Stephen King Statistics

Stephen King Statistics

Stephen King sales statistics

How many books has Stephen King published?

  • Stephen King has published 64 novels
  • He has written over 200 short stories that have been released in books as short story collections
  • Stephen King has an alias – Richard Bachman. He has written 7 books as Richard Bachman
  • King has also released 11 collections of short stories and 5 non-fiction books
  • He has written a further 21 screenplays
  • King has an additional 16 publications that include children’s books, essays, and graphic novels
  • This brings the total published works of Stephen King to 119+
  • That equates to a release every 20 weeks between the release of his first novel in 1974 and his most recent novel in 2020.

What is Stephen King’s most popular book?

  • Stephen King has said the best book he has written is Lisey’s Story, which is a 528-page novel that was published in 2006
  • Having sold 350 million copies of his books, this works out at an average of 3.3 million copies per book on average when all novels, screenplays, childrens books and non-fiction books are included
  • Figures are famously unreliable, it was thought that The Shining had sold around 700,000 copies but this number is far too small for his most popular book in the context of 350 million books having been sold overall

Based on data from GoodReads and Amazon, the most popular books are:

#Book Title
1The Shining
2The Stand
5Pet Semetary
7Salem’s Lot
9The Dead Zone

Stephen King novels in order

YearTitlePagesAudiobook Length
1974Carrie1997 hrs and 22 mins
1975Salem’s Lot43917 hrs and 36 mins
1977The Shining44715 hrs and 49 mins
1978The Stand82347 hrs and 47 mins
1979The Long Walk38410 hrs and 45 mins
1979The Dead Zone42816 hrs and 12 mins
1980Firestarter42614 hrs and 50 mins
1981Roadwork2749 hrs and 38 mins
1981Cujo31914 hrs and 7 mins
1982The Running Man2197 hrs and 41 mins
1982The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger2247 hrs and 19 mins
1983Christine52619 hrs and 34 mins
1983Pet Sematary37415 hrs and 41 mins
1983Cycle of the Werewolf127
1984The Talisman64628 hrs
1984The Eyes of the Dragon32610 hrs and 22 mins
1984Thinner30910 hrs and 7 mins
1986It113844 hrs and 53 mins
1987The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three40012 hrs and 45 mins
1987Misery31012 hrs and 21 mins
1987The Tommyknockers55827 hrs and 43 mins
1989The Dark Half43115 hrs and 14 mins
1990The Stand115247 hrs and 47 mins
1991The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands51218 hrs and 14 mins
1991Needful Things69025 hrs and 11 mins
1992Gerald’s Game35213 hrs and 33 mins
1992Dolores Claiborne3059 hrs and 15 mins
1994Insomnia78725 hrs and 39 mins
1995Rose Madder42017 hrs and 22 mins
1996The Green Mile40013 hrs and 53 mins
1996Desperation70421 hrs and 15 mins
1996The Regulators48012 hrs and 11 mins
1997The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass78727 hrs and 35 mins
1998Bag of Bones52921 hrs and 21 mins
1999The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon2246 hrs and 29 mins
2001Dreamcatcher62022 hrs and 47 mins
2001Black House62526 hrs and 27 mins
2002From a Buick 836813 hrs and 23 mins
2003The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla71426 hrs and 20 mins
2004The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah43214 hrs and 9 mins
2004The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower84528 hrs and 50 mins
2005The Colorado Kid1843 hrs and 38 mins
2006Cell35112 hrs and 36 mins
2006Lisey’s Story52819 hrs and 21 mins
2007Blaze3048 hrs and 13 mins
2008Duma Key60721 hrs
2009Under the Dome107434 hrs and 24 mins
201111/22/6384930 hrs and 40 mins
2012The Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole33610 hrs and 26 mins
2013Joyland2887 hrs and 33 mins
2013Doctor Sleep53118 hrs and 34 mins
2014Mr. Mercedes43614 hrs and 22 mins
2014Revival40313 hrs and 24 mins
2015Finders Keepers43413 hrs and 5 mins
2016End of Watch49612 hrs and 53 mins
2017Gwendy’s Button Box1752 hrs and 42 mins
2017Sleeping Beauties70225 hrs and 22 mins
2018The Outsider57618 hrs and 41 mins
2018Elevation1443 hrs and 46 mins
2019The Institute57618 hrs and 59 mins
2021Later2566 hrs and 32 mins
2021Billy Summers52816 hrs and 57 mins
2022Gwendy’s Final Task4127 hrs and 23 mins
2022Fairy Tale59924 hrs and 6 mins

What awards has Stephen King won?

