Jane Austen Statistics

Jane Austen Statistics

How many copies of Jane Austen’s books have been sold?

  • Over 30 million copies of Jane Austen’s books have been sold worldwide.
  • Austen’s most popular best selling novel, Pride and Prejudice, sold over 20 million copies alone.
  • The First edition of Emma, containing a handwritten message from Austen, was sold for $424,794 on auction, making it the most expensive book by Austen.
  • The First edition of Pride and Prejudice from 1813 was sold for $100,000 on auction in New York’s Swann Auction Galleries:
    • Sense and Sensibility’s first edition was sold for $81,250
    • Emma was sold for $27,500
    • Mansfield Park’s first edition was sold for $20,000
    • Northanger Abbey and Persuasion both were bidded at $11,875
  • For her life, Jane austen earned under 700 from publishing and sales of her novels, which amounts to $84,320 in today’s value (2022).
  • Accounting for taxes, Austen netted around $66,398 from publishing of her books during her lifetime.
  • Austen sold rights for her fiction novel Pride and Prejudice for $10,300 (2022 equivalent).
  • She earned $14,637 (2022 equivalent) from sales of Sense and Sensibility.
  • Within 15 years after her death, her novels generated over $200,000 (2022 value equivalent) in income, 2.4 times more than her lifetime earnings from publishing.

How many books did Jane Austen publish?

  • Before her death in 1817, Jane Austen published 4 novels, with another 3 novels completed but not published after her death.
  • Aside from 7 completed novels, Austen has 2 unfinished novels (The Watsons and Sandition).
  • There are also 3 volumes of Jane Austen’s juvenilia: the first contains 16 short stories, the second has 9, and the third contains 2.

Jane Ausaten novels in order

TitlePublishedChaptersPagesAudiobook length
Sense and Sensibility18115035211 hrs 25 min
Pride and Prejudice18136143211 hrs 35 min
Mansfield Park18144857014 hrs 26 min
Emma18155541414 hrs 45 min
Northanger Abbey1818312886 hrs 6 min
Persuasion1818241268 hrs 43 min
Lady Susan1871411082 hrs 27 min

Characters in Jane Austen’s books

  • 124 distinctive characters appear in Jane Austen’s novels, 51 primary characters and 73 secondary characters.
  • 69 out of 124 characters in Jane Austen’s novels are women, or 55.6%.
  • Male characters in Austen’s novels make up for 44.4% of all characters, appearing 55 times in total.
  • 30 out of 51 primary characters in Jane Austen books are women, or 58.8%.
  • 39 out of 73 secondary characters in Jane Austen novels are women, or 53.4%.

