Black-owned Bookstore Statistics

Black-owned Bookstore Statistics

Black-owned bookstore statistics

  • As of 2023 it is estimated there are some 149 Black-owned bookstores in the US.
  • This is only about 6% of the 2,500 independent bookstores in the country.
  • An increased number however compared to the 100 black-owned bookstores during the pandemic year.
  • Since 2018 there has been a 30% increase in the number of black-owned bookstores within the US.
  • In the 2000s and 2010s, the number of African-American bookstores declined rapidly, dropping from more than 250 to just over 70.
  • According to the African American Literature Book Club, the number of Black bookstores peaked with at least 200 in the mid-‘90s, before decreasing to just 54 in 2014.

Displayed in the charts below is the number of black-owned bookstores:

YearNumber of bookstores

Black-owned bookstore FAQ’s

What is the importance of black bookstores?

Black bookstores have served as the gathering place for community activities, such as open mic nights, black history programs, and spelling bees which help strengthen and empower black communities.

Why is it important to invest in black-owned businesses?

When black-owned businesses are in high demand, the companies become more profitable. Supporting these businesses contributes to creating entrepreneurial opportunities which fuels economic prosperity.

Why do we need to support black-owned businesses?

 Black businesses are more likely to hire black workers, so this disparity has ripple effects that impact broader community wealth and opportunity. Reports from Brookings Institute state that bringing the number of Black-owned businesses to parity with white-owned businesses would result in 1.6 million more jobs.

Why is it important to be a minority-owned business? 

Minority-owned businesses play a vital role in economic growth and community development and help extend opportunities to others by creating jobs.