  • Stephen King has won 107 awards
  • He has been nominated for over 200 awards
  • King has received lifetime awards from 19 different institutions, including:
    • Bram Stoker Award
    • British Fantasy Award
    • National Endowment of the Arts
  • His books have also won awards from institutions such as:
    • American Library Association
    • BBC
    • Entertainment Weekly
    • Hugo Award
    • International Horror Guild Award
  • The Shawshank Redemption movie was nominated for 7 Academy Awards in 1995 but didn’t win any

Stephen King has spoken on Twitter about some of his least favorite words that writers use. One is the 5-letter word “amaze” and especially using amazing to describe all events.

How many Stephen King books have been made into movies?

  • 49 Stephen King titles have been turned into movies
  • Together, his movies have generated more than $1.7 billion at the box office
  • IT – Part 1: The Losers’ Club has been the most successful at the box office to date generating $330 million
  • IT Chapter Two generated $212 million
  • The Green Miler generated $136 million
  • 1408 generated $72 million
  • Misery generated $62 million
TitleRelease Date
1408June 12th, 2007
1922October 20th, 2017
A Good MarriageOctober 03rd, 2014
Apt PupilOctober 23rd, 1998
CarrieNovember 03rd, 1976
Cat’s EyeApril 12th, 1985
CellJuly 08th, 2016
Children of the CornMarch 09th, 1984
ChristineDecember 09th, 1983
CreepshowNovember 10th, 1982
Creepshow 2May 01st, 1987
CujoAugust 12th, 1983
Doctor SleepNovember 08th, 2019
Dolan’s CadillacJuly 01st, 2009
Dolores ClaiborneMarch 24th, 1995
DreamcatcherMarch 06th, 2003
FirestarterMay 13th, 2022
Gerald’s GameSeptember 29th, 2017
Graveyard ShiftOctober 26th, 1990
Hearts in AtlantisSeptember 28th, 2001
In the Tall GrassOctober 04th, 2019
IT – Part 1: The Losers’ ClubSeptember 08th, 2017
IT: Chapter TwoSeptember 06th, 2019
Maximum OverdriveJuly 25th, 1986
MercyDecember 14th, 2012
MiseryNovember 30th, 1990
Mr. Harrigan’s PhoneOctober 05th, 2022
My Pretty PonyApril 06th, 2017
Needful ThingsAugust 27th, 1993
Pet Sematary (1989)April 21st, 1989
Pet Sematary (2019)April 05th, 2019
Riding the BulletOctober 15th, 2004
Salem’s LotApril 21st, 2023
Secret WindowMarch 12th, 2004
Silver BulletOctober 11th, 1985
SleepwalkersApril 10th, 1992
Stand By MeAugust 08th, 1986
Tales from the Darkside: TheMay 04th, 1990
The Dark HalfApril 23rd, 1993
The Dark TowerAugust 04th, 2017
The Dead ZoneOctober 21st, 1983
The Green MileDecember 06th, 1999
The ManglerMarch 03rd, 1995
The MistNovember 21st, 2007
The Night FlierNovember 15th, 1997
The Running ManNovember 13th, 1987
The Shawshank RedemptionSeptember 23rd, 1994
The ShiningMay 23rd, 1980
ThinnerOctober 25th, 1996

Stephen King’s early life

  • King was born in Maine in 1947
  • He was born on September 21st, sharing a birthday with Bill Murray, Leonard Cohen, Shinzo Abe, and Liam Gallagher.
  • King’s father left when he was two years old
  • King was raised as a Methodist but is no longer religious
  • Despite this, he has said that he chooses to believe that there is a God
  • King found a collection of short stories by H. P. Lovecraft in his attic and he credits this book as his inspiration for wanting to be an author

How did Stephen King become a writer?

  • King began writing for fun in school
  • He sold stories to his classmates but his teachers found out and wouldn’t let him keep the money
  • His first published work was I Was a Teenage Grave Robber
  • It was published in a magazine in 1965 when King was 18
  • King went to The University of Maine and got a BA in English
  • While at university, King wrote a column for the student newspaper
  • King was writing a short story in 1973, gave up, and decided to trash it
  • His wife took it from the trash and encouraged him to finish it. The short story became a novel called Carrie – his first to be published.
  • King has said he thought that he had written a terrible book at the time
  • King has been prolific ever since