Brandon Sanderson Statistics

Brandon Sanderson Statistics

  • Across all of Brandon Sanderson’s works, he has sold over 40 million book copies.
  • His solo books have sold over 30 million copies across 35 languages.
  • Alongside these, Sanderson has co-authored three Wheel of Time books which have sold an additional 10 million copies (based on the written notes of Robert Jordan).
  • His four secret project novels have broken multiple records, such as becoming the #1 Kickstarter of all time in 2022.
  • The campaign had 185,000 backers in total and was able to raise $42 million in funding.
  • Mostly due to this, it is estimated that he earned $55 million in 2022.
  • However, in a typical year, Brandon Sanderson earns around $10 million.
  • Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson was the most pre-ordered audiobook in Audible history at its time of publication.
  • Known for his diligence, Sanderson aims to write a minimum of 3,000 words each day and is known to work on multiple projects at the same time.
  • As of 2023, Sanderson has a team of up to 64 people that work for him to collaborate on his self-publishing projects. 

Brandon Sanderson books in order

  • As of 2023, Brandon Sanderson has published a total of 71 books, which include:
    • 32 novels
    • 17 novellas
    • 11 short stories
    • 4 audiobooks
    • 4 graphic novels
    • 3 collections
  • Brandon Sanderson has been publishing books since April 2005 when he released Elantris.
  • His upcoming titles include White Sand Omnibus (Aug 2023), Defiant (Nov 2023), The Sunlit Man (Jan 2024), and Knights of Wind and Truth (Nov 2024).
Date publishedTitlePublisherSeriesTypePage count
April 21, 2005ElantrisTor BooksN/ANovel496
January 1, 2006The Hope of ElantrisSelf-publishedElantrisShort story25
July 17, 2006The Final EmpireTor BooksMistbornNovel541
August 21, 2007The Well of AscensionTor BooksMistbornNovel590
October 1, 2007Alcatraz Versus the Evil LibrarianScholastic PressAlcatrazNovel320
January 1, 2008Defending ElysiumDell MagazinesCytoverseShort story43
October 14, 2008The Hero of AgesTor BooksMistbornNovel572
November 1, 2008Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener’s BonesScholastic PressAlcatrazNovel336
December 17, 2008FirstbornTor BooksN/AShort story48
June 9, 2009WarbreakerTor BooksN/ANovel592
October 1, 2009Alcatraz Versus the Knights of CrystalliaScholastic PressAlcatrazNovel320
November 7, 2009The Gathering StormTor BooksThe Wheel of TimeNovel824
August 31, 2010The Way of KingsTor BooksThe Stormlight ArchiveNovel1007
November 2, 2010Towers of MidnightTor BooksThe Wheel of TimeNovel863
December 1, 2010Alcatraz Versus the Shattered LensScholastic PressAlcatrazNovel320
December 28, 2010I Hate DragonsSelf-publishedN/AShort story36
June 18, 2011Infinity Blade: AwakeningChair EntertainmentInfinity BladeNovella128
November 8, 2011The Alloy of LawTor BooksWax and WayneNovel336
January 1, 2012Heuristic Algorithm and Reasoning Response EngineBaen BooksN/AShort story36
April 11, 2012The Eleventh MetalCrafty GamesMistbornShort story21
August 31, 2012LegionSubterranean PressLegionNovella88
October 11, 2012The Emperor’s SoulTachyon PublicationsElantrisNovella192
January 8, 2013A Memory of LightTor BooksThe Wheel of TimeNovel912
May 13, 2013The RithmatistTor TeenRithmatistNovel337
June 21, 2013River of SoulsGrim Oak PressThe Wheel of TimeShort story17
September 3, 2013Infinity Blade: RedemptionChair EntertainmentInfinity BladeNovella200
September 24, 2013
SteelheartDelacorte PressThe ReckonersNovel386
December 3, 2013MitosisDelacorte PressThe ReckonersShort story55
December 3, 2013Shadows for Silence in the Forests of HellTor BooksThrenodyNovella50
January 1, 2014DreamerAce BooksN/AShort story21
March 4, 2014Words of RadianceTor BooksThe Stormlight ArchiveNovel1087
August 3, 2014Allomancer Jak and the Pits of EltaniaCrafty GamesMistbornShort story40
October 16, 2014Sixth of the DuskDragonsteel EntertainmentFirst of the SunNovella59
November 24, 2014Legion: Skin DeepSubterranean PressLegionNovella208
January 6, 2015FirefightDelacorte PressThe ReckonersNovel419
March 31, 2015Perfect StateDragonsteel EntertainmentN/ANovella87
October 6, 2015Shadows of SelfTor BooksWax and WayneNovel383
January 26, 2016Secret HistoryDragonsteel EntertainmentMistbornNovella160
January 26, 2016The Bands of MourningTor BooksWax and WayneNovel448
February 16, 2016CalamityDelacorte PressThe ReckonersNovel421
June 21, 2016White Sand IDynamite EntertainmentWhite SandGraphic novel160
September 6, 2016Alcatraz Versus the Dark TalentStarscapeAlcatrazNovel304
November 8, 2016Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere CollectionTor BooksN/ACollection672
November 20, 2016EdgedancerTor BooksThe Stormlight ArchiveNovella272
February 17, 2017SnapshotDragonsteel EntertainmentN/ANovella123
November 14, 2017OathbringerTor BooksThe Stormlight ArchiveNovel1248
February 21, 2018White Sand IIDynamite EntertainmentWhite SandGraphic novel160
September 18, 2018Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen LeedsTor BooksLegionCollection352
September 20, 2018Lies of the BeholderSubterranean PressLegionNovella148
November 6, 2018SkywardDelacorte PressCytoverseNovel513
December 12, 2018Magic: Children of the NamelessWizards of the CoastMagic: The GatheringNovella216
January 1, 2019A Fire Within the WaysGrim Oak PressThe Wheel of TimeShort story91
September 18, 2019White Sand IIIDynamite EntertainmentWhite SandGraphic novel160
November 26, 2019StarsightDelacorte PressCytoverseNovel461
September 14, 2020The OriginalRecorded BooksN/AAudiobookN/A
November 5, 2020DawnshardDragonsteel EntertainmentThe Stormlight ArchiveNovella171
November 17, 2020Rhythm of WarTor BooksThe Stormlight ArchiveNovel1232
May 5, 2021Dark OneVault ComicsDark OneGraphic novel224
July 22, 2021LuxAudible StudiosThe ReckonersAudiobookN/A
September 28, 2021SunreachDelacorte PressCytoverseNovella208
October 26, 2021ReDawnDelacorte PressCytoverseNovella229
November 23, 2021CytonicDelacorte PressCytoverseNovel415
December 28, 2021EvershoreDelacorte PressCytoverseNovella234
April 5, 2022Skyward Flight: The CollectionDelacorte PressCytoverseCollection623
June 7, 2022Stephen Leeds: Death and FaxesRecorded BooksLegionAudiobookN/A
September 20, 2022Bastille Versus the Evil LibrariansStarscapeAlcatrazNovel272
November 15, 2022
The Lost MetalTor BooksWax and WayneNovel528
January 1, 2023Tress of the Emerald SeaDragonsteel EntertainmentN/ANovel384
January 10, 2023Dark One: ForgottenAudible StudiosDark OneAudiobookN/A
April 11, 2023The Frugal Wizard’s Handbook For Surviving Medieval EnglandDragonsteel EntertainmentN/ANovel399
July 1, 2023Yumi and the Nightmare PainterDragonsteel EntertainmentN/ANovel474

