering by points: If you want to focus on words that carry the most points in the game of Scrabble, use this sorting function in combination with the ordering by length.

When to use the Unscramble Words tool?

The Unscramble Words tool is a game-changer for word enthusiasts. It’s the ally in the most popular word games like Words With Friends, Scrabble, Scrabble Go, Wordscapes, Words of Wonders, Wordfeud, Word Cookies, Word Chums, Word Connect, 4 Pics 1 Word, Word Collect, Text Twist, and many others.

It’s not just about winning games; this tool is a language powerhouse. It flexes vocabulary muscles and sharpens the ability to solve anagrams. Transforming jumbled letters into meaningful words effortlessly, it’s a game-changer for both gameplay strategy and linguistic skill development.

Can the Unscramble Words tool be used for unscrambling both words and letters?

WordsRated’s unscrambling tool will get the most out of any letter combination, whether you’re looking to solve anagrams or any combination of randomly ordered letters. So what is the difference between unscrambling words and letters?

  • Unscrambling Words: This involves rearranging the letters of a word or a set of letters to form valid, meaningful words. The goal is to decipher or decode a jumbled or scrambled word into its correct spelling or form. For instance, unscrambling the letters “aplpe” would result in the word “apple.”

    The best way to program the tool into the anagram-solving mode is to introduce a length restriction, liming the tool to display words that match the length of the given scrambled letters – using our “aplpe” example, you’d simply enter 5 in the “Length” field and get only 5-letter words made from the given scrambled letters: “appel”, “apple”, and “pepla” 
  • Unscrambling Letters: This pertains to rearranging or rearranging a set of letters, which might not necessarily form complete words. The aim is to rearrange the letters into all possible combinations to find valid words or patterns within those letters. It focuses on exploring various permutations and combinations of the given letters to uncover words or create meaningful sequences. For example, given the letters “cat,” unscrambling letters might yield words like “act,” “at,” or “cat.”

What are the most common words and letters to unscramble?

Using the data on the number of Google searches, we created a list of the most common words and letter groups people want to unscramble. In total, we identified over 10,000 unscramble requests on Google, with over 12 million searches during the year.

  • In most cases, 43.54% of the time, people seek to unscramble 7-letter words and groups of letters. An additional 40.95% of searches are 6-letter words and letter groups.
  • Over 92% of all searces related to unscrambling words are related to either a 6-letter or a 7-letter word.
  • QUARTER is a word that has the most unscramble requests among all search phrases, with over 66,000 searches in a year.
  • DICTION is the second most searched phrase to unscramble, followed by CHRONIC, SERVICE, ANGULAR, and SCIENCE.

Below is a list of 20 most popular words to unscramble.

RankWord/phraseLengthMonthly searches