Most Expensive Comic Books Of All Time

Most Expensive Comic Books Of All Time

  • As of 2023, the most expensive comic book sale of all time is a copy of Superman #1 at $5.30 million.
  • The record-selling comic had a quality of CGC 8.0 (very fine) and is tied for the issue’s highest grade certified (CGC is a respected 3rd party that rates comic book conditions out of 10, with 10 being the highest quality).
  • The copy was part of the Edgar Church/Mile High pedigree collection, known as the greatest selection of comic books ever found and now seen as the benchmark.
  • The Edgar Church/Mile High pedigree collection contains almost 15,000 comics including nearly all of the key issues from the Golden Age and almost complete runs of each title.
  • Chuck Rozanski purchased the collection for around $1,800 in 1977 but the comics have since been re-sold many times over.
  • By 2011 the entire collection was estimated to be worth in excess of $50 million, with the expectation to grow further in valuation.
  • The second highest valued issue sold is a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 at $3.60 million, known for the introduction of Spiderman.
  • The copy had a quality rating of 9.6 (near mint +) greatly increasing its valuation and is one of only 4 copies of its condition.
  • Although the record sale of Action Comics #1 (introduction of Superman) had a quality of CGC 6.0 (fine), it is still the third highest selling issue at $3.55 million.
  • The copy is known for having a red rocket stamp marking on the front cover caused by an earlier owner, affecting its quality score.

Comic issues by record sale

  • As of 2023, the most expensive comic book sale of all time is Superman #1 ($5.30 million).
  • Superman #1 is also the only comic edition to break the $5 million barrier.
  • The issue was the beginning of Superman’s own comic title following his appearances within Action Comics.
  • The record sale for Superman #1 is $1.70 million more expensive than the second ranked Amazing Fantasy #15 ($3.60 million).
  • Amazing Fantasy #15, Action Comics #1 and Captain America Comics #1 each have record sales exceeding $3 million.
  • Amazing Fantasy #15 was the first comic to introduce the character of Spiderman and Action Comics #1 was the first comic introducing Superman.
  • Marvel Comics #1 and Batman #1 each have record sales exceeding $2 million.
  • Marvel Comics #1 is valuable due to being a pay copy, including handwritten notes from the publisher and giving details on how much each contributor was paid.
  • Detective Comics #27, All Star Comics #8 and Fantastic Four #1 all have values equal to or exceeding $1.50 million.
  • Detective Comics #27 features the first appearance of Batman and All Star Comics #8 was the introduction to Wonder Woman.
  • For the given list, the top 15 comic issues by record sale are split between DC (60%) and Marvel (40%).
#TitleRecord sale*QualityPublisherYear of sale
1Superman #1$5.30 millionCGC 8.0DC Comics2022
2Amazing Fantasy #15$3.60 millionCGC 9.6Marvel Comics2021
3Action Comics #1$3.55 millionCGC 6.0DC Comics2023
4Captain America Comics #1$3.12 millionCGC 9.4Marvel Comics2022
5Marvel Comics #1$2.40 millionCGC 9.4Marvel Comics2022
6Batman #1$2.22 millionCGC 9.4DC Comics2021
7Detective Comics #27$1.74 millionCGC 6.5DC Comics2021
8All Star Comics #8$1.62 millionCGC 9.4DC Comics2022
9Fantastic Four #1$1.50 millionCGC 9.2Marvel Comics2022
10X-Men #1$0.81 millionCGC 9.6Marvel Comics2021
11The Brave and The Bold #28$0.75 millionCGC 9.6DC Comics2022
12Incredible Hulk #1$0.49 millionCGC 9.0Marvel Comics2022
13Detective Comics #140$0.46 millionCGC 9.6DC Comics2021
=Phantom Lady #17$0.46 millionCGC 9.6DC Comics2021
15Flash Comics #1$0.45 millionCGC 9.6DC Comics2010
(*Record sales figures may differ depending on source)

CGC recognized pedigree comic book collections

  • Exceptional collections of comic books can become recognized as a pedigree by CGC.
  • Pedigree collections indicate to buyers, sellers and fans that its comics meet high quality standards.
  • Although most pedigree collections must consist of at least 1,000 comics, there are some pedigrees that have fewer titles. 
  • Pedigree collections with less than 1,000 titles must include extremely key or rare material.
  • As of 2023, the CGC recognizes 61 comic pedigree collections:
    • Allentown
    • Aurora
    • Bethlehem
    • Big Apple
    • Billy Wright
    • Boston
    • Bowling Green
    • Carson City
    • Central Valley
    • Chicago
    • Chinatown
    • Circle 8
    • Cookeville
    • Cosmic Aeroplane
    • Crowley
    • Curator
    • Davis Crippen “D”
    • Denver
    • Don Rosa
    • Don/Maggie Thompson
    • Edgar Church/Mile High
    • Eldon
    • Gaines
    • Green River
    • Haight-Ashbury
    • Harold Curtis
    • Hawkeye
    • John G. Fantucchio
    • Kansas City
    • Larson
    • Lost Valley
    • Mass Copy
    • Mohawk Valley
    • Murphy Anderson File Copy
    • New Hampshire
    • Northford
    • Northland
    • Nova Scotia
    • Oakland
    • Ohio
    • Okajima
    • Pacific Coast
    • Palo Alto
    • Pennsylvania
    • Promise
    • Recil Macon
    • River City
    • Rockford
    • Rocky Mountain
    • Salida
    • San Francisco/Tom Reilly
    • Savannah
    • Spokane
    • Suscha News
    • Twilight
    • Twin Cities
    • Vancouver
    • Western Penn
    • White Mountain
    • Windy City
    • Winnipeg

Most expensive comic books FAQ

What makes a comic book valuable?

  • Many factors can contribute to the overall value of a comic book copy. 
  • The first appearances of a character, key storylines, limited print runs and age can significantly increase the value of comics.
  • Comic book valuations vary greatly over time and require buyers and sellers to keep informed.

How to find comic book value?

  • To find the value of a comic, it is important to identify the comic book correctly, understand its condition and research similar copies using online price guides.
  • Additionally, comic book owners looking to value their comics can check recent sales of similar issues, to determine an appropriate price for their item.