Amazon Publishing Royalties Statistics

Amazon Publishing Royalties Statistics

  • For the month of November 2022, the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) global fund amount paid out was $45.20 million.
  • The total paid out during 2022 is expected to reach $522.00 million.
  • The total paid out during 2021 was $450.10 million.
  • This represents a YoY increase of 16%.
  • During the first month of Kindle Unlimited in July 2014, just $2.50 million was paid out.
  • As of July 2022, the KDP payout per page read in the U.S. amounts to $0.0043.
  • As of July 2015, the payout per page was $0.0058.
  • The payout per page has dropped by 25.86% over the 8-year period.
  • For paperbacks and hardcover books, KDP offers a 60% fixed royalty of the listed price.
  • For e-books, KDP offers two royalty options, either 35% or 70% (for given territories) of the listed price.

Paperback royalties

  • For paperbacks sold on Amazon marketplaces with supported distribution, KDP offers a 60% fixed royalty of the seller’s listed price.
  • Printing costs are then subtracted, depending on page count, type of ink used and the marketplace location.
  • Expanded distribution is an option to help sellers reach additional readers through educational institutions, libraries, bookstores and online retailers.
  • When enabled, it offers a 40% royalty of the book’s listed price relevant to the distribution channel when purchased. Printing costs are subtracted afterwards.

Hardcover royalties

  • A fixed royalty rate of 60% is given by KDP for hardcover books sold on Amazon, where distribution is supported.
  • After a customer purchases a hardcover book on Amazon and a copy is manufactured for the order, a royalty is paid out.
  • The royalty given is 60% of the listed price, minus printing costs (page count, ink & marketplace).
  • If a customer purchases a book at a discounted price due to promotions, it will not affect the royalty rate.

E-book royalties

  • For e-books, there are two royalty options available on Amazon, either 35% or 70%.
  • The 35% option gives a royalty of 35% of the listed price without VAT.
  • The 70% option gives a royalty of 70% of the listed price without VAT, less delivery costs, for each book sold to customers in the given territories.
  • This option is for works in-copyright titles only. Sellers do not need to live within these territories to receive the royalty.
  • For sales outside the given territories, the standard 35% option will apply.

Kindle unlimited and kindle owners’ lending library royalties

  • A customer can read a Kindle e-book as many times as they want once downloaded using Kindle Unlimited.
  • However, sellers of Kindle e-books will only receive royalty payments for pages read by a customer for the first time.
  • Even if a seller’s KDP Select enrollment period has expired, they will still receive payments.
  • One royalty payment is given for Kindle Unlimited, corresponding with the same selected schedule as other KDP sales.

Audible publishing royalties

  • ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) is a platform to distribute your audiobook to Audible, Amazon and iTunes.
  • Authors looking to produce and distribute their audiobooks have different royalty options available to them.
  • Those who look to distribute exclusively can earn 40% of exclusive Audible, Amazon and iTunes sales. 
  • If an author looks to sell the audiobook in additional marketplaces, this rate will drop to 25%.
  • By paying for production, the author will have to pay the producer a one-time fee.
  • The royalty share option allows earnings to be split equally between author and producer, each earning 20% of audiobook sales.
  • Authors can also access a higher tier of producer with royalty share plus, which also includes a one-time fee.

KDP select global fund

  • Based on subscriptions paid by members of Kindle Unlimited.
  • The earnings of each author are determined by their overall share of the total pages read.
  • It is also reviewed each month to encourage authors to submit their e-books.
  • The fund changes as members join or unsubscribe.
  • Any payments received are additional to Amazon’s royalties for self-publishing authors. 
  • Each country is allocated a share of the fund, based on factors such as:
    • Exchange rates.
    • Customer reading behavior.
    • Local subscription pricing.
  • The maximum available to earn for each author is 3,000 Kindle Edition Normalized Pages read per title per customer.

KDP global fund payout amounts

  • As of November 2022, the amount paid out for the month was $45.20 million.
  • The total paid out in 2022 is expected to reach $522.00 million
  • The total paid out in 2021 was $450.10 million.
  • This represents a YoY increase of 16%
  • Over the two year period, the monthly figure paid out has increased by $9.20 million
  • Just $2.50 million was paid out from the first month of Kindle Unlimited, July 2014.
YearMonthAmount ($ million)Change
2022October45.20+ 0.22%
2022August45.10+ 0.22%
2022July45.00+ 3.69%
2022June43.40+ 0.23%
2022May43.30+ 4.34%
2022April41.50+ 0.24%
2022March41.40+ 5.08%
2022February39.40– 6.64%
2022January42.20+ 4.96%
2021December40.20+ 0.75%
2021November39.90+ 0.25%
2021October39.80+ 0.25%
2021September39.70+ 0.25%
2021August39.60+ 3.94%
2021July38.10+ 4.38%
2021June36.50+ 1.67%
2021May35.90+ 1.13%
2021April35.50+ 0.28%
2021March35.40+ 5.67%
2021February33.50– 6.94%

A graph to show the KDP global fund payout amounts is shown below:

KDP payout per page read – U.S.

  • As of July 2022, the KDP payout per page read in the U.S. amounts to $0.0043.
  • For this month, this value has remained the same for three consecutive years.
  • Over the 8-year period given, the payout per page has dropped by $0.0015.
  • This represents a decrease of 25.86% in total.
  • The greatest YoY increase was given in 2018, at 12.50%.
MonthAmount ($)Change
July 20220.0043=
July 20210.0043=
July 20200.0043– 2.27%
July 20190.0044– 2.22%
July 20180.0045+ 12.50%
July 20170.0040– 16.67%
July 20160.0048– 17.24%
July 20150.0058

A graph to show the KDP U.S. payout per page read is shown below:

Amazon publishing royalties FAQ

What are Amazon royalties?

  • Amazon royalties are figures paid to the author when a publication is read and/or sold on Amazon or its associated platforms.
  • Both the seller and Amazon receive a percentage of the revenue from the consumer.

How does Amazon pay royalties?

  • Amazon is able to pay royalties through direct deposit, wire transfer or check.
  • A royalty payment through check is only offered to sellers when electronic payment methods are unavailable.

How long does it take for KDP to pay royalties?

  • KDP pays royalties 60 days after the month end when the royalty threshold (for wire & check) was met.
  • Direct deposits can take 1-5 business days to appear in your account.
  • Wire payments can take 5-10 days to appear in your account.
  • Check payments can take up to 30 days to reach the address given in your account.