John Grisham Statistics

John Grisham Statistics

John Grisham’s sales statistics

  • John Grisham’s books have sold over 300 million copies
  • Grisham is estimated to earn $21 million per year
  • Grisham has an estimated net worth of over $350 million
  • 28 Grisham books in a row have been New York Times bestsellers
  • Grisham movies have made over $645 million at the box office
  • John Grisham’s books have been translated into 42 languages
  • Grisham’s works in total have generated over $1 billion
  • Grisham initially resisted ebooks fearing they would make it more for aspiring authors to get published but came to an agreement with his publisher in 2010
  • Only 3 authors have ever sold two million copies of a book on first print – Grisham, JK Rowling and Tom Clancy

How many books has John Grisham written?

  • John Grisham has written 51 books
  • His first book – A Time to Kill – was published in 1989
  • Since 1991, Grisham has published at least 1 book each year
  • His most prolific year was 2016 when he published 4 books
  • The average Grisham book is 386 pages long
  • The Chamber is his longest published book at 688 pages
Book TitlePublishedPage CountAudiobook Length
A Time to Kill198967216 hrs and 47 mins
The Firm199143217 hrs and 10 mins
The Pelican Brief199238410 hrs and 38 mins
The Client19934225 hrs and 51 mins
The Chamber199468816 hrs and 59 mins
The Rainmaker199543416 hrs and 59 mins
The Runaway Jury199656014 hrs and 4 mins
The Partner199752811 hrs and 27 mins
The Street Lawyer199844810 hrs and 19 mins
The Testament199948214 hrs and 33 mins
The Brethren200041611 hrs and 34 mins
A Painted House200138812 hrs and 4 mins
Skipping Christmas20011983 hrs and 42 mins
The Summons20022458 hrs and 47 mins
The Wavedancer Benefit: A Tribute to Frank Muller2002
Bleachers20032404 hrs and 19 mins
The King of Torts200348011 hrs and 48 mins
The Last Juror200449611 hrs and 48 mins
The Broker200548211 hrs and 9 mins
The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town200644812 hrs and 28 mins
Playing for Pizza20073206 hrs and 52 mins
The Appeal200843112 hrs and 26 mins
The Associate200949810 hrs and 49 mins
Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Acclaimed Authors and the Day Jobs they Quit2010432
The Confession201041814 hrs and 32 mins
Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer20102885 hrs and 3 mins
The Litigators201138511 hrs and 33 mins
Theodore Boone: The Abduction20112564 hrs and 1 min
Calico Joe20122724 hrs and 35 mins
The Racketeer201235212 hrs and 46 mins
Theodore Boone: The Accused20122715 hrs and 16 mins
Sycamore Row201346420 hrs and 46 mins
Theodore Boone: The Activist20132895 hrs and 55 mins
Gray Mountain201438614 hrs and 46 mins
Rogue Lawyer201536811 hrs and 18 mins
Theodore Boone: The Fugitive20152885 hrs and 2 mins
Partners20163201 hr and 36 mins
The Whistler201643213 hrs and 10 mins
Theodore Boone: The Scandal20162403 hrs and 59 mins
Witness to a Trial20163754 mins
Camino Island20173368 hrs and 45 mins
The Rooster Bar201738410 hrs and 17 mins
The Reckoning201843217 hrs and 36 mins
The Guardians201938411 hrs and 50 mins
Theodore Boone: The Accomplice20192404 hrs and 38 mins
A Time for Mercy202048019 hrs and 59 mins
Camino Winds20203368 hrs and 42 mins
Sooley202135410 hrs and 27 mins
The Judge’s List202136811 hrs and 36 mins
Sparring Partners20223209 hrs and 57 mins
The Boys from Biloxi202246417 hrs and 22 mins

John Grisham film and TV adaptations

  • 15 movies and TV series have been based upon John Grisham books
  • 11 feature length movies
  • 4 TV series
  • Grisham movies have made over $645 million at the box office
  • Grisham was paid $600,000 and $1.75 million for the rights to The Firm and The Pelican Brief respectively

John Grisham movies

RankReleaseBox officeRelease Date
1The Firm$158.3 millionJul 2, 1993
2The Pelican Brief$100.1 millionDec 17, 1993
3The Client$92.1 millionJul 22, 1994
4A Time to Kill$108.7 millionJul 24, 1996
5The Chamber$14.5 millionOct 11, 1996
6The Rainmaker$45.9 millionNov 21, 1997
7The Gingerbread Man$1.7 millionJan 23, 1998
8Runaway Jury$49.4 millionOct 17, 2003
9Mickey$300 thousandApr 30, 2004
10Christmas with the Kranks (based on Skipping Christmas)$73.8 millionNov 24, 2004

John Grisham TV adaptations

TitleYears on airSeasonsNo. of episodesNetwork
The Client1995-96120CBS
The Street Lawyer2003None1Pilot only
The Firm2011-12122NBC
The Innocent Man20181 (Miniseries)6Netflix

How did John Grisham become a writer?

  • Grisham was born in Arkansas in 1955
  • When he was 4, the family moved to Southaven, Mississippi which was actually a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee but just over the state border
  • Grisham graduated Mississippi State University with a degree in Accounting
  • He later graduated from the University of Mississippi School of Law
  • Grisham was a lawyer and was then elected to the Mississippi House of Representatives
  • Grisham claims it was a case he saw in a Mississippi courthouse that inspired him to write his first book – A Time To Kill
  • He wrote in the mornings and in his spare time – an hour here and an hour there when he could
  • He was rejected by 28 different publishers before a small publishing house agreed to print a small run
  • Grisham started his 2nd novel, The Firm, the day after he finished his first
  • He published The Firm in 1991 and has published at least one book every year since
  • The Firm spent 47 weeks on the NY Times Bestseller list