Brandon Sanderson FAQ

What order to read Brandon Sanderson?

  • Brandon Sanderson’s works within each series should be read in reading order.
  • However, different series within his collection can be read in order of preference.
  • There is no general order to reading Brandon Sanderson’s other titles.
  • His works include many standalone titles, which can be read in any order.

How many Cosmere books are there?

  • As of 2023, there are a total of 60 books created within Brandon Sanderson’s fictional universe of Cosmere.
  • The most popular stories within Cosmere include:
    • Elantris
    • Mistborn
    • Warbreaker
    • The Stormlight Archive
    • White Sand
    • Arcanum Unbounded

What order to read Cosmere?

  • There are many series within Cosmere and as such it is recommended to read these in sequential order. 
  • However, a reader can start with any Cosmere series that they choose.
  • In addition to series titles, there are also a number of standalone titles within the Cosmere universe.
  • The following titles could be a good starting point for a reader:
    • Mistborn: the Final Empire
    • The Emperor’s Soul
    • The Way of Kings
    • Elantris
    • Warbreaker

How many Mistborn books are there?

  • In total there are 7 Mistborn books which are split into two volumes, alongside an additional novella.
  • As of 2023, Sanderson is planning to write two additional volumes.

What order to read Mistborn?

  • The recommended reading order for Mistborn is as follows:
    • The Final Empire
    • The Well of Ascension
    • The Hero of Ages
    • Secret History (novella)
    • The Alloy of Law
    • Shadows of Self
    • The Bands of Mourning
    • The Lost Metal

How many books in the Stormlight Archive?

  • As of 2023 there are 4 books within the Stormlight Archive plus an additional 2 novellas.
  • There are also plans to increase the series so that it includes 10 novels, alongside additional novellas.

What order to read Stormlight Archive?

  • The recommended reading order for The Stormlight Archive is as follows:
    • The Way of Kings
    • Words of Radiance
    • Edgedancer (novella)
    • Oathbringer
    • Dawnshard (novella)
    • Rhythm of War