Macmillan Publishers Sales Statistics

  • Macmillan Publishers is the fourth largest publishing house in the world, trailing only Penguin Random House, Hachette, and HarperCollins.
  • As of 2020, the company’s annual revenue is estimated to be over $1.04 billion.
  • The company’s annual revenue has been over $1 billion since 2019.
  • Our estimates show that the company’s revenue in 2021 exceeded $1.05 billion.
  • In 2014, Macmillan contributed to 42% of its parent company, Holtzbrink Group.
  • 92.3% of Macmillan’s book sales revenue comes from the North American market.
  • As of 2021, Macmillan controls over 4.7% of the global book publishing revenue.
  • Macmillan Learning, a company division dedicated to educational books, records an estimated revenue of over $229 million as of 2021.

Macmillan Publishing revenue statistics

  • From 2016, the revenue of Macmillan Publishing has increased by $149.3 million, which is a 16.5% increase.
  • During this period, the company’s revenue has been growing at a pace of 3.1% annually, on average.
  • The largest growth in the company’s revenue occurred in 2018, when it got 8.4% bigger than the previous year.
  • Macmillan’s revenue from book sales never hit a negative value over the last 6 years.

The annual revenue of Macmillan Publishers, along with the year-over-year growth, is presented in the table below:

YearRevenue ($ million)Change
20211,051.3* (Estimate based on Holtzbrinck’s revenue reports)1.19%

A graphical representation of the Macmillan Publishers’ annual revenue is presented on the chart below:

Macmillan Publishers diversity statistics

  • As of 2021, 70.5% of Macmillan Publishers’ employees are white, 9.8% are black, 9.7% are Hispanic, and 6.8% of employees are Asian.
  • Macmillan has more diversity than the publishing industry average (2019), where 76% of all employees are white.
  • 68.5% of the company’s employees are female, while 31.5% are male.
  • The gender structure at Macmillan’s is also more diverse compared to the industry average, where 74% of all employees are female.
  • However, white employees dominate the highest positions in the company:
    • 79.7% of directors at Macmillan Publishers are white.
    • 88.5% of vice presidents are white.
    • 83.7% of senior vice presidents are white.
  • Even though women dominate the company’s gender structure, the highest managerial positions are much more diverse:
    • 44.9% of vice presidents in the company are men, while 55.1% are women.
    • Of senior vice presidents, 48.8% are men, and 51.2% are women.

Macmillan Learning sales statistics

  • Since 2016, Macmillan Learning has generated total revenue of over $1.4 billion, or $243 million annually.
  • As of 2021, the company generates $229 million annually, according to estimates based on Holtzbrinck’s revenue reports.
  • Compared to 2016, the company’s annual revenue from educational book sales decreased by $29.1 million in 2021.
  • This is an 11.2% decrease over the last 6 years.
  • On average, the company’s revenue has been decreasing by 2.8% every year since 2016.

The overview of Macmillan Learning’s annual revenue since 2016 is presented in the table below:

YearMacmillan Learning revenue ($ million)Change
2021229.9* (Estimate based on Holtzbrinck’s revenue reports)2.19%

The chart below shows the graphical representation of the company’s annual revenue evolution: