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Find words that start with these letters (e.g. T ⇒ Train, TH ⇒ THought)
Find words that end with these letters (e.g. T ⇒ carT, TH ⇒ paTH)
Find words that contain letters in this order (e.g. TH ⇒ THought, paTH, eTHos)
Only shows words of a specific length (e.g. 5 ⇒ 5 letter words, 3 ⇒ 3 letter words)

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In addition to Word Finder, we also generated lists of words based on the length and position of letters and the letter combinations within the words. For example, if you want to quickly look at all 5-letter words that end in OUS, we have that page ready for you.

Similarly, if you’re looking to learn new words but don’t know where to start, you can access our list of all words containing different letters and letter combos and quickly navigate through the list. The best place to start is with the following table, where you can find all major lists of words generated with our Word Finder.

GroupFull listWords starting with…Words ending in…Words containing…
All Words From the DictionaryWords Starting With…Words Ending in…Words Containing…
5-Letter WordsAll 5-Letter Words for Wordle5-Letter Words Starting With…5-Letter Words Ending in…5-Letter Words Containing…
2-Letter WordsAll 2-Letter Words From the Dictionary2-Letter Words Starting With…2-Letter Words Ending in…2-Letter Words Containing…
3-Letter WordsAll 3-Letter Words From the Dictionary3-Letter Words Starting With…3-Letter Words Ending in…3-Letter Words Containing…
4-Letter WordsAll 4-Letter Words From the Dictionary4-Letter Words Starting With…4-Letter Words Ending in…4-Letter Words Containing…
6-Letter WordsAll 6-Letter Words From the Dictionary6-Letter Words Starting With…6-Letter Words Ending in…6-Letter Words Containing…
7-letter wordsAll 7-Letter Words From the Dictionary7-Letter Words Starting With…7-Letter Words Ending in…7-Letter Words Containing…
8-Letter WordsAll 8-Letter Words From the Dictionary8-Letter Words Starting With…8-Letter Words Ending in…8-Letter Words Containing…
9-Letter WordsAll 9-Letter Words From the Dictionary9-Letter Words Starting With…9-Letter Words Ending in…9-Letter Words Containing…
10-Letter WordsAll 10-Letter Words From the Dictionary10-Letter Words Starting With…10-Letter Words Ending in…10-Letter Words Containing…
11-Letter WordsAll 11-Letter Words From the Dictionary11-Letter Words Starting With…11-Letter Words Ending in…11-Letter Words Containing…
12-Letter wordsAll 12-Letter Words From the Dictionary12-Letter Words Starting With…12-Letter Words Ending in…12-Letter Words Containing…

What is Word Finder?

The WordsRated’s Word Finder is a tool that will improve your chances of winning in various word games and expand your vocabulary, as it possesses more than 280,000 words in its database.

How to use WordsRated’s Word Finder?

The best feature of our Word Finder, aside from possessing every word from the dictionary in its database, is its multifunctionality – you can get to the list of your words in several ways, depending on the situation at hand. In the following examples, we’ll go through each of the search features of the tool and when is the best time to utilize each of them:

  1. “Your letters” field – The most basic way to use the Word Finder is by placing your letters in the letters field and hitting the “Find words” button. The tool will quickly generate all the words you can form from the inputted letters.
    This is the fastest way to get a list of all playable words for games like Scrabble and Words With Friends, which will come in handy if you’re on the clock and need to come up with the word fast. However, you can refine your search by using other fields that the Word Finder offers.
  2. Advanced search – It’s not always the case that you have the freedom to play any word generated from your letters. For example, your word has to start with or contain a specific letter, as your next move will often depend on the situation on the game board. This is where Word Finder’s advanced search functions come into play:
    • “Starts with” field – this field will filter out words that start with a specific letter or group of letters.
    • “Ends with” field – if you know that your word has to end with a certain letter or letter group, simply place the phrase in this field, and the tool will search only for the words ending in the required letter(s).
    • “Includes” field – sometimes you know that your word has to contain a specific letter, but you’re unsure what is the best position in the word for that letter. In that case, place the desired letter(s) in this field, and the tool will show only the words containing this letter(s).
    • “Length” field – the only numerical field of the tool that enables you to filter out the results based on the word length quickly. You can filter out words between 2 and 28 letters in length.
  3. Choose the dictionary – Word Finder allows word search based on the type of dictionary you’re using. You can choose between Scrabble US, Scrabble UK, WWF, and a combined dictionary. If you want to check if a specific word is in any of the mentioned dictionaries, you can use our Dictionary Checker.
  4. Sorting and Grouping – Once you have the results, you can re-order them as you wish. This can be in the length of the word (default), alphabetical order, reverse alphabetical order, popularity, or by the number of points the word would win you in the game of your choice.

The important thing to know is that you can use Word Finder in two main ways – with and without using the “Your letters” field. When you use the letters field, the tool basically goes into the unscrambling mode, and all additional features serve as a filter for the words you can make based on the letters you’ve inputted. This mode is perfect for word games like Scrabble and WWF, where you can place all the letters from your tile into the letters field and see which words you can make from them.

On the other hand, if you leave the letters field empty and use only the additional search features (starts/ends with, includes, length), the tool will look into all the words from the dictionary and return the ones that satisfy the criteria from the advanced search. This method can be used to expand your vocabulary with new words.

What dictionaries is the Word Finder using?

Our Word Finder can use the US and UK Scrabble dictionaries, the Words With Friends dictionary, and a combination of all of these dictionaries. The tool contains nearly 300,000 words, and you can quickly establish whether your word belongs to any of the above-mentioned dictionaries with our Dictionary Checker.

Wordle Solver is the only tool from our offer that uses a different dictionary than Word Finder, as it’s based on the list of 2,309 words published by the NYT, which can be considered as a solution to Wordle’s daily puzzle.