Action, adventure, thriller, and mystery book sales stats

Action, adventure, thriller, and mystery book sales stats

  • Among 5 major publishers, the action/adventure subcategory had the toughest year, with units down 14.9% despite the global book publishing market growing 5.4% in the same time period
  • 47% of Americans say thriller and crime is their favorite genre of book
  • Thrillers and mystery novels are the most represented books on the New York Times bestseller list
  • Thrillers make up 12.5% of all adult books sold across all formats
  • Most thrillers sell for between $12.50 and $19.99

Thriller sales on Kindle

  • The four largest categories on the Kindle are Romance, Mysteries/ Thrillers/ Suspense novels, Science Fiction, and Fantasy.
  • Only 11% of bestselling Thriller Kindle titles are self-published
  • This compares to 49%, 56%, and 49% of bestselling romance, science fiction and fantasy novels
  • Of all Kindle Mysteries/ Thrillers/ Suspense novels:
    • 26% are self-published
    • 1% are published by small and medium publishers
    • 15% are published by Amazon 
    • 58% are published by the big 5 publishers
  • Thriller novels sell $728 million worth of copies on Kindle
  • Romance novels are 97.75% larger than the thriller category
  • Although the thriller category is similar in size to Religious and Inspirational books
  • The thriller genre is 23.38% larger than Science fiction and fantasy
  • And 814% larger than the Horror genre
  • General literature and fiction are the most popular books on Kindle
  • Mystery, thriller and suspense novels sell 2.45 million copies per year on Kindle
  • This makes it the 2nd most popular category on Kindle
  • 1 million more mystery, thriller, and suspense books are sold than romance books
  • 2.5x more mystery, thriller, and suspense books are sold than memoirs and biographies each year on Kindle

Thriller authors with the largest growth in no. of books sold in 2021

1James Patterson
2Sarah Pearse
3Lucy Foley
4Douglas Preston
5Stacey Abrams
6Jack Carr
7Peter Swanson
8Janet Evanovich
9CJ Box
10Jeneva Rose

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