Dean Talbot

Wordle's Hardest Words

Hardest Wordle Words

One of the great appeals for players of Wordle is how the game’s difficulty can vary greatly for each daily puzzle. In this article, we …

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Dictionary for Wordle

Wordle Dictionary

For Wordle players, it can be a huge advantage to know the game’s dictionary inside out in order to make informed guesses. By checking past …

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Playing Wordle

Best Wordle Starting Words

Wordle starting words – report highlights Starting word Recommended by: CRANE (all solutions) WordsRated SAUCY (remaining solutions – as of February, 2024) WordsRated SLATE Wordlebot …

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Figurative Language Types

Types Of Figurative Language

Figurative language is popular and beneficial because it can be used to help the audience understand ideas and themes being described more easily. Through this …

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Statistics of Word Games

Word Games Statistics

Designed to appeal to different players and age groups, word games have become a go-to pastime for millions of people all over the world. Although …

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Statistics of the Word Games Market

Word Games Market Statistics

Global word games app market Historically, word games were generally available to consumers either through multiplayer board games or printed in newspapers and magazines for …

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Statistics of Boggle

Boggle Statistics

Boggle points Different versions of the game have slightly varied points scores depending on the length of each word found. A standard Boggle board features …

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