Agatha Christie Statistics

Agatha Christie book sales statistics

  • Agatha Christie is the best-selling fiction author of all time
  • Christie is estimated to have sold more than 2 billion copies of her books
  • And Then There Were None is one of only 6 books to have sold more than 100 million copies
  • Christie is the most translated author in the world – there are over 7,000 (7,263) versions of her books in 103 different languages
  • Christie’s play, The Mousetrap, ran consecutively from 1952 to 2020 when the production had to shut down due to Covid-19
  • The play has been performed more than 27,500 times
  • Only The Bible and the works of William Shakespeare have sold more copies than Agatha Christie’s books

How many books has Agatha Christie written?

  • Agatha Christie’s works total 130 publications
  • This includes 74 novels – 66 of which were detective novels
  • 28 collections of short stories with a total of 164 short stories
  • 3 poems
  • 16 stage plays
  • 7 plays for BBC TV and Radio
  • 2 autobiographies
#TitlePublishedPage CountAudiobook lengthSeries
1The Mysterious Affair at Styles19202966 hrs and 16 minsHercule Poirot
2The Secret Adversary19223167 hrs and 48 minsTommy and Tuppence
3The Murder on the Links19232988 hrs and 8 minsHercule Poirot
4The Man in the Brown Suit19243127 hrs and 44 minsColonel Race
5The Secret of Chimneys19251997 hrs and 48 minsSuperintendent Battle
6The Murder of Roger Ackroyd19263126 hrs and 54 minsHercule Poirot
7The Big Four19271605 hrs and 33 minsHercule Poirot
8The Mystery of the Blue Train19283207 hrs and 5 minsHercule Poirot
9The Seven Dials Mystery19293047 hrs and 46 minsSuperintendent Battle
10The Murder at the Vicarage19302568 hrs and 12 minMiss Marple
11Giant’s Bread193044811 hrs and 3 minsMary Westmacott
12The Floating Admiral193223310 hrs and 20 mins
13The Sittaford Mystery19312246 hrs and 36 mins
14Peril at End House19322405 hrs and 46 minsHercule Poirot
15Lord Edgware Dies19332286 hrs and 31 minsHercule Poirot
16Murder on the Orient Express19342436 hrs and 37 minsHercule Poirot
17Unfinished Portrait19341628 hrs and 15 minsMary Westmacott
18Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?19352247 hrs and 12 mins
19Three Act Tragedy19341995 hrs and 47 minsHercule Poirot
20Death in the Clouds19353526 hrs and 18 minsHercule Poirot
21The A.B.C. Murders19362726 hrsHercule Poirot
22Murder in Mesopotamia19362726 hrs and 55 minsHercule Poirot
23Cards on the Table19372866 hrsHercule Poirot
24Dumb Witness19373027 hrs and 19 minsHercule Poirot
25Death on the Nile19382887 hrs and 59 minsHercule Poirot
26Appointment with Death19382245 hrs and 57 minsHercule Poirot
27Hercule Poirot’s Christmas19393546 hrs and 8 minsHercule Poirot
28Murder Is Easy19393246 hrs and 57 minsSuperintendent Battle
29And Then There Were None19412726 hrs and 1 min
30Sad Cypress19402566 hrs and 1 minHercule Poirot
31One, Two, Buckle My Shoe19413225 hrs and 20 minsHercule Poirot
32Evil Under the Sun19412756 hrs and 25 minsHercule Poirot
33N or M?19412895 hrs and 41 minsTommy and Tuppence
34The Body in the Library19422245 hrs and 21 minsMiss Marple
35Five Little Pigs19421856 hrs and 40 minsHercule Poirot
36The Moving Finger19423206 hrs and 23 minsMiss Marple
37Towards Zero194410613 hrs and 20 minsSuperintendent Battle
38Absent in the Spring19441926 hrs and 25 minsMary Westmacott
39Death Comes as the End19442237 hrs and 11 mins
40Sparkling Cyanide19453556 hrs and 31 minsColonel Race
41The Hollow19463207 hrs and 11 minsHercule Poirot
42Taken at the Flood19483526 hrs and 17 minsHercule Poirot
43The Rose and the Yew Tree19482247 hrs and 10 minsMary Westmacott
44Crooked House19492565 hrs and 45 mins
45A Murder Is Announced19502568 hrs and 56 minsMiss Marple
46They Came to Baghdad19512567 hrs and 43 mins
47Mrs McGinty’s Dead19522896 hrs and 8 minsHercule Poirot
48They Do It with Mirrors19521876 hrs and 35 minsMiss Marple
49A Daughter’s a Daughter19632676 hrs and 36 minsMary Westmacott
50After the Funeral19532136 hrs and 55 minsHercule Poirot
51A Pocket Full of Rye19542576 hrs and 51 minsMiss Marple
52Destination Unknown19551926 hrs and 43 mins
53Hickory Dickory Dock19551986 hrs and 3 minsHercule Poirot
54Dead Man’s Folly19562406 hrs and 2 minsHercule Poirot
55The Burden19633207 hrs and 6 minsMary Westmacott
564.50 from Paddington19571858 hrs and 8 minsMiss Marple
57Ordeal by Innocence19592567 hrs and 5 mins
58Cat Among the Pigeons19602566 hrs and 45 minsHercule Poirot
59The Pale Horse19622756 hrs and 43 mins
60The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side19632248 hrs and 26 minsMiss Marple
61The Clocks19643207 hrs and 14 minsHercule Poirot
62A Caribbean Mystery19652426 hrs and 37 minsMiss Marple
63At Bertram’s Hotel19652736 hrs and 44 minsMiss Marple
64Third Girl19672806 hrs and 59 minsHercule Poirot
65Endless Night19682566 hrs and 14 minsMystery novel
66By the Pricking of My Thumbs19682566 hrs and 59 minsTommy and Tuppence
67Hallowe’en Party19692726 hrs and 27 minsHercule Poirot
68Passenger to Frankfurt19702566 hrs and 57 mins
69Nemesis19712569 hrs and 2 minsMiss Marple
70Elephants Can Remember19722405 hrs and 36 minsHercule Poirot
71Postern of Fate19733377 hrs and 14 minsTommy and Tuppence
72Curtain19752245 hrs and 42 minsHercule Poirot
73Sleeping Murder19762246 hrs and 17 minsMiss Marple
74Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly2013161Hercule Poirot

What Agatha Christie books have been adapted to TV and Movies?

  • There have been 48 film adaptations of Agatha Christie’s books
  • The first Christie film was The Passing of Mr. Quinn in 1928
  • The most recent was Death on the Nile, released in 2022
  • Poirot and Miss Marple both had long-running TV series in the UK
  • Agatha Christie’s Marple ran from 2004 – 2013 
  • There were 6 seasons and a total of 23 episodes
  • Agatha Christie’s Poirot ran from 1989 – 2013
  • It ran for 13 seasons and 70 episodes
  • Death on the Nile and Murder on the Orient Express generated $149 million at the box office

Agatha Christie’s life

  • Christie was born in 1890
  • She died in 1976 and the age of 85
  • Christie was homeschooled and read a lot from an early age
  • Agatha Christie first married in 1914
  • In 1926, Christie’s husband asked her for a divorce. The same night she disappeared
  • Christie wasn’t found for 11 days. The disappearance created news headlines around the world and still intrigues people to this day
  • Christie married her second husband in 1930 and they stayed together until her death