List of all characters from Jane Austen’s novels

Sense and SensibilityMiss Elinor DashwoodPrimaryFemale
Sense and SensibilityMiss Marianne DashwoodPrimaryFemale
Sense and SensibilityMr. Edward FerrarsPrimaryMale
Sense and SensibilityColonel Christopher BrandonPrimaryMale
Sense and SensibilityMr. John WilloughbyPrimaryMale
Sense and SensibilityMrs. JenningsPrimaryFemale
Sense and SensibilityMiss Lucy SteelePrimaryFemale
Sense and SensibilityMrs. Henry DashwoodSecondaryFemale
Sense and SensibilityMiss Margaret DashwoodSecondaryFemale
Sense and SensibilityMr. John DashwoodSecondaryMale
Sense and SensibilityMrs. Fanny DashwoodSecondaryFemale
Sense and SensibilityMr. Robert FerrarsSecondaryMale
Sense and SensibilitySir John MiddletonSecondaryMale
Sense and SensibilityLady MiddletonSecondaryFemale
Sense and SensibilityMr. PalmerSecondaryMale
Sense and SensibilityMrs. Charlotte PalmerSecondaryFemale
Sense and SensibilityMiss Anne SteeleSecondaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceMr. Fitzwilliam DarcyPrimaryMale
Pride and PrejudiceMiss Elizabeth BennetPrimaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceMr. Charles BingleyPrimaryMale
Pride and PrejudiceMiss Jane BennetPrimaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceMiss Caroline BingleyPrimaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceMr. George WickhamPrimaryMale
Pride and PrejudiceLydia BennetPrimaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceMr. BennetPrimaryMale
Pride and PrejudiceMrs. BennetPrimaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceMr. GardinerPrimaryMale
Pride and PrejudiceMrs. GardinerPrimaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceCharlotte LucasPrimaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceMr. CollinsPrimaryMale
Pride and PrejudiceLady Catherine de BourghPrimaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceKitty BennetSecondaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceMary BennetSecondaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceSir William LucasSecondaryMale
Pride and PrejudiceLady LucasSecondaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceMaria LucasSecondaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceColonel FitzwilliamSecondaryMale
Pride and PrejudiceGeorgiana DarcySecondaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceMiss Anne de BourghSecondaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceMrs. HurstSecondaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceMr. HurstSecondaryMale
Pride and PrejudiceMrs. PhillipsSecondaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceColonel ForsterSecondaryMale
Pride and PrejudiceMrs. ForsterSecondaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceCaptain CarterSecondaryMale
Pride and PrejudiceLieutenant DennySecondaryMale
Pride and PrejudiceMary KingSecondaryFemale
Pride and PrejudiceHillSecondaryFemale
Mansfield ParkMiss Fanny PricePrimaryFemale
Mansfield ParkMr. Edmund BertramPrimaryMale
Mansfield ParkMiss Mary CrawfordPrimaryFemale
Mansfield ParkMr. Henry CrawfordPrimaryMale
Mansfield ParkSir Thomas BertramSecondaryMale
Mansfield ParkLady BertramSecondaryFemale
Mansfield ParkMr. Tom BertramSecondaryMale
Mansfield ParkMiss Maria BertramSecondaryFemale
Mansfield ParkMiss Julia BertramSecondaryFemale
Mansfield ParkMrs. NorrisSecondaryFemale
Mansfield ParkMr. William PriceSecondaryMale
Mansfield ParkMiss Susan PriceSecondaryFemale
Mansfield ParkMr. RushworthSecondaryMale
Mansfield ParkMr. YatesSecondaryMale
EmmaMiss Emma WoodhousePrimaryFemale
EmmaMr. George KnightleyPrimaryMale
EmmaMiss Harriet SmithPrimaryFemale
EmmaMr. Frank ChurchillPrimaryMale
EmmaMiss Jane FairfaxPrimaryFemale
EmmaMr. WoodhouseSecondaryMale
EmmaIsabella KnightleySecondaryFemale
EmmaMr. John KnightleySecondaryMale
EmmaMrs. WestonSecondaryFemale
EmmaMr. WestonSecondaryMale
EmmaMrs. ChurchillSecondaryFemale
EmmaMiss BatesSecondaryFemale
EmmaMr. EltonSecondaryMale
EmmaMrs. EltonSecondaryFemale
EmmaMr. Robert MartinSecondaryMale
PersuasionMiss Anne ElliotPrimaryFemale
PersuasionCaptain Frederick WentworthPrimaryMale
PersuasionLady RussellPrimaryFemale
PersuasionMr. William ElliotPrimaryMale
PersuasionMiss Lousia MusgrovePrimaryFemale
PersuasionSir Walter ElliotSecondaryMale
PersuasionMiss Elizabeth ElliotSecondaryFemale
PersuasionMrs. Mary MusgroveSecondaryFemale
PersuasionMr. Charles MusgroveSecondaryMale
PersuasionMiss Henrietta MusgroveSecondaryFemale
PersuasionMr. ShepherdSecondaryMale
PersuasionMrs. ClaySecondaryFemale
PersuasionAdmiral CroftSecondaryMale
PersuasionMrs. CroftSecondaryFemale
PersuasionMr. Charles HayterSecondaryMale
PersuasionCaptain James BenwickSecondaryMale
PersuasionCaptain HarvilleSecondaryMale
PersuasionMrs. HarvilleSecondaryFemale
PersuasionMrs. SmithSecondaryFemale
PersuasionLady DalrympleSecondaryFemale
PersuasionMiss CarteretSecondaryFemale
Northanger AbbeyMiss Catherine MorlandPrimaryFemale
Northanger AbbeyMr. Henry TilneyPrimaryMale
Northanger AbbeyMr. James MorlandPrimaryMale
Northanger AbbeyMiss Isabella ThorpePrimaryFemale
Northanger AbbeyMr. John ThorpePrimaryMale
Northanger AbbeyMiss Eleanor TilneyPrimaryFemale
Northanger AbbeyMrs. AllenSecondaryFemale
Northanger AbbeyMr. AllenSecondaryMale
Northanger AbbeyGeneral TilneySecondaryMale
Northanger AbbeyCaptain Frederick TilneySecondaryMale
Lady SusanLady Susan VernonPrimaryFemale
Lady SusanFrederica VernonPrimaryFemale
Lady SusanCatherine VernonPrimaryFemale
Lady SusanCharles VernonPrimaryMale
Lady SusanReginald De CourcyPrimaryMale
Lady SusanLady De CourcyPrimaryFemale
Lady SusanSir Reginald De CourcyPrimaryMale
Lady SusanAlicia JohnsonPrimaryFemale
Lady SusanSir James MartinPrimaryMale
Lady SusanMr. MainwaringPrimaryMale
Lady SusanMrs. MainwaringPrimaryFemale
Lady SusanMiss Maria MainwaringPrimaryFemale
Lady SusanCharles SmithSecondaryMale
Lady SusanMiss SummersSecondaryFemale
Lady SusanJamesSecondaryMale
Lady SusanWilsonSecondaryFemale