Colleen Hoover (Author) Statistics

Colleen Hoover (Author) Statistics

Colleen Hoover sales statistics

  • Colleen Hoover has sold more than 20 million books
  • In 2022, Colleen Hoover’s books sold more copies than the bible
  • Hoover sold 8.6 million print copies in 2022 while The Bible sold 5 million copies
  • She sold more books than perennial best-sellers James Patterson and John Grisham combined
  • For August 2022, Hoover books made up 6 of the 10 best-selling titles
  • In August 22, she also had 15 titles in the top 150 of the USA Today Bestseller list in the same week
  • Hoover started out self-publishing so is not dependent on one publishing house
  • It Ends With Us has sold over 4 million copies 
  • It Starts with Us was the most pre-ordered novel in the history of Simon & Schuster
  • It Starts with Us sold 800,000 copies (including pre-orders) on the first day it was published
  • Hoover is successful internationally – having sold 500,000 copies since the beginning of 2022 in Brazil
  • In the UK, Hoover has sold more than 1 million (1.18 million) copies of her books in 2022
  • Hoover’s books have earned £7 million in the UK

Colleen Hoover, TikTok and social media

  • #colleenhoover has 2.4 billion views on TikTok
  • #CoHo has 411.6 million views on TikTok
  • Hoover’s official TikTok account has 1.1 million followers and 14.6 million likes
  • Across all platforms, Hoover has over 3.9 million followers
  • Hoover is known as the “Queen of BookTok”
  • Her fans refer to her as CoHo and call themselves CoHorts
  • Much of her success is attributed to going viral on TikTok and the strong reading community there
  • Hoover has been an astute marketer of her books even before TikTok
  • She distributed books to influencers and subsequently became big on BookTube (YouTube) and Bookstagram (Instagram) amongst the reading communities there

How many books has Colleen Hoover published?

  • Colleen Hoover has published 24 books as of 2022
  • Since releasing Slammed in 2012, Hoover has been prolific – releasing a new title every 23 weeks on average or 2.2 books per year
  • This is a similar rate to Stephen King who now has over 100 pieces of published works 
#TitleYearPage CountAudiobook Length
1Slammed20123177 hrs and 14 mins
2Point of Retreat20123206 hrs and 48 mins
3This Girl20133069 hrs and 18 mins
4Hopeless201340812 hrs and 34 mins
5Losing Hope201333310 hrs and 33 mins
6Finding Cinderella20141764 hrs and 2 mins
7Maybe Someday201438410 hrs and 40 mins
8Maybe Not20141603 hrs and 15 mins
9Ugly Love20143369 hrs and 14 mins
10Never Never20152844 hrs and 23 mins
11Confess20153217 hrs and 50 mins
12November 920153209 hrs and 46 mins
13Too Late201639513 hrs and 4 mins
14It Ends with Us201637611 hrs and 11 mins
15Without Merit20173849 hrs and 13 mins
16All Your Perfects20183207 hrs and 43 mins
17Verity20183318 hrs and 10 mins
18Maybe Now20184329 hrs and 11 mins
19Finding Perfect2019961 hr and 44 mins
20Regretting You201935411 hrs and 17 mins
21Heart Bones20203688 hrs and 12 mins
22Layla20203048 hrs and 10 mins
23Reminders of Him202233610 hrs and 17 mins
24It Starts with Us20223368 hrs and 41 mins

Who is Collen Hoover’s publisher?

  • Hoover has deals with Atria (Simon & Schuster), Grand Central (Hachette), and Montlake (Amazon)
  • Hoover has self-published a number of her own books
  • Hoover is business savvy, often striking deals to sell the print rights to her books and retain the rights to ebooks herself 
  • Analysts suggest this gives Hoover a degree of power and control over her career and what she writes that other huge authors with more traditional publishing deals do not have

How did Colleen Hoover become a writer?

  • Colleen Hoover was born in Texas in 1979
  • In 2011, Hoover was working as a social worker for $9 per hour
  • She was living in a trailer with her husband and her sons in a small Texas town
  • She began to write her first novel called Slammed – mainly for herself
  • Although she had no intention of getting published, her mother had just got a Kindle so Hoover published the book on the Kindle store so her mother could read it
  • Within seven months, Slammed was on the NY Times bestseller list and she had earned more than $50k in royalties from the book