Amazon Print Book Sales Statistics

Amazon is the biggest retailer of print books in the world. The company controls the majority of the print book market, with the estimates that the company’s share in the market will only grow in the future.

Amazon print book sales in the USA

  • U.S. publishers sold 825.7 million print books in 2021.
  • Amazon’s share of the print book market in the USA is at least 40%.
  • This means Amazon sells more than 300 million print books each year.
  • Amazon continues to grow while major competitors’ market shares — such as Barnes and Noble or Costco — continue to shrink.
  • This essentially means that all and any growth in the print book market can be attributed to Amazon and Amazon alone.
  • Based on current trends, it is feared Amazon could control more than 70% of the print book market by 2025
  • 65% of adults in the USA read print books
  • Amazon sells 3 print books for every ebook sold by the company.

Amazon print book sales in the UK

  • 212 million print books were sold in the UK in 2021
  • Amazon’s sales of print books in the UK amount to around 50% of all print book sales
  • But Amazon’s share of the online UK print book market is estimated to be as high as 70% or 80%
  • That puts the amount that Amazon sold at over 100 million books in the UK alone
  • Amazon’s UK sales of print books generate over 360 million GBP in revenue