Reading Habits Around the World

Reading Habits Around the World

What percentage of people do not read?

  • 54.1% of Mexicans did not read a book last year 
  • 23.7% of American citizens stated that they haven’t read any book over the last 12 months
  • 21% of Canadians have not read a book in the past 12 months
  • 19.2% of Chinese people do not read0
  • 18% of British people never read
  • 12% of French people do not read
  • 6% of Brazilians never read

What percentage of people around the world read every week?

  • 66% of readers in Canada read weekly or more frequently
  • 50% of readers in Spain read weekly at a minimum
  • 48% of Dutch readers read every week or more frequently
  • 42% of British readers read weekly
  • 36% of readers in Denmark read weekly or more

How are reading habits changing around the world?

  • The people who read the most are starting to read fewer books each year
  • People are reading weekly instead of daily, suggesting people are reading less often
  • In Denmark, 14.1% fewer people read fiction every week than did in 2009
  • In Canada, 10% fewer people read a book last year than did in 2014
  • In Mexico, 17.6% fewer people read a book last year than did in 2016
  • In the USA, 8% fewer people read for pleasure now than did in 2017
  • In Norway, 83% of people read a book in the last year – down 10.7%

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