Mr. Men Book Series Statistics

  • As of 2023, 250 million copies of the Mr. Men book series have been sold.
  • This makes it the 4th highest-selling children’s book series of all time.
  • Worldwide, a Mr. Men or Little Miss title is sold every 2.5 seconds.
  • The first six Mr. Men titles were launched at a price of 20p (around 50 cents) each in 1971.
  • By 1981, 31 million copies of Mr. Men/Little Miss books had been sold in the UK alone.
  • The series’ original author Roger Hargreaves passed away in 1988, so his son Adam began the writing and illustration of the following stories in the series.
  • The Hargreaves family sold the character rights to the multinational media company Chorion for £28 million ($51.24 million) in 2004. 
  • Mr. Men’s character rights were resold for an estimated £270 million ($432 million) in 2011 to the Japanese entertainment company Sanrio.
  • The popular book series has been adapted into multiple TV series between 1974 and 2023 and its film rights were purchased by Fox Animation in 2015.
  • A 2018 study found that 51% of people that purchase Mr. Men books due to having fond memories of reading the books as a child.
  • Mr. Men or Little Miss titles are owned by a third of British people.
  • The series is also the second-largest pre-school brand in the UK.

Mr. Men books in order

  • As of 2023, there are a total of 50 main series Mr. Men books available.
  • Mr. Men’s main series runs from 1971 to 2021.
    • There are also 5 special edition character Mr. Men titles.
    • Mr. Men special edition character titles run from 2001 to 2021.
  • There are a total of 39 main series Little Miss books available 
  • Little Miss’ main series runs from 1981 to 2021.
    • There are also 11 special edition character Little Miss titles.
    • Little Miss special edition character titles run from 2004 to 2022.
  • Furthermore, there are also at least an additional 234 Mr. Men and Little Miss related titles across 21 further series (including titles to be published in 2023).
  • Characters and editions can also vary across different countries.

Mr. Men

#Date publishedTitleSeries typeStandard page count
1August 1971Mr. TickleMr. Men32
2August 1971Mr. GreedyMr. Men32
3August 1971Mr. HappyMr. Men32
4August 1971Mr. NoseyMr. Men32
5August 1971Mr. SneezeMr. Men32
6August 1971Mr. BumpMr. Men32
7November 1971Mr. SnowMr. Men32
8August 1972Mr. MessyMr. Men32
9August 1972Mr. Topsy-TurvyMr. Men32
10August 1972Mr. SillyMr. Men32
11August 1972Mr. SnootyMr. Men32
12August 1972Mr. SmallMr. Men32
13August 1972Mr. DaydreamMr. Men32
14January 1976Mr. ForgetfulMr. Men32
15January 1976Mr. NervousMr. Men32
16January 1976Mr. NoisyMr. Men32
17January 1976Mr. LazyMr. Men32
18January 1976Mr. FunnyMr. Men32
19January 1976Mr. StingyMr. Men32
20January 1976Mr. ChatterboxMr. Men32
21April 1976Mr. FussyMr. Men32
22April 1976Mr. BounceMr. Men32
23April 1976Mr. MuddleMr. Men32
24April 1976Mr. DizzyMr. Men32
25April 1976Mr. ImpossibleMr. Men32
26April 1976Mr. StrongMr. Men32
27March 1978Mr. GrumpyMr. Men32
28March 1978Mr. ClumsyMr. Men32
29March 1978Mr. QuietMr. Men32
30March 1978Mr. RushMr. Men32
31March 1978Mr. TallMr. Men32
32March 1978Mr. WorryMr. Men32
33March 1978Mr. NonsenseMr. Men32
34March 1978Mr. WrongMr. Men32
35March 1978Mr. SkinnyMr. Men32
36March 1978Mr. MischiefMr. Men32
37March 1978Mr. CleverMr. Men32
38March 1978Mr. BusyMr. Men32
39October 1978Mr. SlowMr. Men32
40May 1990Mr. BraveMr. Men32
41May 1990Mr. GrumbleMr. Men32
42May 1990Mr. PerfectMr. Men32
43May 1990Mr. CheerfulMr. Men32
44January 2001Mr. CheekySpecial edition characterN/A
45December 2002Mr. ChristmasSpecial edition characterN/A
46April 2003Mr. CoolMr. Men32
47April 2003Mr. RudeMr. Men32
48September 2003Mr. GoodMr. Men32
49June 2006Mr. BirthdaySpecial edition characterN/A
50June 2010Mr. NobodyMr. Men32
51October 2013Mr. MoustacheSpecial edition characterN/A
52July 2016Mr. MarvelousMr. Men32
53October 2016Mr. AdventureMr. Men32
54September 2021Mr. CalmMr. Men32
55November 2021Mr. BoltSpecial edition characterN/A

