Amazon Book Sales Statistics

Amazon Book Sales Statistics

Amazon books sales statistics

  • Approximately 10% of Amazon’s worldwide revenue comes from book sales
  • Although this sounds small, it still equates to $28 billion
  • Amazon is responsible for roughly half of all the sales of the big 5 publishers
  • Memoirs and biographies were the top-selling genres on Amazon in 2022
  • Amazon controls up to 80% of all book distribution in the US
  • In 2016, Amazon sold $4.3 billion more worth of print books than e-books
  • The average book sells 200 copies in its first year and 1,000 over its lifetime on Amazon

Amazon book publishing statistics

  • Amazon publiushes approximately 1,000 new titles a year under their own publishing operations – Amazon Publishing
  • This makes Amazon Publishing almost as big as one of the big 5 traditional publishers.
  • Amazon Publishing undercuts the market to some extent, with their own books typically selling for around $6, whereas e-books from traditional publishers tend to sell for $10+

Amazon e-book sales statistics

  • E-books make up 21% of Amazon’s total book sales by revenue
  • However, because they are significantly cheaper than print books, e-books actually make up 36% of sales in terms of total number of books sold
  • This is partly due to a huge number of e-books being available for $1 in the Kindle store
  • Amazon’s market share when it comes to e-books is 68% before even looking at the books that Amazon have published themselves or the books within Kindle Unlimited
  • With these figures factored in, it is thought that Amazon may be responsible for up to 85% of all e-book sales

Amazon audiobook sales statistics

  • Audible is the most popular platform for audiobooks – it has well over 100,000 titles in its library
  • Almost 20% of people in the U.S. have listened to an audiobook in the past year

Kindle Unlimited and subscriptions

  • Amazon’s subscription services such as Prime and Kindle Unlimited earn the company more than $6 billion each year
  • Kindle Unlimited is estimated to have 3 million subscribers
  • Self-published authors are paid on a per page basis of what Kindle Unlimited subscribers have actually read on their devices
  • The pool of subscription money is distributed based upon the total subscriber revenue attributed to author royalties divided by the total number of pages of a authors’ books that have been read – the more pages the subscribers read, the more money an author gets
  • This also gives Amazon unique data with an insight into what people actually read that is not available to traditional publishers giving them a competitive advantage in creating new content
  • Amazon has two rankings – best-selling and most read
  • Best-selling is simply the books that have sold the most copies
  • Most read are the books that have been interacted with the most on Amazon devices rather than simply being the books that have sold the most copies
  • Up to 60% of the books available on Kindle Unlimited are thought to be self-published

What are the most popular book genres on Amazon?

Print books

1Memoirs and biographies
3Religion and spirituality
4Health, fitness, and dieting
5Politics and social science


1Religion and spirituality
2Memoirs and biographies
3Business and money
5Cookbooks, food, wine and spirits