Words With Friends 2 Vs. WWF – Key Game Differences

Words With Friends 2 (WWF2) was released in late 2017 as the sequel to the immensely popular Words With Friends by Zynga. As the flagship game in the series, WWF2 showcases many more features and updates than the original title, Facebook adaptation and the later board game versions.

Comparing WWF against WWF2

As a more developed version of the original game, WWF2 shares many similarities with its preceding title. In the following table, WordsRated breaks down the different game details/elements between each of the titles for you to compare: 

Game detail / elementWords with FriendsWords with Friends 2
Game modesClassic game mode.Classic game mode plus a wide range of additional game mode types.
Social featuresBasic social features are included such as chat and game invites.All social features are included, chat, game invites, social dictionary and clubs.
Power-upsLimited usage and variety.Expanded usage and variety.
Word strength meterNot availableIntroduced to indicate the strength words played.
RewardsLimited rewards system.Expanded rewards system with goals and achievements available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
GraphicsSimplified graphics and layout.Enhanced graphics, animation and layout.
Player profileLimited customization.Expanded customization such as avatars, backgrounds and frames.

WWF2 game features

As the most promoted of all Words With Friends versions, it has the largest overall user database and also receives more activity from players than other game variants. Those new to the game are also highly encouraged to start off with WWF2 as it provides the greatest level of functionality, alongside a range of game modes that keep players coming back for more! 

  • Available as a mobile/tablet application, Words With Friends 2 is the most complete version of the game.
  • Players have the option to play the original game, plus a multitude of new game modes.
  • New updates to the game go beyond just simple changes and often add entirely new features.
  • Existing players can earn prizes such as coins, power-ups and new tile designs through completing in-game challenges and by inviting other players to download and play the game.
  • Includes exclusive special events and modes that are available for a limited time only, which will appear when first opening the app. 
  • Track in-game milestones and earn rewards in achievements, where you can view an interactive map that compares you against your friends. 
  • Take part in clubs where you can interact and play games against other members, reach higher leagues and earn trophies for your club.
  • WWF2 will even remember all of your past matches and friends from previous game versions, so you won’t miss out when switching to the new version.

Undertaking games of Words With Friends with your friends and family can even be the perfect word game to keep in touch with one another. Just remember to play that next word before the time limit runs out after your opponent has made a move. 

All in all, WWF2 is a classic word game that is competitive, fun to play and can even increase your vocabulary. Whether you are looking to enjoy the game against the computer or in exciting multiplayer modes, this popular game app has a range of different options to suit both casual and serious players alike!

WWF2 essential game modes

Words With Friends 2 has a large number of game modes to appeal to a range of different players. Whether you prefer single-player, multiplayer, short or lengthy word games, WWF2 is sure to have something that matches your needs!

Classic game

Sharing many similarities to Scrabble, the quintessential Words With Friends game experience starts here. To begin, simply challenge a family member, friend or a random opponent through the game’s smart matching features. 

Enjoy this standard gameplay mode in addition to new themed challenges and daily goals that will encourage you to get better at the game. You will even be able to track your personal progress against your friends through stunning book-themed maps as you improve your word play by leveling up!

Discovery carousel

Through this functionality, players are able to find new opponents to play against based on upon a number of different factors:

  • Social – Player has similar friends added.
  • Ability – Player has a similar overall skill level.
  • Playing style – Player shows a similar way of playing the game.
  • Chance – Player is playing the game for the first time.

By finding new opponents in this way, players are able to more carefully choose the type of games they enter in accordance with the experience they are looking for. 

Solo challenge

A single player mode in which the player has the opportunity to test their word skills against a whole host of fictional characters. Upon passing each challenge, players will have the chance to face progressively harder characters.

In this game mode, the board is a reduced version of the standard WWF grid and each player only has 5 moves rather than the standard 18. Each character played against will have their difficulty level displayed next to their name, so you will know exactly what level of play is required to beat them. 

Solo challenges feature different themes and can award players with a range of prizes, such as themed badges and mystery boxes that contain a variety of useful items. However, solo challenges must be completed as quickly as possible, as progress will be reset each week. 

Daily word play

If you are looking for a unique challenge before or during your other multiplayer games, it’s time to check out daily word play. After beginning this mode, players will be shown a board pre-filled with words, which they need to use to find the best available moves

Daily word play allows players to develop their late-game strategy while earning points that count towards the mystery box of the day. Prizes are reset every 24 hours, although players can continue playing this game mode for longer.

Weekly challenge

The Weekly challenges in Words With Friends are designed to provide fun and consistent goals to players on a weekly basis. Goals may recalibrate from week-to-week as a player’s performance and activity changes.

Weekly challenges are also designed with a specific theme in mind, such as holiday seasons and other cultural events. Each time a weekly challenge is completed, the player will unlock a badge that can be featured as part of their profile image and showcased to friends and other players. 

Friendly face off

A unique, once-a-month single player challenge that you won’t want to miss out on! In this mode, players will have the opportunity to play against a computer modeled opponent which will either be based upon a recognizable fictional character or a celebrity. 

Players can earn an exclusive frame to display on their game profile by outplaying the opponent and completing the challenge. What’s more, you will even be able to claim that you have put your skills to the ultimate test by managing to defeat a special opponent!

Word wheel

A relaxing single-player minigame in the style of Wordscapes where players are shown a wheel which contains 7 letters. Using this, the task is to create as many anagrams as possible by making connections between the different letters.

Players can use this minigame as a way to mix-up play from standard game modes and still earn rewards for great word-play. Players will have to be careful not to miss the chance to play it as it is only available to play at certain points during the course of the week.

Lightning round

Although this mode is no longer present on the WWF2 app, it was intended to encourage players to think quickly in a battle of wits across multiple game boards. In this game mode, two 5-player teams are placed head-to-head in a race to reach the provided points total as quickly as possible. 

Each player is given a game board and needs to place a word, before the board is passed along to the next player in the team. Due to the nature of the game, players are rewarded for forming words quickly (usually 4-letter and 5-letter words) rather than for higher scoring words with an increased number of letters that take more time.

The first team to successfully fill their points meter earns a significant prize, alongside prestige in the game mode. Lightning round lives up to its name, as games last around 2 minutes on average from start to finish. 


Those looking for a more social experience from Words With Friends are encouraged to join a club. Here, you can find active opponents of a higher quality to compete with, which should improve the overall game experience for all players involved.

Players have the option to join an existing club or even create a brand new club of their own where they can invite friends, family and admit other new members. Regardless of how you would like your club experience to be, WWF provides a range of options to suit all players of the game.