Little Miss

#Date publishedTitleSeries typeStandard page count
1September 1981Little Miss BossyLittle Miss32
2September 1981Little Miss NaughtyLittle Miss32
3September 1981Little Miss NeatLittle Miss32
4September 1981Little Miss SunshineLittle Miss32
5September 1981Little Miss TinyLittle Miss32
6September 1981Little Miss TroubleLittle Miss32
7September 1981Little Miss HelpfulLittle Miss32
8September 1981Little Miss MagicLittle Miss32
9September 1981Little Miss ShyLittle Miss32
10September 1981Little Miss SplendidLittle Miss32
11September 1981Little Miss LateLittle Miss32
12September 1981Little Miss ScatterbrainLittle Miss32
13September 1981Little Miss GreedyLittle Miss32
14January 1984Little Miss ChatterboxLittle Miss32
15February 1984Little Miss ContraryLittle Miss32
16June 1984Little Miss GigglesLittle Miss32
17June 1984Little Miss TwinsLittle Miss32
18June 1984Little Miss DitzyLittle Miss32
19June 1984Little Miss LuckyLittle Miss32
20June 1984Little Miss StarLittle Miss32
21June 1984Little Miss FickleLittle Miss32
22January 1990Little Miss BusyLittle Miss32
23January 1990Little Miss QuickLittle Miss32
24January 1990Little Miss WiseLittle Miss32
25January 1990Little Miss TidyLittle Miss32
26January 1990Little Miss BrainyLittle Miss32
27January 1990Little Miss StubbornLittle Miss32
28January 1990Little Miss CuriousLittle Miss32
29January 1990Little Miss FunLittle Miss32
30January 1990Little Miss SomersaultLittle Miss32
31April 2003Little Miss ScaryLittle Miss32
32April 2003Little Miss BadLittle Miss32
33September 2003Little Miss WhoopsLittle Miss32
342004*LIttle Miss JealousSpecial edition characterN/A
35December 2005Little Miss ChristmasSpecial edition characterN/A
362006*Little Miss StellaSpecial edition characterN/A
37June 2006Little Miss BirthdaySpecial edition characterN/A
38March 2011Little Miss PrincessLittle Miss32
39May 2014Little Miss HugLittle Miss32
40July 2016Little Miss FabulousLittle Miss32
41October 2016Little Miss SparkleLittle Miss32
422018*Little Miss ExplorerSpecial edition characterN/A
43March 2018Little Miss InventorLittle Miss32
44June 2019Little Miss Baby (Spice Girls)Special edition characterN/A
45June 2019Little Miss Ginger (Spice Girls)Special edition characterN/A
46June 2019Little Miss Scary (Spice Girls)Special edition characterN/A
47June 2019Little Miss Sporty (Spice Girls)Special edition characterN/A
48December 2019Little Miss ValentineSpecial edition characterN/A
49September 2021Little Miss BraveLittle Miss32
50December 2022Little Miss Waste LessSpecial edition characterN/A
(*estimate based on available data)

Additional titles

Date published*Series typeNumber of titles
1976 – 2011Supplementary Titles9
1979 – 1980Word Books8
1985 – 1985Little Owl5
1986 – 1986String Books3
2000 – 2003Guides10
2001 – 2001Board books4
2001 – 2001Chunkies2
2002 – 2003Promotional Editions3
2002 – 2018Miscellaneous8
2003 – 2004“Be My” Series2
2004 – 2004“Start to” Series2
2007 – 2023Celebrations44
2006 – 2006Mr. Men New Library12
2006 – 2006Little Miss New Library12
2007 – 2021Mr. Men & Little Miss (Magic)20
2014 – 2014Egmont (Based on TV Series)35
2015 – 2023Mr. Men & Little Miss (Everyday)19
2017 – 2019Mr. Men for Grown-Ups7
2017 – 2021Mr. Men & Little Miss (Adventures)15
2020 – 2022Mr. Men & Little Miss (At Work)4
2022 – 2023Mr. Men & Little Miss (Discover You)10
(*estimate based on available data)

Mr. Men FAQ

How many Mr. Men books are there?

  • From the main Mr. Men series, there are 50 book titles as of 2023.
  • From the main Little Miss series, there are 39 book titles as of 2023.
  • In addition to main series titles, there are a number of special edition and supplementary books.

What age are Mr. Men books for?

  • Although considered a children’s book series, Mr. Men is primarily targeted towards the 3 to 7 age group.
  • The books feature characters with humorous stories and colorful illustrations, introducing readers to different emotions and character traits.
  • Although the series is often used as early reading material, it can still be enjoyed by children of all ages and even adults.